Chanel SS16 Charlotte Groeneveld

To me Haute Couture is like a dream. If I think about fairy princesses, I think about Couture dresses, preferably with myself in it. There’s no prince nor kissing a frog involved in getting me to feel that magical, a Couture dress would simply do. And I guess that’s what makes me come back to the Couture shows in Paris every season… Last July I was in Rome with Valentino, in January I went to my first Chanel Haute Couture show, and this season it was all my favorites in a row: Valentino, Chanel, and Elie Saab. Dreams do come true…

Now you might think that dressing for a Couture show is almost impossible if you’re not owning a Couture gown. Well, on the contrary really, because even if you’ll never wear/own a Couture piece, you can attend a Couture show and you won’t look weird in the midst of all that Couture-beauty at all. Even if you’re wearing a pair of jeans – like I did to the Chanel Haute Couture Spring ’16 show in January, when I wore a vintage Chanel jacket and a pair of jeans just because it felt right – you will fit right in. It ended up being one of my favorite looks of all times. And I know not all of you will “get” that, but that’s fine. I’m not here to tell you what to wear, I just want to open your eyes and inspire you to wear whatever you feel is right, because that’s the magic of being yourself and finding your own style – and the core of what I do. Now let’s start with my first look from last Paris Haute Couture week: the perfect Chanel SS16 jacket & skirt combination!

Chanel SS16 Charlotte Groeneveld

Chanel SS16 Charlotte Groeneveld

Chanel SS16 Charlotte Groeneveld

Chanel SS16 Charlotte Groeneveld

Chanel SS16 Charlotte Groeneveld

Chanel SS16 Charlotte Groeneveld

Chanel SS16 Charlotte Groeneveld

Chanel SS16 Charlotte Groeneveld

Chanel SS16 jacket & skirt | Chanel Paris in Rome shoes | Frame Denim t-shirt (on sale!) | Bonpoint hat.

Photos by Alexandra Chalaud (@AlexandthWaves)


  • Prachtige outfit!


    Your outfit is so beautiful and chic!

  • wow, you look so chic!



  • Natali

    Good Lord, I’ll cry… Chanel is… Every single piece I’ve ever seen is nothing less than a pure piece of art. You look stunning and I love how you’ve combined such a classic and sophistication combo with laid-back and chic approach to it. :)


      I know, it’s a dream to wear it, and I wish I owned it, but one of the perks of my job is that I get to be dressed sometimes in the most beautiful outfits, like this time to Chanel. There’s always room for my own interpretation of a look, so I styled it down a bit, to make it 100%. Happy you love it too! Xx

      • Natali

        Oh yes, those are some of the best benefits of your job. Any girl that loves and truly values fashion and fashion history would be honoured to wear a set like this one from Chanel. I think that you did wonderful job making this set “your own” and have presented a modern day Chanel woman perfectly! :*

  • This is fab Charlotte! Just fab!

  • I really like this! Great outfit :) X

  • The blurry picture is my favorite one.. You look absolutely pretty!!


      I love that one so much too!! Thanks Mariska Xx

  • love this look and I can defo agree #hautecouture is perfection!!XOXO

  • SweetMona
  • Amazing Outfit ! Love it!

  • Love your look!

    || D I A N A ||

  • fashion altitude

    This canotier brings the perfect Deauville ladylike touch . And the tee dress down and make it modern. This Chanel set is lovely Charlotte
    xxx Mireille

  • Tina – Styleappetite

    Love love love that Look!!!
    Saw you in soooo many streetstyle gallerys featured – you really own that look, babe!! <3
    xxx and all the best from Berlin,

  • Aliki F

    This is a truly amazing outfit, one of your best!!!! Have you been selecting these outfits for couture week yourself??? If so, your styling skills are greaaaat!!

  • The way the light catches the suit is incredible. I bet the jacket looks equally god as a standalone piece with denim. Seeing all the haute couture designs, they really are like dreams!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Pardon My Obsession

    What a gorgeous look, you were SO lucky to attend this show !