It’s not every day that you get to wear a full Chanel-look, so imagine my excitement when Chanel asked me to shoot a special Mother’s Day feature with my kids for Bergdorf Goodman

Being over the moon doesn’t even come close to the feeling of working with so many beautiful pieces. Working with this iconic brand was a true privilege, and it made my love for it only grow bigger. But above all, doing this collaboration together with James and Stella was just beyond any experience so far. Stella enjoyed every second of it – I think she felt she could finally do “what mommy always does” – and changing from one look to the next didn’t bother her for a second. James ended up only in one of the six looks unfortunately, because he fell ill the day we started shooting. But the poor thing wanted to be in it so badly that we had to come up with a setting that kept him “out of the wind”, which we ended up doing quite literally, by setting up a fun “play-date” on our roof terrace.

All six looks represent a true mother-toddler moment and they are very much based on my “real life” at home with kids. Starting with a super relaxed morning reading session with Stella, which we like to do after James leaves for school – she usually brings him, but when she doesn’t, she gets really upset seeing James go, and this calms her down. We wear comfortable clothes, and preferably no shoes, but if Stella and I happen to leave the house to get a coffee and something sweet, I would definitely go for these Chanel SS16 sandals!

Ps. Did you see the Chanel Cruise 2016/2017 show yesterday held in Cuba? Any favorites?








I’m wearing a Chanel SS16  track pants, top, and sandals (all available at Bergdorf Goodman) and Stella wears an H&M Collection top and Zara legging.

Photos by Marinke Davelaar, hair & Make-up by Claudine Baltazar


  • Elena Holl

    Being a mother and having a mother is just the best gift in the world! :)
    Love the photos!
    XO from Germany



  • That’s so adorable


  • You must be beaming with pride Charlotte! You are positively glowing in the 1st shot. Stella seems a natural in front of the camera. If you were to ask me if I’d wear loungewear covered in jets I would have said no, but seeing these shots…hell yes!!!!
    Hugs Adele xoxo


      I never thought these jets would be so wearable… but they are, aren’t they! X

  • Very lovely pics!

  • Hele leuke outfits! Staat echt super leuk.

  • Lovely photos of motherhood moments!

    xx from Portugal

  • Natali

    Super sweet photos! Being a mom for 7+ years now, I can def. say that I feel like the most blessed and richest woman alive every day. :)


      There’s nothing like it…

      • Natali


  • These photos are so cute! The perfect shoot for the Mother’s Day

    Congratulations for this big project

    Glam Observer

  • Cristina Laborim

    Love your look but I have to say: your daughter is so beautiful <3


      Thank you Cristina!

  • Olia Kedik

    Wow, congratulations! That is big! You and your daughter are beautiful!

    Warm wishes,

  • Jade

    Aww love these pics! -Jade