The Chloe Zodiac

On the second day of NYFW I went to one of my favorite appointments: My fitting at Chloe. Their team in New York is amazing, always so welcoming and full of ideas and enthusiasm. They really know how to make me feel part of the family. This time though, they had and even bigger surprise for me. I knew we were going to shoot their new bag – the mini Jane – during NYFW, but what I didn’t know is that they wanted me to be part of their Valentine’s campaign. Now for someone like me, who has mentioned over and over again not being the biggest Valentine’s day fan – I simply don’t like how insanely commercialized this day has become – a collaboration around this day has to be real special… Well, needless to say, it was… I received my horoscope written by Susan Miller, alongside a beautiful necklace representing my zodiac sign. Intrigued? Read about what my zodiac is and represents, and what it did for me reading it…

As I said, Valentine’s day isn’t usually my thing, but this year everything was different. For the first time I experienced it in a whole different – a rather sophisticated and well thought – way. No chocolate hearts, and no red foil balloons; only two little things so personal and intimate, that even the deepest anti-Valentine’s feelings within me started to fade. Starting with The Chloe Zodiac necklace I received alongside my personal horoscope written by Susan Miller…

Libra is known to be sunshine in a bottle and to possess a brand of charm that is nearly irresistible. If you are single, Venus will urge you not to be assertive, for your natural charisma will be enough to bring the right person to you.

Libra is the marriage sign, so it follows that you would enjoy being in a committed relationship. If you are a single and in love, you will want to see the relationship progress forward at a reasonable pace — not too quickly, not too slowly — but with just enough time to get to know one another.

Chances are you will find marriage agrees with you. You will value the relationship, doing all you can to keep it strong, secure and romantic.

You tend to avoid confrontation, so if you disagree with your partner you will present your case in a diplomatic way. This is not to say you are weak: Libra is a cardinal sign that needs to see continual change and growth. You can be surprisingly persuasive when necessary, but your manner is always wrapped in charm.

I feel so flattered! Reading this made me realize I somehow think “less” of myself than I might should. Sounds weird? Or familiar? In general I’m quite a confident person, but deep inside, when it comes to my personality, I never stop trying to be the best I can and work on characteristics that might block the way of being at my best (yup, continual change and growth). It’s not that I thought I wasn’t a “sunshine in a bottle”, but I do feel I could do better, especially to Thomas, who is closest to me and therefore, unfortunately, sees the stressed and less “sunny” Charlotte come out more that I want. But I try to be happy and friendly, genuinely smiling when I can, because I know there is no point in being stressed and grumpy, especially since this is not really me… That charm I found out about a long time ago. I always put it under the category of being “happy and friendly” because in a way, when you are friendly and you give your best smile, it works like a “charm”, right? Relationship-wise I think Susan is 100% right. There is nothing I value more in life than what I have with Thomas, and even though he’s the one seeing my less sunny side more than I want to, he know I respect and value our relationship deeply. Avoiding confrontation, 100% true, because when I do things in a non-diplomatic way, I usually end up screwing it up…

Well, that was some serious Friday-morning-self-reflection. I hope I didn’t bore you too much with it… Any Libra’s feeling the same after reading this? I would love for other Libra’s to share their thoughts with me! And if you are not one of us, check out your horoscope on!

Ps. you might wonder what the other thing is that I received, as I mentioned something about “two little things”.. Well, let me put it this way, it came from this department ;)

Photos by Marinke Davelaar