Chloe maxi-skirt

Kicking of Fashion Month in New York. That Fashion Week that’s always suddenly there, just when you think you can sit back a bit after the Holidays, lost those food feast kilo’s, finished “dry-month”, and start to smell Spring. It’s there! BAM! Never well enough prepared, always too cold, but one of the best Fashion Weeks if you ask me. It’s for those who really love what they do, because who in their right minds likes to voluntary run around in an urban tundra, spending more time outside than in – and I’m not even going to start about cab money spendings – when it’s minus 10… Weather forecast looks not too bad though, but surely it’s not going to be warm.

With racks full of clothes – mostly coats and boots – I’m kicking of Fashion Month today! Depending on those who take awesome photos – no matter how cold – I will share every look I wear and all the show I go to. Instagram (Thefashionguitar) remains the fastest way to know what I’m up to all day, oh and of course Snapchat (Fashionguitar), but, needless to say, for the quality deal, make sure you pop back here on  Thefashionguitar.com too!

What would you like to see of me during Fashion Month? More outfits? More shows?? More everything??

Chloe Drew bag in python

Chloe Isidora sunglasses

Chloe skirt

Chloe lace-up boots

Chloe Drew bag in python

Chloe Isidora sunglasses

Charlotte Groeneveld

Chloe maxi-skirt

Chloe Drew bag in python

Chloe skirt

Chloe Drew bag in python

Chloe Isidora sunglasses

Chloe sunglasses | Blake LDN sweater | Chloe skirt | Chloe bag | Chloe boots.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau


  • Natali

    For now, I’m happy to follow fashion week happenings and being inspired by your outfits via this blog, but to attend a NYFW personally, someday is a big wish o’mine. :)



      Work hard and you will get there maybe one day.. Xx

  • Love the look! Hope you have a great time! And yes, very excited to see your outfits for the shows!



  • I absolutely love this look! Hopefully, it’s not too cold in NY! have fuuun!

    Vicky // The Golden Bun

  • Laura Vonk

    You’re so pretty! Love this look. <3

  • Such a beautiful skirt! X

  • you can easily enter in a Chloe’s adv!


  • my bubbly zone

    Amazing 70s inspired look.I love especially the boots!

  • more everything of course!! and what an amazing look you created in this post!! love love LOVE the skirt (?) with this knit! Can’t wait to see all your looks from NYFW.

    Xx Maria
    stylefax blogspot com


      That’s clear, will do! Xx

  • Jint

    Heel mooi met die boots eronder! Have fun!

    Xx Jint


  • Carmen Jny (carmitive)

    This outfit is just perfection!!! I love this skirt and it looks great with this sweater :) Have fun in NY!
    xx, Carmen – http://carmitive.com

  • The chunky knit & skirt look FABULOUS! You do this look the best Charlotte. I can’t wait to see you showcasing all the fab Chloe pieces & see the rest of your outfits. Would love you to Snapchat more. Have an amazing Fashion Month.
    Hugs Adele xoxo


      Eeeeeks I feel so awkward snap chatting, but I will try to talk “into” it a bit more :)) Xx

  • I’m most excited to see what accessories (bags and shoes) will come out from NYFW. I feel like we’ll see a lot of Gucci but it’s always a fun time to watch out since those trends will dictate what we’ll prob see in Spring or Summer. Can’t wait to see your looks!



      I posted one of my key-bags this Fashion Month on my instagram today :) And many more exciting pieces to come… Xxx

  • Wow, this is an amazing look to kick of fashion month! Enjoy & good luck Charlotte! Xx Susanne – http://bagatyou.com

  • Ola Piniaź

    in love with that skirt and sunglasses <3 you look amazing!

  • You are absolutely rocking this look Charlotte! Have fun and kick ass!

  • Kiki Kolev

    I’m in the love with the way you carry the Chloe pieces! From the blue jacket, to the gypsy maxi skirt and drew bag, you are rocking it! http://runwaycatalog.com/chloe-en

  • Laura Jane

    Love this Chloé look !! Just added you on snappysnap, wondering what you will show us throughout the whole fashion month! Keep it up!
    xx Laura Jane

  • love your skirt! the colors are so pretty!


  • Marisa Market

    I absolutely love this outfit. I am in love with Chloe and this is beautiful!