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From the looks of my Instagram you must have noticed I’ve changed New York for some place up in the mountains. You are so right! Last weekend I flew to London from where I joined the Jimmy Choo team for a photo shoot in the mountains of Zermatt…

After approximately 12 hours of flying, driving, and electric taxiing we arrived in the beautiful – car free – Zermatt. A place where some of you might go/have gone for skiing in winter, whilst others prefer to enjoy the fresh mountain air during summer. To me, a village like Zermatt brings back childhood memories of ski holidays. The smell of the evening air when I set foot out of the electric taxi made me almost sentimental. Vacation in the mountains is I think it’s the only type of holiday where I can really relax. Of course there’s lots of physical exercise during a ski vacation, but that automatically clears my head. My agenda isn’t constantly running through the back of my mind, and I can’t constantly hold my phone up to take Instagram photos. Simply because I am skiing. Then obviously there’s the fresh air and the freezing cold clear blue skies. Heaven.

About that last one though, the freezing cold, I must admit that Zermatt is not really there yet. Evenings are chilly, but during the day I didn’t have to wear my double layers of knitwear under this beautiful coat – which I initially had when I left CERVO, the chalet where we’re are staying. In fact, when I came back from my photo shoot, I sat in the sun on my terrace, IN MY T-SHIRT. Truly, I do feel super privileged to be here, to go through this amazing experience, and being surrounded by so many talented and fun women.

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Jimmy Choo Moonboots | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Jimmy Choo Moonboots | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Jimmy Choo Moonboots | Reiss coat | Zara jeans | Jimmy Choo sunglasses.

Photos by Haris Farsarakis