I’ve always had a thing for big sunglasses. Recently it’s big round sunglasses I got the hots for. I feel that they somehow work perfectly with my face and hair. I like to wear them slightly lower on my nose, though with this pair that’s kind of impossible… they would cover my cheeks completely.

What’s your favorite style of brand when it comes to sunglasses? Are you sticking to the good old Ray Ban Wayfarer and Aviator, or maybe the Clubmaster? Or are you running warm for more of the “new” style aviators from for example Valentino? Talking about big and round sunglasses, those Chloe ones are a dream too, but again, they are so big on me – like the ones I’m wearing in this post – that it’s almost not cool to wear them. Nonetheless, the are still running circles in my head… can’t get them out… What do you think? Big sunglasses, yay or nay?


Chanel SS15 flapbag | THEFASHIONGUITAR




Chanel SS15 flapbag | THEFASHIONGUITAR



Chloe dress // Chanel bag // Valia Gabriel sandals // Emilio Pucci sunglasses.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau


  • Pardon My Obsession

    I sooo agree, I only wear big sunnies :) Yours are just perfect, and that dress is out of this world !


  • Love your dress!! Big sunnies are my life!

    || D I A N A ||


  • lavieenliz

    everything about this look is on point


  • Natali

    Oh YES!! I love oversized sunnies and you look so chic with this pair on!


  • Those sunnies look AMAZING!!! I think shapes as round and large as that pair can be tricky to pull off, but you have nailed it!

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  • The sunglasses are wonderful, but I can’t get over the color of that Chanel bag! I really like the Tom Ford Carrie sunglasses as an oversized style. They’re big but still manage to be super sleek.


  • Ari Camacho

    Love the dress and the sunglasses are really cool but I do think they are really big…

  • claudia

    I love big sunnies too!! Very nice outfit and beautiful sandals!




  • I am in love with the dress! It’s really beautiful!


  • sanja

    Chic sunnies!! Love your bag and dress..:)


  • Wow, adore this dress! The sunnies are so cool too! I love my round silver sunnies right now


  • Chantal En Charlize

    Ha Charlotte ! @THEFASHIONGUITAR, wat leuk! De zonnebril is echt funny, maar persoonlijk echt wel veel te groot en zonde van je mooie koppie! Mooie jurk he van Chloe, helaas zijn die mooie merken zo duur….grr…..Maar ik heb nu wel See by Chloe ontdekt; de schoenen; echt super fijne schoenen met fijn voetbed en superzacht leer, daar kan TIBI nog wat van leren! Ook een mega leuk merk, lekker casual simplicity, die je eens hebt afgebeeld met mooie pictures van toppie Aftrdrk Sabrina, dus oke, fair, even google erbij en hop, ook fan. Prachtig! Alleen moet ik wel bekennen dat de schoenen heel prijzig zijn in verhouding met kwaliteit, het leer is nogal erg stug en hard…..en voor mij betekend dat: warm weer; voet kapot.
    Delasnietemin, Chloe is wel top! En wat is Jeff weer awesome bezig met de grijze achtergrond zo, perfect! Wellicht tot 2016, dan staat eindelijk ons 1e tour naar Amerika gepland ( NY ) Dus alle hotspots zijn welkom betreft biologisch gezond en lekker eten, want het eten schijnt vaak drama te zijn hoorde ik.
    Cape Cod Wil ook zeker bezoeken, wat waren je fotos mooi en wat ging dat kriebelen zeg, denk combi met de Hamptons dat het perfect zal zijn! Fijne dag!!

  • This is such a fab look for you Charlotte, I adore the dress & I love that you go for unusual colours in your bags (it’s gorgeous btw). Round sunglasses look amazing on you. I mainly have a mixture of Raybans & Celine’s, my biggest pair are the Celine New Audrey’s. I may just have to purchase the Chloe sunglasses for my hols.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • silvie kroesbergen

    Wauw Charlotte, this dress you are wearing is fabulous. It is like you came directly out of a fairy tale! I also believe that big sungalsses are Always a good fashion item. You managed to combine it perfectly

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  • First of all, the shade of your Chanel is just. . .the best word to describe it is dreamy. Absolutely dreamy. Like a cupcake. I love it.

    Also, I LOVE oversized sunglasses. I think I first started to love them after Mary Kate and Olsen (and Nicole Ritchie) ran around NYC with them in the early 2000s and ever since then, it’s all I wear. I love how they make the rest of your face look smaller and it’s just cute. You can’t go wrong with oversized; some of the other shape frames can look weird on some faces.


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  • Shoshana

    Aside from the pattern, the dress has great detailing.One might think it would be too much or really busy in one garment but clearly that’s not the case. So pretty.

  • Oh I definitely agree! :D


  • Nico

    Love the color of your bag!

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  • Kathy

    Those big sunglasses go great with that dress. I went through a period of wearing nothing but oversized sunglasses by Tom Ford. Recently, I’ve been sporting a more traditional look by Tory Burch which you can see on my blog. They have more of a traditional Ray Ban look I would say. Still love my old big Tom Ford ones. I might have to break them out again. Love that dress!



  • Jint

    You look fab!


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  • Love the way you rock the 70s trend, never too much, with somewhat of a minimalist twist… Just great xo



  • Fashje

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  • Yuna Nguyen

    Woa! The whole outfit looks amazing! You girl look stylish and moder in this style. I love all of your accessories, especially the flat sandals. They’re fashionable.

    Have nice days, girl!
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  • Jessi Malay

    That bag is stunning! Such a great look.

    XO, Jessi

  • Jacquie

    They’re cool but only if your counterbalance your style with small sunnies or at least Smaller ones! ^_^ These are fab too. I actually the smaller ones cool if it were to define your style completely. Kind of like Anna Wintour and her bob hair cut!