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The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of events and emotions. There’s almost no time to process it all, which I realized when someone asked me about my trip to Paris and Rome. I literally didn’t know where to start, and it seemed all the days had blended into one big dream…

This is one of those things I believe everyone with a full-time job or their own business will experience every now and then, especially when you throw a family in the mix. At night when I lay in bed I really try to focus on the moment of tranquility, not doing anything, and sometimes, my mind is at ease and I find the ultimate chill mode. However, most of the time when I try to focus on relaxing while I lay in bed, my mind spins with all the thoughts of things that have to be done. It makes me realize that as a mom you really have to do it all, no matter what. You can work, but when you come home there’s laundry, groceries to be picked up, rooms to be tidied, and stories to be read. Of course, you can hire a person for any of this, which would make my life a lot easier, but at the end of the day, that’s also not the kind of mother, nor wife, I imagined myself to be.

So next on the list of motherhood meets working mommy is vacation planning. Or better said, planning everything around our vacation so I can also have a little bit of time off too. Now I’m lucky with Thomas, he’s extremely supportive, and takes over whenever and wherever needed, but still, even on vacation I’m not working. Anyway, first on my list is packing suitcases, I plan that in advance, and I makes sure all clothes “match” with each other. Meaning, I pack for example only James’s clothes that are white, navy, and light blue. That way I know whatever I grab for him to wear, it matches. Same I do for Thomas and Stella, but for myself it’s different. I don’t pack in “colors” but more in looks. Sounds compulsive, but that way I know I won’t over-pack – which I don’t have space for anyway.

Then I plan the work that needs to be done on vacation. I don’t do this the days before, simply because I don’t have time to do that. Really, there’s not one day I don’t have anything to do, and working at night isn’t an option since we have kids – I need my sleep. This includes planning the photos, some of the looks, and make a little on-the-go schedule in my phone.

Lastly there’s the packing the fun stuff, like the huge inflatable turtle I bought for the kids – and myself – the “finding Nemo” floater for Stella. Of course two sets of arm floaties, as Stella and James aren’t able to swim on their own yet. A book for Thomas, and tons of new bikini’s for myself, that I can finally try one. Can’t wait!

I guess the only thing I need to make sure of is that we all arrive at the airport on time to board our plane to St. Barths… white sandy beaches, here we come!






Chloe lace shorts | THEFASHIONGUITAR


H&M Trend top // Chloe bag // Chloe shorts // Tibi mules // Ray Ban sunglasses.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau


  • Natali

    You always look stunning and so stylish! These shoes and shorts are major! Good luck with the vacation planning, I’d love to go on one right now. :)


      Thanks Natali!! Xx

  • Great outfit, like that short !


  • claudia

    Love the shorts and the shoes a lot and the bag gives a very nice pop of color to the look!

  • Honorata

    Cool summer look and fantastic holiday plans!

  • It seriously sounds like you deserve a bigggg relaxing holiday, I hope you manage to wind down! Loving your look as per, those Tibi mules are gorgeouss!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog


      I think we do ;) And we will report back to you on how it’s going!! Xx

  • Have a wonderful time in St Barts, I love the Caribbean so will be intrigued to know what you make of the island. I’m getting seriously envious of all your Chloe wardrobe & bags, such a gorgeous collection you have. Love the shorts!

    Hugs Adele xoxo


      I can’t wait, I’ve been to the Caribean, but long ago!! Enjoy your summer too!! Xx

  • Loved those shorts and that bag!! Outfit envy :P

    Rachna Priyanka

  • Beautiful shorts!

  • such a fantastic look, love the bag!

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram


      Thanks Elza! Xx

  • Pardon My Obsession

    Great post, sometimes I also have a hard time planning everything and get things done… But congrats on juggling everything !!


      Doing my best… Xx

  • Nico

      Thank you!

  • Borislava

    Love the bag!

    Love from Vienna

    Borislava from

    Giveaway: 2 pairs of sunglasses! More is also up on the blog

  • Lisa G.

    Gonna miss you guys!


      We will miss you Lisa <3

  • You have a child!? That’s crazy! It must be so hectic trying to juggle everything. But you seem to have it going really well, so congrats!

    I love the Drew bag. I did an impulse buy and got the mini in a bright blue color. Can’t wait for it to get here!


    COFFEESLAG Outfit Collaboration


      Actually I have two, James and Stella! Xx

  • lavieenliz

    this look is perfect head to toe


      Thanks!! Xx

  • Obsessed with the shorts!

  • Gabrielė Pacevičiūtė

    I just found personal stylist for your body shape shopping platform – . Very impressive!

  • I feel the same way. I have two kids too:) Love your style! you are amazing!!!!

    Liat Neuman

  • Mothers who try our best

    I think you are sending out the wrong message to mothers – an expectation that somehow they ‘should’ be able to do it all when that is just not possible. The fact that you work means you don’t see your children most of the time, that is your decision and that is fine, but I think it is untrue to imply that nothing is sacrificed in that process when it obviously is. We all decide how we prioritise our lives and I trust that as mothers we do our best, the expectation of being the ‘perfect-working-mum’ is a label of modern society that’ want’s it all’ and refuses to accept that this is neither possible nor without consequences, because some things will get neglected or you will be rushing right past living…

    • Don’t get me wrong, but I think that Charlotte is trying to create and manage her own world. She’s recovering from cancer, so she really is a fighter and I admire all the energy she puts in what she loves. I don’t think she’s sending the wrong message here, because she certainly doesn’t live in a perfect world. What you see or read in her blog is what she’s trying to convey. She’s not going to write a post on how tired she is and sick of trying to manage it all, with pictures of her crying, in her pyjamas, with no makeup on and the kids around driving her crazy.
      I think she’s just a mum, like us all, and that she’s trying to do her best, and certainly failing in many things too :) No hard feelings here, just a non-agressive response to what you said.

      • Mothers who try our best

        I think you are missing my point…by reacting defensively or feeling the need to defend Charlotte, against what?…a different perspective/ opinion? She chooses to put herself and her family onto social media and therefore invites people to have opinions about that. I standby what I have said and if you read my post carefully you will realise that I did not undermine what she has gone through nor criticised her choices as a mother, which for some reason you feel the need to defend. I have simply added perspective that I felt was missing or avoided in order to rationalise a certain viewpoint. Who ever said the world was perfect, to the contrary…p.s. I think Charlotte could probably speak for herself, if she felt pressed to do so.

      • I’m not sure I understand your point of view here when you say ‘I have simply added perspective that I felt was missing or avoided in order to rationalise a certain viewpoint. Who ever said the world was perfect, to the contrary…’ Could you please elaborate?

        I know this is not your point, but I personally do not like it when people put their kids on social medias. Kids are little grown ups with no voice or choices for themselves and they should be respected for that. Which means that to me, their privacy should be respected, because they never chose to have pictures of them shared online like fashion accessories. BUT I do like the fact that Charlotte actually talks about other things than fashion in her posts, she’s one of the two bloggers I actually READ (COTR being the other one, but she only talks about sartorial issues).

        I do agree with your last point though, Charlotte should really speak for herself, because there is some kind of peer pressure behing everything she does (perfect mum, perfect kids, perfect husband, perfect body, expensive clothes, expensive lifestyle when – although she is working – her husband’s money is probably paying for a lot of her stuff (sorry about this comment, but I had to say it, although Charlotte probably gets lots of presents and items to show on her blog while being paid for it), etc., etc…

        No jealousy or hard feelings against Charlotte here, I’m not judging her, to the contrary, I’m just adding another perspective because I now do get your viewpoint ;) By sharing what she’s sharing, Charlotte puts herself into the public eye and people are of course allowed to speak their minds about what she does (or doesn’t for that matter).

        And for some reason, I’m not sure I believe Charlotte when she says she doesn’t hire anyone (a nanny, a cleaning lady, a cook). I’m a full-time working mum, I have a hard condition to deal with and 6-year old twin girls and trying to Bree Van De Kamp nearly killed me and is certainly killing my mariage. And p.s.: I don’t have the time to read a bedtime story, I’m just too busy or tired. We just kiss and play for 5 minutes to half an hour when they’re really pushing it!
        #badmummy #mummy’sabsolutelynotincontrolandfindsithardtodealwitheverythingbutdoeshaveacleaninglady

        And BTW, my girls look like the Spice Girls when they go to school because I can’t pick their clothes anymore, so thinking about matching colours just makes me laugh. People must think I love to dress my girls like Gypsies (and I’m certainly not Gypsy-phobe!, just sayin’)

        Charlotte must indeed be missing stuff, because who looks after the kids when she goes to Rome or Paris? Is her husband taking days off? I don’t think so :)

        Sorry about my syntax mistakes, I’m French :)

  • You should try the body scan meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn, it helps a lot clearing your mind and concentrate on the moment, because you just can’t do it all, or you just end up having a burn-out. I love being on holidays with the kids, but honestly, with 6-year old hyperactive twin girls, I tend to think it’s harder than work. I would love to take some time off just for myself and fly to the Seychelles for a month with my husband of one of my best girlfriends…

  • sanssouci

    So beautiful skirt details! and the gab colour gives a perfect finish in a romantic outfit!

  • Wow power woman! I admire your motivation and energy to keep going and juggle all those different roles and tasks. I am sure it’s not easy! But it looks like you’ve been having a wonderful time on St. Barths :-)

  • tali

    Great photos / love the total white look with the red bag!

  • Zo herkenbaar! En dat heb ik “slechts” één kindje en jij twee ;-) Heel veel plezier in St.Barths!
    Liefs Chris

  • Wish those shorts weren’t Chloe so I could have them :(

  • Belle melange

    Amazing look, love the bag!

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  • Liz

    You are so cute!!! Love the post!:)