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Ever since I was little girl I’ve been dreaming of being locked up at Bergdorfs, or its equivalents Galeries Lafayette when I was in Paris. Imagining myself jumping on the beds of the sleeping department, trying on every single pair of shoes on the footwear floor, and secretly eating as many ice-creams as I liked. As a grownup this dream hasn’t changed much… I cannot think of a better way of spending my night – sorry Thomas – than running around on the shoe department of  a high-end New York department store… Now I bet we secretly share this dream, wherever you may be in this world.

By my firm believe of dreams coming true, I cannot wait to share this competition from Galeries Lafayette with you. Usually I’m not that keen on running competitions on my blog, hence you don’t see them often coming by here on, but when I do, they are good! Now what if I told you, you can spend the night of the 6th of January 2015 at your favorite French department store? You won’t believe me, now would you? Well, you better start believing in fairy tales, because soon you might be in one !

On the evening and night of January 6th a world exclusive on Airbnb, Galeries Lafayette, the most iconic fashion store in Paris, is opening its doors for the most unusual experience : you will experience the behind-the-scenes premier of the January Sales, which officially start on the 7th. Experience the thrill of being in-store before the sales kick off. Two triple rooms, located in one of the prêt-à-porter departments, under the famous century-old glass dome, will transport you to the walk-in closet of your dreams. After the doors close to the public the evening prior to the sales, this over-sized closet will be all yours. With the help of a personal shopper, you will seek out, try on, and finally select the wardrobe of your choice. Afterwards, you will be spoiled with a sumptuous dinner overlooking the dome, before settling comfortably in your room for the night. Meanwhile, as you sleep, the aisles will be re-stocked, as if by magic.

Upon enjoying a French breakfast the following morning, you will have the privilege of being the first customer to go through the check-out, just before the official kick-off of the January Sales and its usual mad hustle and bustle. Off you go, with your amazing sales finds, leaving the hysterical sales crowd behind you. I believe sale shopping has never sounded so appealing, now did it? If you agree, make sure you enter the competition by 11:59pm on December 28th.

Valentino camera bag | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Valentino camera bag | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Valentino camera bag (via Department Feminine) // Ganni coat // MIH Jeans flared jeans // Valentino heels // Valentino sunglasses // White + Warren turtle neck.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau