I find it really hard to pick the right outfits these days, because the weather is so changeable! One day I’m freezing my ass off, and the next days I don’t even have to wear a coat. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind, but it must look a bit weird to you. One thing you have to trust me on, is that even though I shoot my looks a little in advance – I have to do that with my little ones – I always try to post them most appropriately in relation the actual weather the respective day. So today for example the weather forecast “says” it’s going to be mild, hence this coatless look. The day before it was freezing, and it was, so I choose to go with my super warm cashmere layering look. But in any case, what you see here is what I actually wear, as I find it most important that it reflects the true me. Not that I feel you think otherwise, we know each other by now, we go way back…

And that is four years… Wow! However, I decided to not put any attention to it, because when I hit five years of blogging, I want to celebrate this big. Not sure yet how, but I have a year to think about that. Until then, let’s focus on reaching other milestones, such as hitting that 100K Instagram! I cannot believe I’m almost getting to that big number…


Faux fur clutch | THEFASHIONGUITAR




White + Warren cashmere sweater // Zara Studio top (similar here) // Zara basic trousers (similar here) // Adidas Stan Smith trainers (or really cool Resort ones here) // Whistles faux fur clutch // Celine sunglasses.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau



  • Love the muted colour palette. And congrats on the Instagram count! x


      Thanks darling. And thank you for being such a loyal reader, it means a lot to me! Xx

  • gorgeous looks!


  • Honorata

    Love this look:)))

  • this slouchy combo rocks during these cold days !!! love it

  • Natali

    Amazing all grey outfit! You look fabulous!

  • grey and beige go so good together! great look!
    Katharina //

  • claudia

    That top is so cool! Love how you styled it in an all grey look with the beige sweater on top!

  • Lucy

    This look is lovely!!! Stunning xx

  • carla_bast

    Love this look again and congrats with those four years Charlotte ! Love following and will shoutout on instagram when you hit those 10K !
    Love Carla xx


      A 100K it is, or it will be soon!!! Xxx

  • Congrats on 4 fabulous years of blogging Charlotte! I love that you keep things real on your blog, that’s one of the reasons, as well as your amazing sense of style that keeps me coming back! I adore wearing grey, so love this outfit so much, the pants look great with the Sam Smiths.

    Sure it won’t be long before you hit the 100k on instagram :)

    Hugs Adele xoxo


      Thanks for all your support so far. I read every comment I get here, and it doesn’t go unnoticed you are such a loyal reader. It means the world to me! I hope I can keep “inspiring” you for a very long time after this!!

      • Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely comment Charlotte, that’s made my day :)

        Hugs Adele xoxo

  • I know what you mean, London weather is weird!! I live in London as well..and it still confuses the hell out of me!!


      I’m in New York, but I remember London’s weather was quite similar – though there are better Fall/Winter days in New York than in London…

      • Oohs. sorry me bad!! But you did live in London at some point…or perhaps I’m confused!!

  • fashion altitude

    Congrats on instagram count!
    your Grey hued outfits are a total win

    • fashion altitude

      you are getting there with instagram!
      I recently started following your blog and it became my favourite because you keep things real. Like you are a real human being in real life:-) not a brand’s coat rack! not mentionning your amazing style!! you rock, girl!


        THANKS SO MUCH babe!! Means a lot to hear this, always!

  • Great shade of grey, like the matching!


  • So lovely Char! Perfect..

  • Great look!!


  • Shoshana

    You’re so right. The weather here in NYC is wacky. This morning I walked out of my apt with my Uggs on and clearly, I didn’t need them. Whatever the case, loving the detail of your top. The draping and darting is wonderful.

  • Beatrice Gutu

    Absolutely in love with this look! I’ve always been a fan of sporty chic!

  • The neutral palette will never be out of style and we like how you dressed it down with the adidas! What a wonderful look for when it gets chilly outside!

  • Lovely color combination and that bag is amazing!


  • That top!!

  • Amazing look


  • I love this look! You sure know how to layer the right pieces!

    Much Love

  • The sweater is The Bomb ! This shade of grey looks striking on you..