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I absolutely love an opulent sequin skirt combined with a simple chunky knit. However, in New York where the weather still boiling hot, it’s simply not possible to wear chunky knits yet – trust me, I’ve been lusting over Stella McCartney’s knits for days, but I just can not get myself to buy one when it’s still 30 degrees outside! Anyway, my solution: Summer knitwear. Thin, airy, and no need to wear more than just a bra underneath. It still gives the sequin-knit effect, but in a way more wearable version than my other favorite. But if you are living somewhere less warm, you are already able to wear the chunky-knit-version. You probably have to if you want to be able to go out with bare legs. Great knits if you ask me – from luxury to high street – are the perfect melange one by Stella McCartney, Marc Jacob’s slim v-neck knit, pure and perfect basics from Joseph, Whistles when you look for best price-quality, ASOS when on a budget, and Zara for the cool-copy-cats-solution!

Zara summer knit (similar here and here) // Zara sequin skirt (similar here and here) // Barbara Bui silver brogues // Celine sunglasses // Chanel Boy bag // Rue Gembon necklace // Tom Wood rings.

Photos by Jason Jean/Citizen Couture