Lust away with me and this editorial piece Ophelie Guillermand and Jason Kibbler shot for Vogue Russia September 2014.

Life post-surgery goes hand in hand with painkillers, many painkillers. I often make jokes about myself being high on drugs, but obviously I don’t mean that in the negative sense. It’s an absolute well controlled way of being “high”, and to be honest, I thank the world of medicine for inventing such well dosed drugs, because without it I wouldn’t know where I would be at the moment. Same for the pill I take on a daily base now my thyroid has been completely removed. It’s a wonderful thing that only one small little pill can take over in the absence of a thyroid. However, I’m not there yet… in fact, I’m far from the regular “me”. To give you an idea, without a thyroid your complete hormone system is lost, my metabolism is out of control, and my mental and physical well-being is destroyed. I’m not going to sugar coat it, life post-surgery so far is pretty heavy. But on the other hand, and everyone around me knows, I’m extremely positive – I’m underlining this because it might not seem so when reading the previous. I feel fine in-between the moments of pain, heat flashes, and sleepless nights. Talking about heat flashes… Jeeeees, how in the world will I be able to move around in Celine’s/Stella’s/Sonia’s knitted pieces this fall?! I mean seriously, I’ll have to move to the Arctic if I ever want to take on this trend. Such a sad thing, because I cannot tell you how much I love this. Especially when my model-crush Ophelie Guillermand does her editorial amazingness in it…

Ophelie Guillermand By Jason Kibbler For Vogue Russia September 20144
Vogue Russia, September 2014 (5)


  • Eveline

    Beterschap Charlotte! X

  • Honorata

    It’s difficult to send you positive thoughts because only you know how difficult it is. Stay strong and fight, it’s great you are surrounded by amazing people!Hugs! BTW fantastic sweaters!

  • I had no idea that not having a thyroid would be so much turmoil for your body. I’m so glad you are managing to stay positive throughout Charlotte & I hope once the thyroid pills kick in things will settle down for you.
    The knit editorial you’ve chosen is totally lust worthy. I don’t want to wish summer away but I am getting very excited about all the chunky knits I keep seeing in magazines etc.
    Sending big hugs xoxo

  • stay strong because i bet it must be very very difficult !!! but these knits, yeah they might help a bit haha :)))

  • Une petite Bruxelloise

    Stay strong and positive, try to see beyond all this adventure as much as possible, into the bright future ahead of you :)

  • Beterschap Charlotte!!!

  • Wees maar snel weer de oude Charlotte, lots of kisses :)


  • Paulina Villalpando

    Hang on! It takes a while for your body to go through the shock. Stay positive! Awesome knits by the way.

  • Keep positive! We are here with you, hot flushes and all!!!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • Pardon My Obsession

    I fell in love with this ed the moment I saw it, it is so inspiring for the upcoming Fall ! Anyway, sending you lots of positive vibes, hoping you’ll be fine very soon !

  • Stay positive! Things will get better. You are brave.

  • chucky1012

    Ahhhhh I feel petty for you. But keep your fingers crossed and things will be going much more better soon for you


  • Janneke

    A lot of good vibes for you!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Shoshana

    Love a chunky sweater. Even more, love a homemade sweater. I’m bias as my mom knits. All of these sweaters have substance & visual interest. All, so pretty. Thank you for sharing. Sending you well wishes. Stay strong. (new post today)

  • Natasha

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I have had thyroid issues in the past. They come and go for me and have avoided any meds or surgery thus far.. I would highly recommend coconut oil. A teaspoon every morning, it regulates the thyroid. Even though you have now had yours removed it should give you more energy.
    Hope this helps and you feel better soon!

  • I think you are extremely strong woman, and so brave to tell us about your story. I discovered your blog a while ago and now I am looking it everyday because I want to read that you are ok. So, all my best wishes for you!!

  • The Provoker

    Get well soon and stay strong Charlotte! MIND OVER BODY! And I know you’d find a way to partake in this new full body knits!! I have a feeling they’d have tremendous success like Alaia knit dresses. They’d make your legs look so slim as they hug it and pull it down. I just wish I was a bit taller to really show off some knit trousers.

  • You’re are very brave, I hope you get better well, wish you all the best!

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