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Charlotte Groeneveld | THEFASHIONGUITAR
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It’s been slightly quiet around my blog for the past few days, but for a good reason, because we have moved to our new place in the Village. This came obviously with the necessary issues such as no internet, no time to sit behind my laptop, and no time to shoot any outfits. But I’ve done little bits in advance…

Here I am being all set for summer with this A.L.C. jumpsuit. Quite a different one from the casual style I normally wear, and quite a challenging one because of its lengths. I mean, this is a no go-er when not wearing heels. Then to think that I never wore jumpsuits until I got that denim one from Zara…

Oh and thanks to all mommy’s who sweetly wrote me advice on the two-kids-sharing-one-room-trial. So far – three nights – have been okayish… I mean, we are getting there *

A.L.C. jumpsuit // Sergio Rossi heels // Barbara Bui clutch // Linda Farrow sunglasses. Everything available at INTERMIX.

Photos by Ashley Jahncke for INTERMIX

* slowely

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  • Sophia Charles

    You look great in the jumpsuit! congrats on the new place! you must be really excited


  • Une petite Bruxelloise

    Love this length, a little bit tricky as you have to be on heels all the time, but makes the legs look super lean and long…as for the common bedroom, don’t worry! I used to share one with my brother until we were 13-14, it was great fun :-)

  • Honorata

    Cool elegant look:)))

  • oh lala !! totally amazing !! chic, elegant, so feminine :)

  • yvonnelaura
  • Natali

    This outfit is pure perfection!

  • Luba

    love, love, love this jumpsuit! Have a nice week, lovely :)

    XO Luba

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  • That is one gorgeous jumpsuit, beautiful!


  • You look fab, and I’m glad you’re feeling good in your new place and that the kids are are OK in their shared bedroom.

  • Looking gorgeous Charlotte. I love the jumpsuit – I’ve just bought the Zara black bandeau jumpsuit & am so pleased with it. Also lusting after your sunglasses!! glad you’re all moved in.
    Hugs xoxo

  • chucky1012

    Well that fabulous and stunning!
    It looks great ;-)
    I’m glad that you has moved and the children en everyone is doing fine……
    It doen’t matter that the children share a bedroom together that’s fine and they will learn to find there own place.

    I wish you all a wonderfull time in the new home Xoxo

  • moustachic
  • Chantal En Charlize

    i just adore this jumpsuit! Unfortunally…i live in the Netherlands……..( sad face). This one also suits you perfect! The denim Zara is tough look, you rock it ( and yoy have inspire me..i have him to so many thanks! ), this one makes yoy very classy! Chapeau!

  • Gorgeous outfit, it is nice to see you in something so dressed up! The jumpsuit looks aamaazing on you!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • Those sunnies look very unique! I love how you put made this outfit look really classy :)

  • Jet

    holy shit how gorgeous!!!!
    please visit my blog:

  • Hana
  • Leuk! Fijn dat je nu even ‘uit- verhuisd’ bent!

    xx Riëlle

  • Paulina Villalpando

    Amazing sunglasses!

  • ediot

    great sunnies. nice outfit

  • Pardon My Obsession

    You are right, it’s different from usual, but it is so beautiful ! Love jumpsuits as they are both classy and stylish ! I had one question about your hair : do you plan to stay platinium blonde, or do you want to go a little darker ?

  • jumpsuits are totally a key item in my wardrobe. Really love the first photo, you look stunning! xx M

  • Great jumpsuit, and glad you’re (almost) all moved :-)
    X Chris

  • Ele Berunizo

    Amazing style , you look gorgeous !

  • Lexie

    Mooi Edje!

  • nycmum

    love this look–i’m a big fan of jumpsuits…one piece dressing makes life easier for this stay-home mum! :) i agree tho–it is awkward when stripping down for the loo! i often wear a thin, fitted camisole underneath so i don’t feel quite as naked…
    glad the move went well and the little ones are adjusting…smooth sailing from here on!

  • Liliana Garcia

    The second pic is absolutely gorgeous!


    Liliana from Um Blog Fashion