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You are most definitely not advised to wear these shoes when you are moving from one place to another, the thing we are about to do today, yay! Nevertheless I had to share these mules I saw at the Tibi Resort 2015 presentation last week. First of all “the mule” has kind of grown on me since I got my own pair from Whistles. Then, I can obviously not ignore a shoe that comes in python inspired black leather. How freakin’ gorgeous and sophisticated, right? Anyway, you will have to wait a little while before you can make these yours, but I bet it’s worth the wait.

Then back to the move, because today we are finally moving in to our new place in The Village!!! I couldn’t be more excited, yet, I must admit, I’m quite done with the moving-thing… Not long ago we packed all our stuff and left London for New York. Amazing of course, but a move with two under three is hard. It’s I think double as hard at least. Then obviously you make the best of it, try to create a homely atmosphere for the kids so that at least they feel at home. We must have succeeded with this, because James and Stella seemed pretty much settled in after a week or two. I hope we can make them soon feel at home in our new place too. They will share a room together, which is completely a new thing for all of us. Fingers crossed it won’t be party party every night…
Tibi Resort collection | Charlotte Groeneveld, Thefashionguitar

* Any moms with tips about little ones sharing a bedroom? 

Tibi Resort mules


  • chucky1012

    Lovely shoe!
    I wish you very good luck and lots of succes with moving and I’ll hope there won’t be many problems with the 2 every night and day wen they stay in there room…… ;-)


  • Oh prachtig!! Succes met verhuizen weer Charlotte!


  • These mules look so great!




  • nicetips and nice mules ! :)


  • Holly von Bock

    Ahhh! We are moving *hopefully* in a couple of weeks! I’m not packing until everything is signed & exchanged though…..! The Village?! Wow! So jealous, what an amazing place to live – the atmosphere!
    My two started sharing about 6 months ago – what we do is always put Aurora to bed 30 mins or so before Oscar, so NORMALLY she is asleep before he goes to bed. Then in the morning we have religiously gone by the sun/moon gro clock & they know that under no uncertain terms are they to wake us before 7 (but they can play quietly) Good luck!!! xxxxxx


      I like to try that clock, sounds like a plan. Although James is so so naughty these days, I think he might be a little young for this still.. But start teaching him soon!! Xx

  • Those shoes.. want and need! x

  • I have twin daughters, I always wanted them to share a room (and we didn’t have a choice anyway). The most important thing for me was to have them take a nap at the same time, but obviously, James and Stella don’t share the same rhythm. I hope it goes well, don’t worry too much, many kids share a room when they’re little.


      Thanks for this great advice!! Xx

  • Jane

    I wasn’t really into mules until this pair .. How gorgeous !!


  • Chantal En Charlize

    Hallo Charlotte @THEFASHIONGUITAR:disqus , weer een leuke topic! Finally volgende week eindelijk naar London voor ons! Weet je leuke places to be daar om te lunchen??? Ze zijn graag welkom!

    Je vraagt om tips voor little ones sharing a bedroom;
    Probeer een eenheid te vormen in de kamer ( basiskleuren neutraal), maar wel een tweezijdig patroon erin te voegen zodat elke popje toch ‘een eigen ding heeft’. Leuk is om elke hoek een bedje te zetten en de kamer deels in het midden deels af te scheiden met bijvoorbeeld een leuk rek waar je doosjes inzet ( en knuffels). Zo heb je en de eenheid van het gezamenlijke en toch scheidt je de kamer deels.
    Wat ook kan is 2 bedjes naast elkaar zetten ( wel dezelfde bedjes voor de eenheid). Met daartussen de hoofdsteunen ( tegen elkaar) een plank naar boven toe. Met de bedjes naast elkaar met de zijkant tegen de muur creëer je een hoop ruimte ( foto kan ik zenden). Aangezien het meisje / jongen is kun je beide bedjes met kleur inrichten, dus James bv een blauwe knuffel of kussen en voor Stella rood of roze, lila….en laat deze kleuren dan terugkomen in 1 kleed. Leuk voor de andere kant van het kamertje om een schommeltje te maken en op te hangen, zo is het weer speels! ( foto kan ik zenden).

    Een klepbankje is leuk om daarin speelgoed te bewaren, staat leuk, gezellig, en opgeruimd. Aan de binnekant kun kun je een schot plaatsen zodat ze elk een eigen gedeelte hebben voor het speelgoed. H&M Home heeft ook heel leuke accessoires.

    Hopelijk kun je je inbeelden met wat ik probeer uit te leggen en kun het tot een klein paradijsje maken voor de twee! Foto’s kan ik zenden.

    Ik zie je reply graag.

    Groet !


      Thanks, inderdaad, H&M Home is so nice for decorating their rooms!! Xx

  • Dominique
  • I haven’t bought into mules yet, so I may just save my pennies for this pair, they’re gorgeous! Good luck with the move Charlotte, I really don’t know how you do it all & still ensure your kids are top priority…respect!!
    Hugs xoxo


      It’s hard work, but all is very satisfying and that keeps me going!! Xx

  • Pardon My Obsession

    I don’t know you how you do it, I don’t have any kids, but I can understant how hard it must be !

    Best of luck, but your kids will be so happy to be living in NYC !

    Love those shoes as they are not as ‘sexy’ as other mules, plus the python print is fab !



      Your support means everything!! Thanks Xx

  • V.

    Gorgeous shoes! Good luck with the move!



  • Eva

    Echt de mooiste muiltjes EVER! Heel veel succes met verhuizen vandaag! xx



      Ja he!! I cannot wait for them to hit the stores!! Xx

  • nycmum

    welcome to nyc! i live in the west village–i only have one child (at the moment!) but there are plenty of families in my building where siblings share a bedroom…from what my friends tell me, it really helps if you can get them on a similar sleep schedule but of course that’s not always doable esp for naps. this may sound odd but one of my friends puts 1 kid to sleep in the kids’ room and the other to sleep in the parents bedroom…then when the one in the parents’ bedroom is fully asleep, they just carry her into her own bed(room)…sounds like a hassle but it’s been working for a good year now! another friend recommends white noise/sleep sound machines! hope these tips helps–i’m sure you’ll figure out quickly what works best for your family :) best of luck on the move…maybe i’ll be seeing you around the ‘hood! :)


      We should meet NYCMUM!! Xx

      • nycmum

        we should! we could chat fashion and downtown preschools! :) applying for preschool in nyc was quite an experience–i think i was easier to apply for my phd!

  • Goodluck with the moving process! When you finally get some ideas of where you want everything, your head will be organized as well :)



      True!! Xx

  • Diolifestyle

    Ze zijn prachtig!

  • Linda Meldrum

    Stunning shoes ….. I love how fashion re cycles itself.
    We moved continents recently and into a 2 bedroom apartment with a 16 month year old and a 3 year old and they both had to share a room. You will be surprised really. Both my girls Roxy and Stella go to bed at the same time and there was a week of unsettledness but I would not change it now. Don’t worry about the other child waking the other up too. We have now bought a property with lots of room and the girls will continue to share although there are enough bedrooms and move 2 days after baby number 3 will be born in September. GAWD! Anyway happy moving and take your time unpacking. You will love love love your new location.


      I was unpacking my – too many – boxes with shoes and clothes, and then I though for the first time Phoooeehooo this is a lot of work, I AM tired. But then again, it’s so amazing to do this all, have the kids with me, do my most favorite job in the world… I don’t want to complain no, but it’s kind of the heaviest part of my life so far haha. Great to read the advice from mom’s like me, it helps! Good luck with everything too!! Xx