This post is dedicated to all mothers, mothers-to-be, girlfriends with mothers-to-be or mothers around them, anyone who is looking for baby gifts, or is remotely interested in babies, baby shoes, or baby gifts…

Earlier this year I co-designed an adorable pair of baby shoes for Donsje, the Pina Star booties. Most important for me – other than an on-trend design – was that they actually stay on, because most of the time baby shoes look cute, but as soon as they have them on they kick them off. You mommies know what I’m talking about!

As for the design, I liked the idea of little cut-outs, which eventually lead to the little stars on the upper part of the booties. They come in three colors – lilac will come later this year – inspired by this season’s pastels: off-white, powder, and light grey. The laces make that the booties are comfortable for your baby’s feet, and easy to slip on and stay on. They are made of super soft and flexible leather, which make your baby’s – and toddler’s by the way – feet well-protected. The roughened leather makes the soles non-slippery.

Donsje shoes

donsje pina star booties


  • chucky1012

    Wow, that’s great! Lovely design shoes. Cute baby. I’m glad that you did do this because now all mothers are so happy that this kind of shoes keeps the baaby on the feet…..

    Happy Friday Xoxo

  • Sophie Cohen

    Die zijn LIEF!!! well done!

  • Karla

    Wow, they would look lovely on my little girls feet! I really love the design! And the fact that they stay on is so great. Now, alle the shoes my little girl wears are out within five minutes :(.

  • Dominique

    sososos cuuuute!


  • Sennett

    They look so adorable! Great job! And i love that you made sure they will stay on the baby’s feet. I think a lot of mommy’s and daddy’s struggle with that. I would love to win them for my sister in law whom is having her first baby. It would be a lovely gift!

  • mirjam

    so cute & stylish, need to get some of these for my goddauther <3
    bisou from

  • Laura

    Ontzettend leuk voor aan de voetjes van mijn little girl!!

  • Dit is zo onwijs schattig!

  • Chantal En Charlize

    De baby’s zullen een donsje doen van vreugde in deze mooie dans dons stappertjes!

  • Laura G

    These are SO gorgeous! Well done :) x

  • Daphne

    Voor mijn 2e jongetje, die in oktober verwacht wordt….

  • claudia
  • Symon Caliandro

    Very gorgeous!

  • Manon B

    Love em !

  • Pardon My Obsession

    I’m not a mother nor will I be soon, but the photos are incredible, plus you have done a great job designing those baby clothes !

  • Aah so cute! Er is een babyboom om me heen gaande, dus dit ziet er erg leuk uit als kadootje!
    Ik vind de Lila versie echt heel tof gecombineerd met een Pastel outfitje!

    Joy. |

  • Vanessa Simon
  • Fee

    Oooh die wil ik…. Met de sterren! Voor Alba, die ook sterren op haar geboortekaartje had en nu een kamer vol sterren! Mooi gedaan!x

  • They are adorable!! Especially the lace ones<3

  • Anca

    just amazing, love it!!!!!

  • adorable!!!!


  • Ohhhh wat ontzettend schattig! Ik zou graag een paartje willen winnen voor mijn zus. Zij verwacht haar kleine eerste babymeisje in oktober en ze zou ze echt geweldig vinden. Fingers crossed!

  • Liked both Facebook and Bloglovin :)
    These little booties are so cute! I love the clean look. Great with different textures on the leather (snakeskin etc). I also think the two toned black and white are fun.
    I have a baby boy, and I think it’s kind of hard to find baby boys shoes that are not sporty. I want a little fashionista baby, and I think the Donsje booties are just perfect :)
    Congratulations on doing a great piece of work!

  • I don’t have kiddies, but I do have a 16 week old Pug puppy (just as much hard work I’m guessing)! I love the design you’ve come up with Charlotte, so cute yet functional too based on what you’ve written.
    Hugs xoxo

  • Lily

    In december verwachten wij ons eerste dochtertje! Op de echo hebben wij haar voetjes al mogen zien en ik denk dat de booties haar in real life super zullen staan :)