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Alice & Olivia leather midi-shirt // Valentino bag // Valentino shoes // Zara cropped top (similar here) // Kenneth Jay Lane coin earrings.

When I was not even 10 years old, I had a Foster Parent ‘sister’. I wrote her letters, jumped up and down when I received her drawings, and my parents generously donated every month for her growing up, education, and healthcare. It was a great initiative, a great charity, but to be honest, if you ask me how our ‘relationship’ ended, I can’t give you the answer… Then I entered the beautiful phase of puberty, was awkwardly drowning in my own ‘problems’ and it was only by the time I graduated from University that I realized it was time again to do something ‘good’. There my love-hate relationship with charity surfaced… Which charity? I don’t just want to give money, I want to do something! When do I know my donations will actually reach the charity’s? I guess my questions are similar to yours when it comes to charity, and it makes it damn hard to get into action, simply because you have no clue where to start.

Then a few months later I got introduced to a charity Thomas had previously worked for in rural India, and went with them to Uganda to help women get access to safe delivery of their babies. After ten intense and impactful days I flew back to London, and even though I did something ‘good’ for then days, that feeling creeped up again… I was basically back as square one: I had done something good, but what now? What difference did I actually make?

I guess that’s exactly the thing about charity. It’s hard to put your finger on what actually happens with the money you raise or the fiscal input you give. You’ve done something good, and yet you feel powerless. I keep telling myself that change starts within yourself, you put things to action – whether it’s by giving money or go full-on in places where they need help – and that’s the best you can do. Nobody will blame you for not being able to solve third world problems. And even though you think that this tiny thing you did won’t ever make that big of an impact, if more people do this too, it willIt sounds cliché, but I believe it’s true.

Anyway, my point is that I’m not driving through Europe because I like fast cars – to tell you the through, I don’t even have a driver’s license – but because I believe in Cash & Rocket, the charities they support, and the overall transparency of the project. Over £380.000 has been raised so far, and this money will go to Shine on Sierra Leone, OrphanAid Africa and Sumbandila to help fund life-changing projects in Sierra Leone, Ghana and the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Point square. No big organizations in the middle, no not-having-a-clue-what-actually-happend-with-the-donations, just straight forward trying to make life better for those who are less fortunate than we are.

I truly hope that as much as you like looking at my outfits, you appreciate my honesty about this matter. I’m just very enthusiastic about participating and doing something for others. But above all, I love telling you about it and making you enthusiastic too. I wouldn’t ever do this if I weren’t to believe it’s worth sharing with you!

Photos by Sabrina


  • Well writen lady!


      Thanks Joyce!

  • Your leather midi skirt is a dream! I just bought the white faux leather Zara midi skirt & hope it looks as good as this on! It’s great to have an honest account & to know where charities spend their money.

    Hugs xoxo


      Thanks babe!

  • You really look amazing in this look!

    In love with those earrings!

  • helen

    i’m really happy for you and am sure that you’re supporting this campaign for the right reasons, but why does one need to drive through europe to raise money? doesnt the fact that you already raised so much money before you left, through your name/blog prove the pointlessness and wastefulness of the ‘driving’ itself? i mean a car also fits 4 not just 2. it just seems so insanely wasteful and counter-intuitive to me..


      Well, these women who drove in the tour all brought their own car – with the exception of a few sponsored cars for women from overseas – so basically they would have driven their cars anyway, so why not raise awareness and money while driving? I see the whole pollution thing, but let’s be honest there is always something then, isn’t there. Do you take your bike always? Do you never fly? Do you raise money? Every little bit helps, but we don’t have to suffer to help people who suffer. We aim to make other people’s life better, and we do that with fun, because that’s what inspires others!

  • Vanessa Simon

    You’re stunning!


  • Ivvy

    You look stunning! I think you should more often wear earrings – looks great with you! and the skirts too


      I will do that!

  • Natali

    Amazing earrings and skirt!

  • Sweet Mona

    amazing skirt!

  • Really applaud this. Doing something good AND looking good at the same time – that’s a win-win for me!


      I am very happy you see the good in this – what I said to other readers as well – because it seems so many don’t get that doing good can come hand in hand with enjoying it…

  • Irene Laura
  • I have a long skirt and I was wondering about wearing it with flats or heels, well, it’s just perfect with the Valentino heels!

    Mafalda ❤


      Yes, wear it, it’s amazing!

  • Such a good cause, (and such a good outfit!!)

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog


      I am happy you see the good in this!

  • Hana
  • Je outfit is fantastisch, maar wat je daar schrijft is nog veel mooier!


      Lief, dank je!

  • Linsey Sijmons

    Meis wat zie je er prrrachtig uit! So chic, loves it!

    xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.COM


      Thanks babe!

  • Floor |

    I so recognize this feeling. I have supported multiple charities, but more and more the feeling creeps up on me that I would like to really make a change. Treating others the way you would like to be treated is a good start, but I hope that in the future I will figure out how to structurally help the people less fortunate than us. Obviously I support your efforts for Cash & Rocket. Would love to hear more of your views on these kind of matters. Good luck!


      Hey Floor, you can find a lot of info on my blog over the past days, but go to the Cash & Rocket website if you want more detailed information. Everything is there, plus some amazing video’s from the tour I was in. You will love it, and if you want to contribute, let them/me know! Xx

  • Vikkil

    This “charity” doesn’t sit right with me, you’ve just contributed to polluting the environment by flying and driving across multiple countries, guzzling gallons of petrol along the way. There may have been a few million raised by this but that is pennies when compared to the huge amount of money your sponsors make daily. This is nothing but a huge advertising campaign for all concerned. Sorry but I agree with Helen below :/


      These women all brought their own cars, in which they drive anyway – with the exception of three sponsored cars – so why not raise money while driving. We can obviously go on and on about what is good or not good in your eyes, but most important is that we contribute, and raise money and awareness for those who are less fortunate than we are. We all do this in our own ways, and we should let each other be. Every little bit helps.

  • PAAR

    Amazing post, great to read a bit more content in a fashion blog once in a while! Congrats on your charity work!


      Thanks for your support, it means a lot to me!

  • Romina C

    Sure I like both outfits and enthusiasm. This mint skirt looks good on you and I really love the earrings. x Romi

  • Wow how gorgeous are you! Love the look! xx, Tienlyn