A few weeks ago I asked you to style James and me for a little video we were making for Pepe Jeans London. After careful selection this is what James and I decided to wear. I’m not kidding, James’ “terrible twos” turned out to be terrible cute by having his own little opinion in what he wants to wear every day – which you will see in the video…
It’s amazing to see how a little boy like James has his specific preferences on what he’s wearing. Hence I think it’s really nice that brands like Pepe Jeans London create dedicated online destination, with amazing kids collections, where we moms can shop, with help of your kids. What I’m basically trying to say is that I love the fact that the brands I like to wear have similar collections available for our little ones, and shopable with the same convenience.
Thanks everyone for your great style advice, and I hope you like the video!
This post was created in collaboration with Pepe Jeans London and Fashiolista Agency.

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