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If you want to know what really happened last week, and what will happen to me and you the coming weeks, make sure you read the complete story…

I noticed that some of you ‘got it’ and some of you didn’t become aware of what really happened last week. Others thought by seeing my instagram photos over the weekend that something happened in Amsterdam, others realised I was only part of someone else’s big day. But nothing is less true, well I was part of someone else’s big day over the weekend, but just before we took a plane to Holland – which we almost didn’t make – we also had our big day… but in the most tiniest way possible…

In a little red dress I said yes. Yes to extending our already 10 years together, and two beautiful kids. I said yes to the most amazing man in the world with whom I cannot imagine spending any second apart. However, saying our vows was quite a sudden thing, time wise speaking. Of course we were going to get married at some point between now and a year or so, because as you know I got engaged a few weeks ago, but becoming Mrs. last week already had another, more practical, reason… Though I must tell you from the heart, secretly, it’s really cool it already happened, so the fact that we are moving to NEW YORK CITY came with SO many amazingness!!

Yes, you are reading it right, we are moving to NYC! And besides the fact that this is a dream coming true – can you keep a secret? I’ve never been to New York before – it will be insanely cool for me and my family, and for me and you. I will take you along with me on this amazing adventure, which almost feels like taking a boat and going to the new world to build a new life. However, we are leaving a lot behind, again. But that is what we signed up for. It’s what we expected to happen, and we have a lot of help from a lot of people. I will have to leave amazing people behind in London, and leave my Dutch friend still living in Holland even further behind… Not to begin about my family who I miss so much, and will only miss more by getting a bigger distance between us. BUT, let’s be honest, am I not the luckiest girl in the world. A dream like that coming true is a dream on itself, and as I said, I can’t wait to share our journey with you!

With this having said, I can’t wait for the day we will celebrate our wedding with everyone close around us. This mini wedding was the best thing to start getting excited about planning our ‘big day’. That white dress will come, together with all the cool things we already have in mind for our BIG day!

Photo by The Urban SpotterHair & make-up by Tania Grier

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  • Lisa G.

    No words, love you guys!!! See you in NYC ;)

  • TheBrunette

    OMG, this is absolutely cool! Congrats for your wedding and for moving to NYC, I have family and friends living there and we really want to move it too! Enjoy :)

  • Sweet Mona
  • the_chelf

    congratulations C!! Im so happy for you!

  • Aaaaaaawh wat supergaaf! Gefeliciteerd met zowel het trouwens als het verhuizen!



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  • Wow congrats so much on your wedding and moving to NYC :D

    xx glamdevils

  • The slow pace

    Congratulations! For your wedding and your exciting new adventure!!! I’m so looking forward to following you around New York!
    Here’s to a new chapter!

  • Double double congrats lady! I had something like New York already in mind! Echt gaaf!

  • wooow !! i knew but still – congrats babe


  • Jint

    Wat superleuk!! Ik ga er ook even wonen in oktober, can’t wait! Gefeliciteerd!!

  • Judith Huls

    Ik ben zo blij voor je! Je geluk straalt er ook vanaf im deze post! En how cool dat je naar New york gaat!! Je verdiend het beste:)

  • Wow wow wow! Massive congratulations Charlotte on becoming a Mrs. You look amazing in your red dress & Valentino’s. It’s such a wonderful photo of you both. New York is going to be such an amazing adventure – I love this city & I had thought this might be a possible location for your move & I can’t wait to follow along.
    Wishing you so much happiness in your new life & new ventures.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Hey huge congrats hun! We also had a mini wedding a few months back :) and we are also planning a big move. Seems like we are on the same wavelength ;). xx Mija

  • TheIslandGirl

    That was beautiful!!! CONGRATS! I know exactly how you’re feeling. I moved from Jamaica to London having not ever been to London before. It was scary but I feel that it was great decision. Have fun in New York :)

  • Anne

    Wow big double congratulations. What amazing news on all fronts and all the BEST for your 4 on your new endeavour!

    Anne x

    Here a little trip down memory lane xx

  • Camilla Ackley

    Amazing Charlotte! That sounds so insanely exciting and congratulations on your ‘mini’ day!
    Do come back and visit us Londonders occasionally ;)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Megan – StyleDepartment

    Wauw zoo cooooool!!! Gefeliciteerd! Ik had al zo’n vermoeden inderdaad door je Instagram feed, en was vooral benieuwd hoe je zó snel een bruiloft had gepland haha maar nu snap ik het ;)
    Ik kan niet wachten om al je verhalen uit NYC te lezen!

  • les wooster

    wow – that sounds amazing! – congrats from the bottom of my heart – exciting things happend and will happen – i wish you and your lovely family all the luck of the world – thanks for sharing your live with us
    xxx les wooster

  • Kim

    Wauw gefeliciteerd met jullie huwelijk en de verhuizing! Wat ik mij altijd heb afgevraagd: wat heeft jou naar Londen gebracht en nu dus naar nyc?
    Nyc daar wil iedereen wel naar toe! Super gaaf!!!

  • Danielle

    Wow, gefeliciteerd! Niet alleen getrouwd, maar ook verhuizen naar the Big Apple… ik hoop je snel te volgen ;)

  • Floor | www.jadepillar.com

    Congratulations! It is like a dream coming true. I wish you all the luck and can’t wait to read about your journey here on the blog!

  • Congratulations on your wedding and for your future in NYC, it’s fantastic! I’m so happy for you!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Dominique

    awh you lucky girl! I also want to move to NYC!! Hope that will happen once..



  • Honorata

    Congratulations!!!Wish you lots of love, happiness and adventures :)


  • Marle

    Ah that is wonderful news, congrats girl! I envy you (in the healthy way ;)), make your dreams come true :) I wish you all the best and look forward to your NYC posts!


  • Eva

    Ah wat een geweldig nieuws! Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie huwelijk! Wat mooi en lief geschreven. En verhuizen naar New York! Wat ontzettend gaaf. Heel vee plezier met alle voorbereidingen en jullie pre-witte broodsweken! xx


  • Laura

    Oh I did get that you were getting married at Morden!! I just didnt understand why so sudden! Now I get it!! New York you lucky girl!! Don’t worry you’re not the only one that has never been, I am going for the first time in 3 weeks!!

    All the best now that you’re Mrs!!


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  • Christine

    Wow, gefeliciteerd! (hele leuke foto ook!!!!!) Wat ontzettend spannend en leuk dat we het door je blog allemaal mee kunnen beleven! x

  • Congratulations! So many exciting chapters starting for you and your beautiful family!


  • moderosa

    Gefeliciteerd!! Je ziet er nu al super uit, laat staan straks in een witte jurk!<3 Geniet van alles! x

  • Claude

    oh this is amazing! Congratulations!! :)

    xx Claude//imaginetheswallows.blogspot.com

  • chucky1012

    Wow, that’s great and congratulations……
    Your dream come true

    Best wishes and have a wonderfull time Xoxo

  • aaaaaah gefeliciteerd Charlotte! Wat ontzettend leuk allemaal :) Geniet van de komende tijd.


  • Joyce IJpelaar
  • Dorothee

    Congrats Charlotte ! X

  • Congratulations of both of your amazing bits of news! Wishing you the most wonderful adventures in your new city (and can’t wait to read all about it)!

    P.S. that picture of the two of you is so heart-warmingly adorable!

    Briony xx

  • Wow, really cool!! Cograts! xo Hanneke

    Check out my personal style blog http://www.hannekeverstegen.com

  • huge congratulations, incredible news. I’m super jealous you’re making the move to NYC, its a dream of mine to live there. Can’t wait to see it all on the blog :)

    Mel x


  • Amazing story and future plans.
    I wish you a lot of love and success ! :)

  • Congrats Charlotte. The picture and love story gives me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Good luck with everything, looking forward to following you adventure <3

  • Kate

    That’s fantastic! Congratulations. Love how you said I do in a little red dress

  • How sweet is your photo! Congratulations with both your pre-wedding and the big move to NYC!



  • Andie

    Congratulations….this is the sweetest post (and picture) ever!!!! All the best for your new adventure as a family…. xo andie

  • Holly von Bock

    oh my!! I don’t know what to congratulate first, the marriage or NYC! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to live there….sadly for us that will never happen with schools etc – so I’m really looking forward to your NYC posts, lucky lady! xxxxx

  • Evangelie

    You know that you’ve made me cry… It was like hearing you with your sweet voice while opening your sincere heart on a sleepless Paris night.
    I wish you and your beautiful family all the goodness in the world. To be happy and healthy for the rest of your lives. May NY be a magical start…
    I love you.

    ps. Thomas you are our hero! Keep your girl up!

  • Soraya Bakhtiar

    congratulations my love. This was such a moving post. I loved your sincerity and I can feel your joy and excitement! It’s a new beginning for you and your family and I’m really happy for all of you! Keep room for me when I’ll come visit :) Miss you and hope to see you soon! xxx

  • Annette – Hot Happenings

    Congratulations Charlotte, on becoming a MRS. Best wishes for the future in NYC. Such a moving post. A new beginning, create some wonderful and blissful memories with your family (which I’m sure you will do) So happy for you!! NYC is always a good idea!! xx



  • Linda Meldrum

    Huge Congratulations Charlotte…. Loved reading this post and so excited for your new adventure. I have learnt over the years that life can throw some amazing things at you. I am a South African who lived in Europe for 14 years including Amsterdam for 4 years and now live in Australia with my Ozzie husband with 2 girls Roxy and Stella and another one of the way. Embrace the ride ahead and look forward to hearing about your new life on your blog.

  • Hi sweety !!!
    This is so cute. CONGRATULATIONS for everything. Really happy for you <3 <3 <3
    Bisou from Paris ;)

  • Wauw Charlotte, wat super leuk en spannend allemaal! Geniet ervan :)

    Jules x

  • http://polliani.com

    wow that is so so cool congrats

  • alice

    congrats for the mini wedding and the big move to NYC!!!! You are going to love it so much! I moved from Nyc to London and I can tell you NYC is the best place I lived so far!!!!
    lucky you!

  • Congratulations!!! These are such beautiful words <3

  • Congrats, you’re amazing in this red dress with these Valentino heels ! Of course we will follow you in your new life thanks to this blog. Have a nice week-end.

  • Ellen P-H

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting. Best of luck lovely xx


  • Lauravdlinde

    Whoaa I totally missed this post! Congatulations times 2!! Haa so cool!
    Happy for you and your family!
    XO Laua

  • What a beautiful picture – I’m sure you’ll treasure it forever! Best of luck on your next chapter – can’t wait to tag along on your New York adventure! Olivia x