Abercrombie FIERCE

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and although I’m not a huge fan of these kind of commercialised events, I do love the idea of gifting Thomas something desirable, yet a little beneficial for myself! So I made a wishlist for the both of us, which includes gifts for him, which I can borrow, and a few pieces of my own dreams…

Do you want me to start with his or mine? Okay well, if I could pick three things at the moment for myself, it would be a Valentino clutch in Spring yellow, the most beautiful Ana Khouri ring, and this book with love poems. However, if I have to select a few pieces for Thomas, keeping myself in mind – and that is not meant as being selfish, I just love to borrow his stuff – it would be: Abercrombie & Fitch FIERCE, their signature scent; sporty, masculine, and bold. And other than that, what gives a better feeling than wearing your man’s t-shirts, exactly NOTHING, so there’s also a little something in it for me if I give him this Saturday Surf NYC long sleeve. Or perhaps this Etro scarf, totally on-trend for him and myself! And let’s not forget about sunglasses… He is stealing mine sometimes too, so no harm if I would get us this Illesteva. Happy Valentine’s day!

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