Drum… Drum… Drum… Finally it’s live: My collaboration with Isabella Oliver! It’s all been very surreal, a lot of hard work, and mega patience before finally being allowed to tell more, although I have secretly shared a little bit already (remember ‘Another personal favourite‘, ‘Maxi-dressing it is‘, and ‘The shirt dress‘?), but the moment is finally here that I can brag about this huge project I’ve been working on the last couple of months…

A while ago maternity brand Isabella Oliver came to me and suggested a collaboration. Me, as not a huge fan of maternity brands in general, wasn’t sure if taking this path was the right thing to do. However, when I met with the ladies behind the brand, learned about their vision, and saw the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, I was quickly convinced we could do cool things together. Not long after we kicked-off the project with 10 photo shoots (all done by me and Thomas), and the making of an amazing video with the Isabella Oliver creative team: The Fashion Guitar’s Week of Chic with Isabella Oliver. This video basically shows 7 days with me, in 7 different looks, on 7 different “moments” of the day. For example, you see me having breakfast with little James, or having a work meeting.

What I personally liked most about this project, was my freedom in combining Isabella Oliver’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection with my own wardrobe. I didn’t want to be a walking advertisement for maternity fashion, since I am not a huge fan of maternity styling – and then I mean the main image you get when you think about maternity fashion, there are luckily exceptions like Isabella Oliver. So I can assure you, everything you see me wearing, in the video as well as in the 10 different looks, is 100% me.

I really hope you like the video and the looks, and that I’ve inspired everyone a little bit for when they are pregnant, now or in the future!



  • Girls Just Wanna Have

    I totally agree with you, maternity brands are usually very boring and old fashioned, but I found Isabella Oliver very fresh and exactly what we need. Congrats on the colab! I love to see real moms like me ;)


      Thanks for your lovely comment! XO

  • Anna Lou

    Such a great collaboration – you’ve definitely turned any frumpy associations of maternity wear on their head. If I ever need any maternity inspiration in the future I know where to look! :)

    Anna Lou X


      That is such a big compliment. Exactly what my goal was for this collab ;) XO

  • Wow! First, such a hot mama you’re! Je mag hier echt trots zijn, je straalt helemaal van het beeld af. Verder is ‘t echt tof om te zien hoe je alles hebt gestyled. Great job! En natuurlijk is je kleine James the cutest! :)

    With love,

    n e w b l o g |


      Thanks Joyce!! XO

  • Luba

    Massive congratulations ! You are doing such an amazing job !


    Leather, mesh and trendy
    colorpalette in my look, today on


      Thanks Luba! XO

  • twofortheshowblog

    Really lovely video and cool styling!



  • It’s a great video and collaboration Charlotte, congratulations! All seven looks are fabulous, modern and chic and certainly not branded “Maternity”. You did a great job! And I really loved the shirt dress and maxi-shirt which can be worn without a bun in the oven ;)

    Mafalda ❤


      So good to hear, thanks!

  • Estefania

    great video


      Thank you!!

  • Estefania


  • Dorothee

    The video is great ! I think it’s nice you went down this path and showing how to style maternity clothes I would have thought the same ad you as not a big fan of maternity clothings but seriously the items you presented are pretty cool and easy to wear ! Nice job on the collab ;)

  • Honorata

    Cool video, seems to be really 100 % you:)


      Yes, it is, trust me ;) XO

  • theROOM

    Not like… love. You look adorable, and it´s so nice to see you moving! :D
    A big hug.


      Ah sweet, thanks!

  • CT

    You seem like a really nice person and mother :)


      I AM a really nice person ;) and mom too haha XO

  • Tamara

    You look amazig! I love it!!


      Thanks so much Tamara!

  • Leuk filmpje, je ziet er ‘elke dag’ mooi uit!


      Dank je wel Mireille! XO

  • Christine

    You look adorable, heel mooi filmpje! Love how it seems like a “trip to the florist” is all you do on one day ;) X


      Dat is ook wat ik eigenlijk het enige wat ik ZOU moeten doen… maar ik kan niet zo goed stil zitten haha. Love you new site!! XO

  • Linsey Sijmons

    Wat leuk!!!




      Thanks babe!

  • What a fantastic & natural video, you must be so pleased with the result. You can always tell a god maternity brand ie when the clothes don’t actually look like maternity clothes. Love the coat with the zip up the back you are wearing in Day 7.

    I’m so pleased for you Charlotte that you got to realise this project.

    Have a fab Tuesday xoxo


      Yeah that is such a cool coat, and the good thing, about almost all their maternity clothes, you can kind of wear it afterwards too. The zip comes in handy when you are ‘big with a bump’ but afterwards it’s simply a nice detail on a nice coat ;) XO

  • Prachtige video Charlotte! Wees er maar trots op! x



  • Ellen

    I usually don’t comment (I don’t know why, but I just… don’t) on blog posts, just read them, but this is such a lovely video I had to say something. You seem like a wonderful mom. Succes met de laatste loodjes (dat vertaalt niet echt ;))!


      Laatste loodjes ja… pff ik ben er nu wel klaar me, en klaar voor. Ben blij dat het goed in de smaak is gevallen bij mijn lezers. Lief dat je dit via een comment hebt laten weten! XO

  • What a nice video! You really did a good job on the styling, love it! Looks like you’re doing a great job being a mom too, james looks so cute and happy! Good luck in the final stages of your pregnancy and enjoy the days with your little family :)

    Best wishes xx


      Thanks so much sweetie!

  • Olga den Boer

    Amazing video, was very nice to see you like this.


      Yeah, I am quite a normal mom ;) XO

  • Mar Escolies

    Super natural video! This collaboration shows your great sensibility towards the fashion world. You really know how to adapt fashion to different circumstances and that’s very inspiring. It’s a wonderful job, congratulations!


      I am so happy to hear this, as this is exactly what was my goal!

  • wat een super leuk filmpje!



  • fashionruelle

    You look so cute! Yesterday I discovered your blog and I love it!



      Thanks and I am happy you found my blog! Hope to inspire you a lot more (not pregnant) in the future! XO


    I am very proud of the result. Thanks XO


    It made me realise, working with this brand, that you just have to know where to find the good things. With them for example. I am much more positive towards maternity fashion now. Funny isn’t it! X

  • Echt een leuke video! alle outfits zijn inderdaad heel erg “jij” en je kan ook zien dat de kleding je (zwangere) figuur heel erg goed past. het ziet er trouwens gezellig uit bij jullie thuis



  • Really well shot video! Its interesting to get a sneak peek into your life; I’ve been following your blog for quite a while and I really get inspired by your style x

  • Pepijn

    Cool book ;)

  • Diah

    Wauw Charlotte: wat leuk om te zien! Geeft mij weer inspiratie voor als ik voor zwangerschap nummer twee ga en ja ik herken het helemaal wat je bedoelt met maternity fashion: ook ik heb tijdens mijn zwangerschap zo lang mogelijk mijn eigen kleding gedragen en gecombineerd met de wat praktische (vooral niet te strakke) broeken, rokken en schoenen. Vind je blog erg leuk om te lezen en hoewel ik weinig comments geef (gewoon zonder specifieke reden eigenlijk) vond ik het nu wel leuk om je te laten weten dat ik je style erg inspirerend vind! Keep on going en je gezinnetje is prachtig. Succes met de laatste loodjes,


  • Sarah

    Helo Charlotte I love your video. Could you please tell me where did you get the tray for tripp trapp high chair used in video. Xoxo

  • Xenia Alonso

    love it, congratulations