‘Meeting’ Bad Gal Riri is something to die for, as a true Riri fan would cry. And by ‘meeting’ I mean waiting for Miss Riri to show up whenever she thinks is a good time – duh she’s Riri – rush up the escalator away from dying fans…

and decide to come down two hours later for a ‘chill-session’ surrounded by models and champagne. I know, this sounds quite off-putting, but it were my actual first thoughts while standing there, squeezed in-between press and real fans, at last night’s private event at the River Island store on Oxford Street, where Rihanna’s new collection for River Island was presented.

A handful of people had the chance to attend the event, so I won’t be disgraceful to the hand who fed me, but it was such a bizarre evening that I still can’t decide if I liked it or not – and then I am not talking about the lovely company of Dutch press who I was with. It was just that by seeing Rihanna, I also got to see her hysterical fans, the sweating and unfriendly security, and the changing atmosphere when it all took longer than expected, which made me think about what an out of the ordinary life she must have – duh… Imagine if this was your life, like seriously, would you call it a life? Life as you know it, would be totally impossible. Grab a quick coffee next door without security around you? Not possible. A moment of piece when going for a walk? Never. Will you ‘go for a walk’ anyway when you are Rihanna? How does that work? Anyway, my thoughts were spinning, trying to think how it would be… I don’t know. Can I judge? Can I say if I would like it or not? Not really I guess, because I have never been ‘on the other side’. Yet I have the feeling I won’t be able to cope with it… One surely must, other than that huge talent which  actually made you rich and famous, have some kind of talent to be able to handle this all. I believe no media training, nor simply the ‘experience’ will ever get you used to it…

Anyway, back to Rihanna’s new collection for River Island: G4life aka Gangstah 4 life; Her life-motto, her image, her style. I must say that even though this gangster-style isn’t really up my street, I quite liked the collection. I love the idea of a baseball sweater as a dress, big camo beanies, and the chunky chain-necklaces. It’s obviously very much depending on the way it’s styled – all the way G4life would be a bit too much for me – but I am sure there are girls out there who are able to totally rock an all-Riri-look. One thing I really didn’t like, and I never ever expected their return, were the ‘Timberland-heels’. Remember those? Well, I do, and I have never understood these shoes, and those who wore them… but then again, who am I to judge? So I won’t any further. I will leave it up to you to decide what you think about Rihanna’s collection. Though I am really interested in your opinion… Share!




  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Het lijkt me inderdaad echt heel bizar om haar te ontmoeten (wel heel gaaf natuurlijk!)

    En ik vind de collectie heel gaaf, all the way G4L is ook niet echt mijn smaak maar er zitten items tussen die ik zeker zou dragen.


  • I’m No Supermodel

    I didn’t think it was that ‘original’. To be honest, when I looked at the collection, I thought it was the latest H&M Divided collection. =)


      I get your thoughts… quite agree

    • kathrin

      i agree also!

  • Luba

    Interesting thoughts. Is she really happy ?


    Featuring trendy colors
    and prints in my look today



      I don’t know… That’s what I kept asking myself last night as well… She look beautiful anyway :)

  • Dorothee

    I had a quick look at the site and personally I am not a big fan of what I saw but I can think of a couple of items that I will be able to style my way but the heels oh no, no not my cup if tea either …
    I can’t believe you went to this event with the crazy fans and how hilarious it would have been to see it ! Good in you for coming back in one piece !

  • Banké

    Most of the pieces are not up my alley either. I think its more directional towards a younger audience but obviously, every one has different styles, like you said some people can pull it off whilst some would look like they are trying too hard.

    Good on her though, and to RI for the collaboration.


      Yes, surely targeted to a younger audience… let’s see how much we see it around us!

  • Q

    Glad you got a taste of it… it can be mayhem…. I think this collection is better than her debut collection…..I have worked with her in the past and from what I saw from her and her team… she is very happy… she enjoys life and lives it too the fullest…….. I am neither ‘fan’ or ‘foe’…. just sharing what I saw and experienced.x


  • Holly von Bock

    I’m SUCH a Rihanna fan (yes I don’t agree with most of her life choices but I enjoy her for entertainment value) – that must have been a real eye opener for you! I admire her style, sometimes, but in regards to her fashion line, it’s so over styled & over embellished it just really isnt my cup-of-tea. But I still love her! xxxx

  • badgal … remember her when she started … beautiful woman now she needs sooo much attention :( i always dont understand her hairstyle changes the most … but still – its her life only and from some reason i still cant stop loving her !


  • Lotte

    You wrote some inspiring things in this post :) love it…

  • leMarija

    I’m not the biggest Rihanna fan but I loooove her style! And I loveee all of it except the TImberland heel,really? Why is this trend back? However,I own a pair of TImbs and adore them but the heeled version is not just my cup of tea!

  • Oeeh wat gaaf! Ik vind haar liedjes leuk en haar style is ook geweldig!

  • A really thought provoking post Charlotte. I definitely wouldn’t want fame – just the money hehe!!

    Personally the range is not for me as a whole, but I could swag the beanie!

    Happy Wednesday Charlotte xoxo


  • Rihanna’s style doesn’t really gel with mine, but I do think that individual pieces from her collection can work in my wardrobe, just not together and creating that whole ‘hardcore gangster rocker chic’ vibe that I don’t really like….and of course we would never understand what it is like to be in her shoes….but I guess with fame you need to take the whole package (the fame and fortune + the no privacy)


  • I ahev to agree, Rihanna has become quite a diva…

  • Not my cup of tea to be honest, I find her beyond beautiful and talented, but I don’t like her style, she’s borderline vulgar (sorry to sound so harsh)!

    Mafalda ❤

  • moustachic

    i loved one of the skirt/shirt of her last collection, cant wait to see more of this xx


  • I love the first photo!

  • Well there not quite my kinda clothing that I would buy, but I can always get seduced to take a quick look at it while I’m shopping for something, anything, everything for my winter warderobe.

  • kathrin

    the whole thing about rihanna is annoying.