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Last week I showed you my new headphones, and despite some negative comments about the fact I wrote an advertorial about it (I am sure most of you understand that is simply part of my job too) I would like to offer you the chance to win a pair! This edgy army green Philips Citiscape headphones can become yours when you (I give one pair away).. Sorry this giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced shortly!



  • Ellen

    Oehhhh ja graag!!! Ik volgde je al :)

  • Awesome giveaway!

  • Sarah

    I’m already following you on bloglovin. :) I’m sure most people would understand you doing advertorials as it’s simply a part of being a blogger, in my opinion. So, don’t worry about the negative comments, I’d say :)
    thanks for the chance to win these cool headphones!

  • Celeste

    Ahh you made these sound like the perfect headphones! I don’t own any so this would be fantastic X

  • Milica

    I have never use d headphones…. Milica K

  • Awesome, I’m in!

    Mafalda ❤

  • ritadaruka

    Thanks! Super!

  • Anett Pósafalvi

    I would really like to winnnnn! Love your blog :) :3

  • Whaa ja ik doe mee! Ik volgde je al :)

  • already following you. now fingers crossed! =)

  • I’ve followed you on Bloglovin’ and would love to win, I’ve never won anything before :( I love your blog by the way.

  • Cathi

    Owww that’s a great give-away! Would be absolutely happy if I could win them! :)
    Love your style and follow you on Insta, Facebook and bloglovin!

  • Shirin Khademi

    Fun! I would like to win :)

  • Eleni

    Cool giveaway!I have been looking for a cool pair of headphones!!!
    Choose meeee!!!

  • Nika Chic

    I need new ones!.)

  • Anne

    Super! Ik volgde je al via Bloglovin, en maak graag een kansje :)

  • I’m following you on bloglovin :) Thank you for this giveaway.

  • Magali

    Jeeeeeeej! I was totally in love with them when I saw your article! Perfect give away! :) *Fingers crossed*

  • Maria

    Nice, those are so cool!!! <3 love youre blog <3

  • Szappanbubi

    Absolutely your bloglovin follower (Szappanbubi) and I love to have new headphones as the old ones are dead for years now… :)

  • Can’t belive you got some negative comments. I don’t think you would write a raving review anout a bad product. Would love to have these headphones. I already follow you on bloglovin for a long time.

    xx Mira

  • Jolien

    Ouh SUPER LEUK! Ik had zelfs al eens gekeken op de philipssite! Ik volgde je al op Bloglovin en misschien is dit mijn kans om eens iets leuks te winnen!

  • Natalie

    Started following your blog a few days ago as I loved your Instagram posts! And now you’re doing a giveaway! Amazing

  • Celine

    Leuk, ik doe heel graag mee! Ik volgde je al op bloglovin.

  • Arlette

    Leuk, ik doe graag mee!

  • Manush

    what a great giveaway; would be so cool to win them! ;-)

  • Manon B


    thank you for the giveaway !


  • Наталья Воробьева

    I love this headphones!


    Awesome giveaway! Would love the chance to win!

  • Gabi

    Pick me please, I’d listen to this on them ALL day long :) x

  • Evy

    I would love these headphones as have recently started going to the gym and being more active! Love your blog, check it daily on bloglovin!

  • Louise

    My friend jas a pair of these I am always stealing so would be amazing to have my own pair!! x

  • Kirsten

    Hee Charlotte ! Wat een gave giveaway :D
    Love, Kirsten

  • Roxane – Le Canard des Lapines

    Oh thank you so much for the giveway :)


  • Ilona


  • Chantal En Charlize

    HAPPY SOUNDS………with the Philips Giveaway……….! Want it, big like!

  • Esther

    Signed up on bloglovin’ for this! Hope I can listen to my many cd’s with this gorgeous baby!

  • Justine

    These headphones would bring listening to music another level! Fashion and music combined sounds like heaven!

  • Maelle

    Thank you very much for the giveway ! They look perfect =)

  • Mer

    I didn’t criticize the fact that you were writing an advertorial, I was criticising the fact that you didn’t mention it upfront. You posted it inside the advertorial category, that’s true and I didn’t know it because that’s only visible if you click in that part of the menu. The same exact day, some other blogs wrote the same post but they stated it was an advertorial, so that is why I said it.

    Of course I know that a part of bloggers’ job is to advertise products and I am completely ok with that. Sorry if my comment sounded like a discontent one. I read your blog and I just wanted to give you my personal opinion about a thing that I believed could be improved. But it’s your blog and you decide what to write.

  • Ruta Vebraite Zalage


  • Eugenia Ragusa

    I think yours blog is for strong women with a great taste of fashion(i love your Zara coat and,of course balenciaga boots

  • Christa

    Wow, I totally loved the earphones on you but having the chance to win a pair myself would be even better! I’d love to give it a shot! :) Keep up the good work!

  • maaike


  • Karina

    They’re awesome, I’m in :)
    following as swordlily

  • Janina

    Love your classy and simple style :) and I LOVE the headphones

  • Daphne Bakker

    Kijk, dit zijn de leuke winacties! Ik doe graag mee :) Wie weet zit ik straks lekker in mn eigen bubbel met mn favoriete muziek. Dat maakt reizen toch een stuk leuker!

  • binita gurung

    I instantly fell in love with your everday casual style ever since I saw you on instagram. This giveaway is perfect as I listen to music all the time on my train journey to university.

  • MattyLaLa

    I found you on instagram and love following you. you have amazing style.

  • Linde

    Ja die wil ik heeeeeel graag winnen. Dan kan ik eindelijk naar fijne muziek luisteren tijdens het werken in plaats van herrie van verschillende machines.

  • Elena Kristina

    Love the headphones and your blog!

  • MandySharon

    I love your blog and style! And THE headphones are amazing!

  • Simone

    I’m not kidding when I say my cat chewed on every cable of every headphone I own (it’s some kind of weird obsession for him). So now I’m in desperate need of a new headphone and that Citiscape is just really, really cool :). http:/

  • Lulu

    Love them! I’m in)
    Bloglovin: Greeklulu

  • Pamela

    I loved your Frends headphones post but I especially love the color green of these ones.

  • Gise

    Als je rond wil komen als blogger moet je af en toe wel eens een advertorial schrijven. So be it and I love it.

  • Mary Lynn Buchanan

    I could definitely use a quality pair of headphones!

  • Natalie

    Love these headphones and it sounds like they’d be the perfect for for me – I have a small head too! Fingers crossed…

  • Josemiek

    I would love that one :)!

  • Flora

    Cool, vind ze echt super! Doe dus zeer graag mee en volgde je al op Bloglovin’ :)

  • Julie Van Calster

    “I love headphones because once you’ve put them on life keeps going, it’s everything but me and my favourite music!”
    Ik zou deze heel goed kunnen gebruiken! Zo zou mijn dag én outfit meteen geslaagd zijn als ik op de Meir met deze hoofdtelefoon naar school loop. Instant happiness! Hopelijk kan ik die saaie mp3-oortjes meteen opbergen!

  • Josephine

    Not a biggy at all! Volgde je al lange tijd op Bloglovin’! Ik vind je Blog echt super, heel Inspirational, en ik vind wat je schrijft juist altijd leuk! En leuk deze win actie ;)

  • Paula Paniagua

    I love them! :)

  • Casinsa

    Thanks for the giveaway!! I am on the search of the perfect headphones, Sony ones could be the ones.

  • Ella-Nola

    Wow, de koptelefoon lijkt me erg gaaf! Nu hopen dat ik ze krijg ;)

  • DavideLombardo

    Let’s see how these sounds :)

  • Linnea

    I would love to show off these babies around town!

  • Sofia Coelho
  • María

    Love It so much

  • Victoria


  • SalaraSays

    Love the colour of these headphones and I have the small head issue with headphones too lol

  • Annet

    Ik doe heel graag mee! Ben een grote muziekfan en zo’n koptelefoon lijkt me heel fijn!

  • Kirsten Jordan

    Toen ik vorige week las over je kleine hoofd en koptelefoons die je hele hoofd in beslag nemen, leek dit al de perfecte versie voor mij! Altijd moeilijk om de juiste te vinden en het moet inderdaad niet meer worden dan een accessoire. Het lijkt me dus een hele fijne prijs om te winnen :)

  • Maria Batsiou

    Cool headphones! My head is tiny as well!
    Greetings from Greece

  • Lovisa Lindgren

    Already following you!
    Crossing my fingers xx

  • Patricia

    Already done! – Patricia

  • Eva

    Yay was looking for a nice pair but can afford none. Lovely giveaway!

  • Sifra

    Ik volg je al langere tijd op Bloglovin’ ! Je hebt een inspirerend blog en ik zou graag aan de winactie mee willen doen..


  • Gil katz

    Love them! Xo

  • Op Bloglovin’ volg ik je natuurlijk al lang, dus bij deze: ik doe mee! :)


  • fashcollections

    Already following on bloglovin. Would love to win them!

  • Jet

    Volg je ook al op Bloglovin’. :-)

  • Thank you for this giveaway! And I think its perfectly alright when bloggers promote/advertise for brands, I mean as long as the blogger is passionate about what she is writing and not just selling something with no meaning, its fine! Besides, we all have to find ways to earn our keep right?

  • Eva

    Followed and like to join; they look fabulous :D

  • Carolina.Franceschin12

    Here I am…again:) even this time I hope to win this giveaway! But I don’t think so. Thank you!
    XO Carolina

  • Bettina

    oh yeah, could really use ist! already following you via bloglovin (wonderbobo).

  • Laura

    De oortjes van mijn ipod hebben zijn beste tijd wel gehad dus ze zouden zeker goed van pas komen! Ik volgde je al via Bloglovin :)

  • Katrina Bay

    I’m in :)

    Katrina Bay

  • Ik volg je al! En ik vind het niet meer dan normaal dat je af en toe een advertorial schrijft, zolang het maar een product is waar je oprecht achter staat en dat lijkt tocht het geval te zijn… Niets van aantrekken dus! Ik heb trouwens ook een probleem met koptelefoons die voortdurend afvallen wegens een smal hoofd, dus ik hoop dat deze perfect is voor mij!

  • Nadine

    Ja! Voor in het vliegtuig volgende week (8 uur)!

  • Emilie

    Cool headphones – I’d love to win a pair!

  • Michele

    Volg je al een tijdje, keep up the good work! En ah, ze zijn zo mooi en nu zijn toch wel net niet vandaag mijn oortjes kapot gegaan ;)

  • Jelena

    great giveaway!!!

  • chucky1012

    ♥Lovely giveaway because I’ve got a mp4 player and the earplugs from this are the most cheapest onces wich are already spoiled! So I may need a pretty and bigger design headphone such as pretty as this one what people can win here!

    I’ll enter this great competition and do everything whatever I need to do…..

    Bl: chucky1012


  • Irina
  • Debora

    Great giveaway and stunning headphones :D Enter me please!
    Debora Ferri

  • Darcy

    Already follow you! Obsessed with these headphones, loving your taste. Fingers crossed

  • Laure

    Love the green colour of these headphones!

  • Tammi Velez

    Don’t let those negative comments bother you. I’m following you on bloglovin’ as tammigirl

  • Noo

    I’d love to win :) P.s. I think that nothing is wrong with advertising on the blog, it’s a very normal and everyday thing nowadays.

  • Ivvy

    Can I win this time? :P

  • Margarita

    These are awesome! I really wanna win once! :)

  • emma

    found you originally on Instagram love looking at your posts, these headphones would top a lovely summer, thank you for giving us all a chance to win !!

  • Izzy Ashton

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! I think you’re looking so fab. Good luck with your baby!xx

  • I love the colour of those headphones. Crossing my fingers to win!

  • Raynielle Collins

    love the giveaway!!!

  • Pretty slick headphones.

  • Kirstin

    Mooi zijn ze!
    Doe ook graag mee…volg je al.

  • Done! Vind ze echt geweldig gaaf!

  • ashley k

    I followed! Those look awesome!

  • Ana

    Thank you for the giveaway! I´m already a follower. You are stylish both when you´re pregnant and when you´re not.

  • I would love these! Thank you for the chance! Following you on bloglovin’!
    Spunky Real Deals
    hef117@gmail.(dot) com

  • Lotte

    I volg je met Bloglovin!
    Fingers crossed :-) In tijden van examens leef ik nu eenmaal op hoop! :D

  • Karlijn

    Would love to dance around with these headphones!


  • Jenna-Mae Bilmer

    Thank you for putting out a giveaway like this. I hope I win as I’ve been on the hunt for new headphones for months! My Apple earbuds just aren’t cutting it, and my old Dre Beats were too massive for my head. Crossing my fingers!

  • Anita H.

    Ik maak graag kans!

  • CindyAiton

    Thank you for offering such a great giveaway! Unfortunately I am unable to use earbuds because my ears are so small. I know, I’m a freak of nature. ;)

    Cindy Aiton

  • Yes, I saw all the negative comments, what a shame, life’s too short! The headphones are fab & I would love to win them. I’m probably one of the only people on the planet that still use those uncomfortable inner ear buds that come free with your iPhone…i live in hope!!
    I already follow you on Bloglovin (& instagram)
    Happy Thursday Charlotte xoxo

  • Jen

    I’m in !
    thanks !

  • Radmila

    hi i am your follower!
    Have a great day!

  • Lemarija

    These would come great for my freshman year of college!

  • Louise Elisabeth

    Wauw gaaf! Ik volg je al zo lang op bloglovin dat t absoluut geen opgave is om mee te doen! Leuke actie :)

  • Naomi Trumm

    I woud love these headphones!

  • Amanda CCara

    Awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance! My small head will love these ;)

  • Jodie

    I’d love to try out some big headphones!

  • Elisabeth

    I would love to win these beauties!

  • Tine

    Love to try these ones out!

  • Marta

    I already follow you, love ‘m!

  • Martine

    Wauw, deze vind ik echt heel gaaf! Zou ze graaag winnen!

  • Maya

    love the giveaway!

  • Hester

    I love the headphones and I love the giveaway! Boo to the negative comments.

  • Tea R.
  • Flavia Keller

    great giveaway, I’d love to win those! :-)

  • Olivia


    Love your blog, love (need?) these headphones!! You look amazing :)



  • Catita

    follower that would love these!

  • Sherelle

    Done! Save me van mijn iPhone oordopjes!

  • Laura Gil

    I’ve been a follower for years now. So yeh. No biggy at all!
    And I totally understand. Blogging is fun and interesting, and lets one share and learn a lot. But you gotta earn your living somehow, am I right?
    Hope everything is going well with the little ones!


      You totally get it! XO

  • cassolie
  • pauline

    I’m going to Australia, so these headphones would make my 36 hour flight more pleasent :)
    As long as you share your own and honest opinion, I say; Keep on sharing!
    x pln!

  • They are really cool!!

  • Jaaaaa coun’t me in! Wat stom dat je zoveel negatieve reacties hebt gekregen, zeg! Ik vind dat je een leuk stuk hebt geschreven en zie je de headphones ook echt dragen. Net zoals mezelf, haha ;)

    Nu lekker duimen!



    Personal Style Blog

  • A.

    Vette winactie! Mijn headphones zijn echt al maanden stuk en heb er nog steeds geen nieuwe, dus ik waag een kans!

  • Following for a while :)

  • Gab

    I’ve been following you for quite some time now and loving every post!
    Leave the negative vibes where they belong,with the person who writes them! ;-)
    Would def loooooove to win those beauties so I can relax, put on my fave music, shut out all the noise (read:my two kids) and read your blog! :-)
    Lots of succes with the blog and your little one on the way!

  • Lotte Bakker

    Jaaa i’m in. Fingers crossed! :)

  • Carolina.Franceschin12

    Thank you! Hope to win them!

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Aah, zo jammer dat ik te laat ben! :(

    Ik kan echt wel een goed paar headphones gebruiken nu ik naar de universiteit ga.

    Lekker muziek luisteren in de trein :)

  • Thanks for the nice information