The fashion guitar

Okay, so let me tell you what happened this weekend, because it all seemed fun and play (if you’ve seen my Instagram pictures) but in reality I had to get over some horror first before actually landing on soft Wilderness Festival grounds…

Wellies (the rubber rain boots standing next to me in the picture) are not only a fashion-statement on this side of the pond, but also a necessity once you get anywhere outside London its urban territory (or even sometimes when you just stay in London, during fall for example). So when I hear “festival in the British countryside”, I hear “wellies”, and to be completely honest with you, I am always happy to have a reason to wear wellies. I just love the look they create once you put them on with your fashionable-festival-look. There is just something about them, right?

So last Saturday morning, when I was about to show my mom my full Wilderness-day-1-look including my wellies, I pulled my right wellie on, and after that the left-fucking-hell-what’s-in-my-wellie?%$£&^&^£!@

Seriously, I have never taken off a shoe SO quick! As something SO sharp and pointy cut right into my toe, I threw away the wellie, and in one second literally the whole floor was covered in blood (I am not exaggerating). First thing my mom said “was it a spider?”, well if there are spiders in the UK doing what just happened, I am moving immediately! No it definitely wasn’t a spider, but I couldn’t figure what the hell it could be because they were brand new, never worn, tags still on. So after convincing myself I shouldn’t faint (I can deal with blood, just not my own), and my mom for not passing out because her daughter was bleeding badly (she can handle blood she says, but not of her children), I convinced her a second time to check what the hell was hiding in my wellie!!!

Here it comes… A piece of glass, about 15 cm long and 4 cm wide! Seriously? YES! Now I was thinking the exact same thing as what you are probably thinking right now “how in the world did that piece of glass ended up in that wellie?”. Well I don’t really know, I only know that I got them as a gift from a very lovely, not a putting-glass-in-someone-shoe type of girl. She simply had two pairs of the same wellies, and thought she could make me happy with one pair. Which she absolutely did, but obviously the hidden second “gift” wasn’t as successful…

Anyway, all the above happened when Thomas and James were out to get breakfast (luckily, as this whole event might have been quite traumatic for James), so when they got home they found me hanging on the couch wrapped with 1000 plasters. Hence, question became if I was able to get to, and enjoy two days of Wilderness Festival… But you all know the answer on that one: I went. And so I went through some pain to be with my friends, and have an amazing time. Which I truly had! Downside though is that I am currently not really able to wear closed shoes (and I am not willing to wear wellies all day), so flip-flops and bare feet will have to do for today’s look. Quite freeing I must say!

Shirt H&M Trend (similar here and here), jeans Paige Denim, bracelet Hermes, wellies Le Chameau.



  • Laura v.d. Linde

    Ouch!!!! Goodness that must’ve been scary and painfull. Glad it wasn’t a spider tho.. Awesome you went to the festival after all :-D
    Beautiful photo! XO

  • Ellynn Piekarski

    You look so pretty. Fresh skin and simple look, and that amazing hair ;)


  • Camille

    beautiful pic

  • Prachtige foto!!

  • Pour you! Hopefully your feet will feel better soon so you can wear your beautiful shoes again :) x

  • Aaaah.. I hope you get better and you had fun at the festival!

  • Oh no I hope you’re all right! So traumatic, my goodness.

  • kathrin

    charlotte, you’re just the coolest in town!

  • Chantal En Charlize

    Wat heerlijk om dit verhaal te delen, naast een natural beauty kun je ook heel mooi vertellen, hebben maar weinig, ik kan het helaas niet, dus pluim voor jou! ^&%^dat er glas in je boot zat, verschrikkelijk…..bedankt voor deze picture..ik houd me aanbevolen om ook eens bij jou, door jou foto’s te laten maken, fijne dag!

  • awwh horror story! Gelukkig is alles toch goed gekomen, vanaf nu check ik telkens mijn schoenen voor ik ze aantrek!

  • Valerie

    Ouch!!! I can’t believe glass somehow managed to get into your boots! Goodness, I’ll make sure to check mine beforehand next time!

    Hope your foot gets better soon xx

  • Chic Trends

    Wow, that must have hurt so badly! Hope you’re doing better now.

  • Gosh Charlotte, that was so well described I can feel the pain on my own foot!. What a nasty surprise!. Hope you recover well and soon!.

  • Q

    oh dear….. I had a similar but not so ‘bloody’ incident with some biker boots that had been in the garage for a couple weeks………….. my ‘glass’ was your mom’s ‘spider’…. didnt bite but boy did it scare the mess outta me!……… the upside is…. flip flops also add a little ‘something’ to an outfit…. hope your feel better soon doll.x

  • Eva

    O mijn god, dat moet echt zo pijnlijk zijn! Fijn dat het festival leuk was, maar wel een beetje jammer van je voeten…xx

  • Oh my god, this is so terrible!!! I hope your foot is OK now!
    On a funnier note, I got my car windscreen totally smashed to smithereens by… a litte pine cone! The bugger fell off from a very high tree and hit my car when I was driving it, weighing probably a lot more than its actual weigh. I was so terrified, but relieved my 4-year old daughters weren’t in the car!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Simone

    Ouch! That sounds painful…hope you’re well. Thinking about investing in a pair of Wellies too, you know how the weather is in Holland, so they might come in handy :).

  • Oh gosh I hope you’re alright! Not a surprise you usually get when trying on new shoes. Hope your foot is healing x

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Auch! Wat een drama zeg!

    Heb je de snee wel goed ontsmet ook? Je weet nooit waar dat stuk glas vandaan kwam :s

    En wel fijn dat je ondanks de pijn toch nog een fijn festival hebt gehad :)

    Sterkte in ieder geval nog met je voet!


  • twofortheshowblog

    These photos of you are really gorgeous!

  • Dorothee

    Ouch ouch ! Not a very pleasant way to start a festival good one you for keeping motivated and going to the festival ! X D

  • Oooh that sounds nasty. I probably wouldn’t have been quite so brave with the blood!! Enjoyed your festival instagrams btw.

    Happy Wednesday Charlotte xoxo