The fashion guitar

The fashion guitar

The fashion guitar

Photos by Shini Park

After a heat wave as we’ve experienced over the few past weeks, it was inevitable that we were going to experience rain. Heavy rain. Tropical rain! And we did. Yesterday, just when Sabrina and I were about to head out to shoot for the Jimmy Choo , it started to rain badly. So intense that we saw our day getting completely soaked. Yet, after a good 30 minutes the rain stopped and the sun came back. So we got on her scooter and crossed Amsterdam 7 times, for 7 different looks, on 7 different locations. Amongst some of the challenges there was the issue of hopping on a scooter while wearing a mini-skirt, plus we were in fact shooting the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, so I had to wear Autumn/Winter clothes, in 30 degrees celsius, with my pregnant state of body (read: constant heat flashes ALL THE TIME). So yeah, at some point I was  so thankful of hopping on that scooter, and not only because I could see almost all the good parts of my beloved Amsterdam, or because we could get everywhere within 10 minutes, but simply because it was the only and best way of experiencing some fresh and cool air… Blissful!

Anyway, today I am spending a day in, at my mother’s place. And while James is taking his afternoon nap, I am slowly getting back on track with emails, and other work related stuff… From the bed, with a cup of tea, and a bowl of delightful summer fruits. Let it rain!

Sweater/dress by DAY Birger et Mikkelsen