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I am sure you are (almost) all (still) big fans of mirrored sunglasses, so I teamed up with the iconic brand Westward Leaning  (THE brand for mirrored sunglasses) and as a result I am hosting a giveaway for you!

If you want to win one of the two pairs of sunglasses I give away, you simply have to do the following:

This giveaway is now closed! The winner is announced on my Facebook page or has received an email

Good luck…



  • joao

    My favourite are N°10.2. \ Wintermute

  • LisaBachir

    Thanks for the giveaway Charlotte!

    Well, I couldn’t agree more with you and my favourite are the

    N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase !

    xxx, Lisa

  • Samantha Tedesco

    Great giveaway!

    My favourite are N°1.2. \ Children of California

    thank you!

  • Ana Meirinho Afonso

    N°1.2. \ Children of California

  • Joanna

    No 1.2. Children of California – are my favs

  • Alexandra

    N°8.2. \ Ultramarine

    Thanks for this great giveaway :)

  • Ellen

    Nice ones! My favs are No 9.3. Color Revolution :-)

    Ellen / ellens.blogg (a)

  • Eleni nana

    I think that my favorite is the N°9.12. \ Color Revolution!!!
    Classic whither a little something (we call it tsaxpinia here in Greece)!!!
    Eleni from Greece

  • Ivvy

    What a cool one!

    My favorite: N°11.4. \ Futurism

  • Myrthe

    If I háve to choose….N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase is my favorite! It’s subtle and perfect for any outfit.

  • Polyxeni P.

    super giveaway !!!! my favourite : 2.2 !!! :)

  • Judith

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

    My favs are N°9.1. \ Color Revolution

    Love your outfits, they are inspiring…
    All the best, Judith :)

  • Jenneke

    Yeah great action! My favorite is N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase. Still very sophisticated!


  • Natalie

    I love mirrored sunglasses, and I am yet to own a pair!

    My favourite are N°10.1. \ Wintermute

  • Lola

    My favourite are the 9.11! Awesome sunglasses!
    Lola :)

  • Chantal En Charlize

    My eye on the N°11.4………..big like! Iám ready……….

  • Bosiljka Radovic

    N°10.3. \ Wintermute

  • Monika

    My favorite is N°9.11. \ Color Revolution

    Mirrored sunglasses, super idea :) Great giveaway!

    Greetings from Germany

  • Karlien

    Great! I love 9.14 Color Revolution. Die zou ik graag rocken in de straten van Amsterdam :)

  • chucky1012

    Great give a way! ;-) My favourite sunglasses is the
    N°7.1. \ Sleeping Beauty it’s a black one with some blue at both sides.

    Have a great day!


    Bloglovin: chucky1012
    Twitter: @chucky1012

  • Jenny

    So many amazing styles. My favourite look is No 9.9 \ Colour Revolution – Black with Sunset Lenses! AWESOME!! But I also have to give a shout out to No 5.1 \ Love Thy Neighbour for what the charity is supporting! Viva Mexico!!

  • Aleksandra Stojkovic

    Great giveaway :D

    My favourite are N°9.4. \ Color Revolution

    Sandra :)

  • Great Giveaway Charlotte! I actually love them all, they’ve got a fab selection. I’ve been dying to get a pair of coloured lenses. I’d go for the No 9.11 tortoiseshell frames with neon blue lenses. I’ve been already following you on Bloglovin :)

    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

  • Elena Dal


    I LOVE

    N°11.4. \ Futurism SUNGLASSES! KISSES

  • Svenja

    Nice giveaway! I really like these ones: N°9.7. \ Color Revolution
    Greetings from Germany

  • Wendy

    Great giveaway! and finally the good weather comes to Holland. So a new pair of sunglasses is very welcome.
    My favorite is N°9.14. \ Color Revolution. The color of the glasses are amazing!

    Groetjes uit het eindelijk warme Nederland;)

  • Romana

    I’m in love with the great N°9.18. \ Color Revolution. I’d be honoured if you picked me as one of the two happy ones at this giveaway!
    Sending the loveliest greetings from Salzburg in Austria :)

  • raemelo

    Such a good giveaway and amazing sunnies! I love
    N°9.18. \ Color Revolution.

  • Hannah

    No. 2.2\Louisiana Purcahse are lovely!

  • Felice

    I’m in love with N 22; Louisiana pucrchase!!
    Die bril past goed bij mijn outfit, liefs uit Rotterdam!

  • marjolein

    The best sunshine giveaway now for the summer in Holland :) This is my favorite: N°8.3. \ Ultramarine Enjoy your day! Regards Marjolein

  • Jessy

    Hey, Awesome giveaway!
    The designs are amazing! I love the more colorful ones so I’ve chosen the
    N°9.6. \ Color Revolution to enter this giveaway. Ik ga meestal een beetje te safe zitten qua zonnebrillen en daarom heb voor zo’n gewaagde versie gekozen! Keep up the good work!
    X, Jessy

  • Nadia baccherini

    N 11.2. Futurism Amazing!!!

  • AnoukRust

    N°9.10. \ Color Revolution super gaaf!!
    Succes met je blog! Blijft leuk om je te volgen! Liefs

  • Teuntje

    What à perfect give away!! I like most of them but N°2.1. \ Louisiana Purchase is my fav! Hope to win it!! xfrom Teuntje

  • Marilecl

    Hey! Sooo i’ve been following you on bloglovin and i would like this pair : N°9.18. \ Color Revolution pleaaase!!! :)

    Kay thank you bye :)

  • Dani Zoo

    I love N°9.2 // Color Revolution are amaaaazing!

  • Dragana

    My favourite are

    N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase

  • Nadia baccherini

    N 11.2. Futurist Amazing!!!

  • Mike Dalton

    So hard to pick because I love them ALL, but if I had to pick, I’d say the NO.8.2. ULTRAMARINE’s :) Awesome giveaway. Always wanted a pair of these. Just can’t afford them.

    Following on bloglovin’ as Mikedalton24


  • Piera Anastasia Ramella Pezza

    I love them all, but my fav is number 9.11. :-)
    I’m in!

    Have a lovely day


    Piera Anastasia

  • Ana

    Love N*9.6 Color revolution BEAUTIFUL :****

  • N°1.2. \ Children of California Matte

    Such an amazing giveaway – crossing my fingers!

  • Emilie

    Love all of them but my favourite pair are No. 8.3. Ultramarine!

  • Monica Missoni

    They’re ALL stunning!
    My favorite are N°9.1. \ Color Revolution!
    Super cool giveaway!
    Finger crossed xx


  • Sophie

    Love the N°3.1. \ Mercury Seven
    Amazing giveaway <3

    bloglovin : sopy

  • Debora

    Great giveaway!
    I like the N. 6.1 \ 575 Castro

    Debora Ferri

  • Katerina Karaliopoulou

    i really liked N°9.16. Thank you so much!!

  • Noemí

    Model 9.14 in neon green ( color revolution ) is my favorite ! Thanks for the giveaway ;)

  • My favourite are Wintermute 10.2

  • Yulianna

    Great giveaway :) Love N°10.2. “Wintermute”

  • SterreEline

    I’m totally in love with N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase …..
    Great giveaway, fingers crossed from now on (:

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    All done!

    Mijn favoriet is dit model, vrij simpel maar door de kraaltjes toch nog een leuke pop of colour :)

  • Lisa
  • Esmée

    A lovely collaboration! Definitely a gorgeous brand…

    Just perfect for the upcoming holidays at the end of July: N°8.3 Ultramarine

    I’m just wondering, which pair is your personal favourite?

    Many thanks in advance, fingers crossed!

    Bloglovin: Almostadoctor

  • Carmen

    N°1.2. \ Children of California (tortoise shell frames with blackened redwood) is my fave one. Dankje Charlotte


  • Maite

    I love the N°10.2. \ Wintermute. Thank you!!!

  • Kate

    I love No 3.1 Mercury Purchase xx

  • Mariana Fernandes

    My favorite is N°9.13. \ Color Revolution

  • Clémence

    LOVE the N°9.19. \ Color Revolution

    Merci Charlotte :)

  • MJ52

    My faves are the 2.2 Louisianas and I would have to go for the matte tortoise finish :)

  • Minke

    I really adore the N°10.2 \ Wintermute. I will keep my fingers crossed!
    Great giveaway!

  • bella oliveira

    Oh I Love Westward Leaning!!
    My favorite are N°1.1. \ Children of California, black frames with redwood. So classic!

  • Sille

    Ny favorite is wintermute, matte N9,2 <3 They are so cool!

  • Sara Ruttenberg

    OBSESSED with N°9.3. \ Color Revolution in Matte! It’s my 21st birthday on July 17th, this would be such an AMAZING birthday present!! xx

  • Daffi

    My absolute favorite are Neon N°9.14. Color Revolution \ tortoise shell frames with neon summery and just amazing!!! Would love to rock them this summer.

  • Katrina Bay

    omg how cool! i’m in :)
    my fave is #3.2. Mercury Seven


  • María Teresa Lozano

    Would love, love, a pair of N°9.11. \ Color Revolution!
    tortoise + blue mirror = total happiness.
    great give away <3

  • Liz O

    OMG!! this is a really good news! I wish I win them, I’ve been wanting these for ages!
    N°1.1. \ Children of California

  • Leah.Whaley

    Sick giveaway! My fav is N° 7.1 \ Sleeping Beauty

  • Lauren Griffin

    I love #8.3 Ultramarine. Great giveaway, thank you!!

  • Iris
  • Hanneke
  • Sarah

    My fave pair are N°10.3. \Wintermute. This is such a fun giveaway!

  • Milica

    Great giveaway
    N°2.1. \ Louisiana Purchase

  • Annelie

    Love the simple, but sophisticated look of N°3.1. \ Mercury Seven!!

  • andoulino

    no 3.2 mercury seven!!!!

  • Marija Mijatović

    Love N°12.1. \ Zero Black Gold!:)

  • Radmila

    N°9.11. \ Color Revolution is my fave!
    Bloglovin: Radmila

  • Elena Cidon

    N°9.16. \ Color Revolution

  • Rose

    Wow! Love this giveaway! Love the westward leaning N11.4 // Futurism!!

  • Olga den Boer

    I love N°9.15. \ Color Revolution

  • Alex Martin

    I <3 N°9.12. \ Color Revolution! Westward Leaning shades are THE BEST!

  • Nuria – enmivestidor

    me encanta el modelo N°9.10. color revolution.

  • Hard to choose, they are all amazing. But I love the N° 3.2. mercury seven!


  • Veerle

    I would love to shine with the N. 9.2 colour revolution! Xoxo

  • Louise Elisabeth

    Het was moeilijk maar dit is mijn super favoriet ;
    N°9.9. \ Color Revolution :D


  • Jovana Jokanovic

    My love goes to this beauties! Good luck to me :)))

  • Eva Escribano

    I just fell in love with
    N°9.12. \ Color Revolution <3

  • Clau

    Oe nice! N°9.14. \ Color Revolution ty

  • Annet

    Great give away! In love with nr. 2.2 Louisiana Purchase. Timeless..

  • Anita H.

    Wow wat een vette prijs! Ik kies voor de N°10.2. \ Wintermute grijs / grijs (link:

  • pykong

    Number 9.15. Color Revolution is my favorite!

  • michuuu

    My favorite is N°9.7 // Color Revolution!! Neon Greeeeeennnnn! <3 <3 <3

  • katerina tsironi

    I loved
    N°9.17. \ Color Revolution!!!!thanks for the giveaway!!

  • the_chelf

    omg number 11.3 futurism is to die for! request to cross fingers for me y’all :)

  • Julia…

    My favourite are N°8.3. \ Ultramarine

  • jquirke

    i love N°9.19. \ Color Revolution xx

  • Emma Glass

    I love Model N 2.1 Louisiana Purchase black with brass, thanks for the giveaway & fingers crossed x

  • I’m a sucker for mirrored sunglasses, dus moet toch weer meedoen! ;)
    Dit is mijn favoriet!


  • Celeste Yeung

    N°2.1. \ Louisiana is my pick. Thanks for this giveaway Charlotte! X

  • Lindsay

    I love N°8.3. \ Ultramarine !

    …also your blog;)

  • Dosta Radnjanska

    I love
    N°9.18. \ Color Revolution

  • Katherine

    I am obsessed with
    N°9.16. \ Color Revolution!!

  • Patricia F.

    I really love the Nº 11.1 \ Futurism :)

  • Binita

    In love with
    N°9.9. \ Color Revolution

  • toune

    I love the N°10.3. \ Wintermute. Black frames with muted gold. Love!!!

  • Aurélie

    My favourite N°9.6. \ Color Revolution

  • Nia

    I adore N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase

  • moustachic

    11.2 futurism!!

    so pretty!

  • Love the N°11.1. \ Futurism. Black and bronze is a great combination!

  • Holly B

    I follow on Bloglovin :)

    It was so hard to choose, but I think my fave is the N°9.15. \ Color Revolution. LOVE their sunglasses!

  • Georgie

    Such beautiful glasses. I would choose 9.15 \ Color Revolution in Sunset and Tortoiseshell.
    Thanks for featuring such a great brand!

  • Michelle Céline

    Oh these sunglasses are gorgeous, haven’t heard of them until now! N°1.2 Children of California in Shiny is my favorite one – so classy and stylish!

  • Alizia

    Love N°12.1. \ Zero Black Gold. So perfect!

  • Lena

    Fell in love with 11.1 – it is never a mistake to choose future

  • Claudia Wegter

    I would go fro N°9.15. \ Color Revolution tortoise shell.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Simplyeasy

    Love the clear plastic and the color of the glasses of the N°9.18. \ Color Revolution!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Laura

    Great! I love the number 9.18, Color Revolution Crystal frames with neon pink lens.


  • Jelena

    My favourite is N°9.12. \ Color Revolution

  • 5starr

    I loved reading the stories that inspired the different models. Being a jazz girl I have to go for N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase.

  • Gaby

    Love youre blog and the sunglasses!

    My favourite one: N°9.15. \ Color Revolution
    Thanks for this great give away.

  • Maria Zelenayova

    I was chosing between 10.4 wintermute grey frames with mutted gold and Bridge fit(most of sunglasses are too big for me), and finally I decided that my favourite model is N°9.16. \ Color Revolution crystal frames with neon blue lens :D

  • Sarah

    I’m totally in love with N° 1.1. Children of california!
    Thanks for the fantastic blog, keep up the good work :)

  • Sofia

    I love the 9.14 color Revolution.
    Love your blog!

  • I’d go for the N2.3. Louisiana, love the blue paired with tortoise!

  • miky

    Hi. I am already following you on bloglovin under the name Nastrut Silvia.

    My favorite is:

  • C C

    Oh my, too many nice ones! Really nice giveaway!

    My final choose is going to be, loving the gold with the light grey: N°10.4. \ Wintermute

    Love your blog! And the following is already happening ;)

  • jen
  • RomyA

    N°9.15 – Color Revolution, but any other number is a good number in this case!

  • Celeste

    I am following on Bloglovin (celeste619) … I like the N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase sunglasses.


  • Margarita

    No. 12.1. Zero black gold are awesome!

  • Margarita

    I really like N.10.3. Wintermute! :))

  • SaaR

    N°9.19. \ Color Revolution

  • September Unique

    I’m Loving the N°9.3 // Color Revolution in Matte Black!!!!

  • Maria Gomes

    I really love n 1.2 // children of california
    Thanks, kisses

  • karlagutierrezpugh

    Love N°9.18 crystal with neon pink lens.

  • Nordahl

    Love this giveaway. It was hard to make a final decision because many of them are very pretty. I really like this pair:
    N°3.1. \ Mercury Seven

    I’m following you on bloglovin.

  • Gift4Style

    So hard to choose, I want them all! I am personally partial to 9.1 Color Revolution. The blue, gah, it’s stunning.

  • Raynielle Collins

    N°7.2. \ Sleeping Beauty
    thanks so much xx

  • JessL

    I love Nº 1.2.Children of California – laid back and cool – just like a California kid!

  • Jessica Andrews

    No.1.2 children of California.

  • makikow

    N°9.12 Color Revolution!

  • Jodie

    N°3.1. \ Mercury Seven – Black. Thanks so much x

  • Lulu

    I love N°9.16. \ Color Revolution!!!

  • Rosalind

    I really like
    N°3.2. \ Mercury Seven

  • Rach

    My favourite are No 12.1 \ Zero Black Gold xxx

  • Rach

    My favourite are No 12.1 \ Zero Black Gold – following you on bloglovin Rach78 xxx

  • Наталья Воробьева

    My fav is N°9.19. \ Color Revolution

  • Lot Ultee

    No. 11.1. Definitely!

  • Marith

    I’m in love with N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase

  • Lauren Frederickx

    I LOVE N°9.12! Those are amazing!!

  • Maike

    Mijn favoriet is de N°9.2. \ Color! Wat een unieke modellen zeg! Ik kende dit merk nog helemaal niet.
    XOXO Maike

  • Holly Power

    N°2.2. \ Louisiana Purchase – the matt version is gorge!! x

  • Alba

    I really do like Nº12 Children of California, the shiny ones ;)

  • Ailis O’Neill

    My favorite is the N°9.1. \ Color Revolution – the matte version. Love it!

  • silvana franco

    My fav Children of California

  • Cláudia Martinho

    i love the Nº 9.19 Color Revolution

  • That would be the 9.17 Color Revolution!


    candyandtreats at hotmail dot com

  • Sarah

    My favorite is N°9.7. \ Color Revolution, matte finish!!

  • Maya

    My favourite is N°9.8. \ Color Revolution

  • Mar

    I love nº 9.2. // Color Revolution!!

  • Karina

    I’m loving °9.15. Color Revolution
    follow via bloglovin (swordlily)


  • nushechka
  • eleni papastergiou

    N°8.3. \ Ultramarine

  • Anna van Oers

    N°9.13. \ Color Revolution is my favourite!

  • Katrine M. Andersen

    N°4.1. \ Teddy Roosevelt – they are iconic!

  • Alice Pahin

    I really like n 3.1 Mercury seven !

  • sharon

    My favorite is
    N°9.4. \ Color Revolution

  • Martin Glass

    N°2.1. \ Louisiana Purchase are my faves, the black with brass. Cool sunnies indeed.

  • Le Anh

    I really like the N°9.6. \ Color Revolution matte. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Jose Sanders

    Follow you on Bloglovin and love the No 9.4 Color Revolution! Like the giveaway, thanks!

  • AM

    Klart No 2.1. Louisiana Purchase – In love with the brass!

  • anna

    N°10.2. \ Wintermute, love it!

  • Danielle

    Love these sunglasses ever since I saw them on Olivia Palermo! I would go for the N°2.2, Louisiana Purchase!

    Xo Danielle

  • Clara Verpillon

    I absolutely love this sunglasses ! N°9.19 \ Color Revolution are my favorite.

  • Laurane

    I ADORE mirrored sunglasses this year especially the pink version : 9.6. \ Color Revolution :)

  • Carolina.Franceschin12

    Thank you charlotte:) I love all these sunglasses! They are awesome! I don’t know which model I should choose… Fingers crossed even this time:)
    XO Carolina


  • zoë

    The N°11.2. Futurism is my favorite!

  • Susann

    I’m in love with N°12.1. zero black gold, so stunning!

  • Reyna Alcántara

    In love with
    N°9.8. \ Color Revolution

  • Ariel

    In love with the N 9.2. color revolution white frames with blue lenses !!

  • Kirstin22

    Heel mooi!
    No 2.1 Louisiana Purchase..
    Volg je op bloglovin.

  • Izzy Ashton

    I love all these sunnies!! They’re amazing!! I think my fav are the No. 9.19 Colour Revolution with the neon green lenses-absolute summer classic! Fingers crossed xxx

  • Cristina

    Loving the N°1.2. \ Children of California

  • Evi

    I love N°9.19 Colour Revolution with the neon green lenses! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Fingers crossed.

  • Lisa G.

    My favourite: N°9.1. \ Color Revolution

    Like!!!!! Xx

  • selin

    My favorite is definitely Wintermute N10.2 ! Grey frames are perfect for every outfit

  • Ajeng

    I Like N°10.5. Wintermute , I love this and i want this so much.. xxx thank you..

  • Patricia Bedoya

    Hi! Your blog is amazing!

    I trully love the N°9.2. \ Color Revolution glasses. I think they’re the best for my spanish weather!

  • Nika

    It is really hard too choose, but N°9.8. \ Color Revolution are the one for me!

  • Esmé

    N° 11.4 Futurama is without a doubt mijn favoriet! Mijn vooral basic zonnebrillencollectie kan wel een nieuwe eye catcher gebruiken :)

    Je blog is fantastisch trouwens, keep up the good work!

  • Anne

    They are so pretty! Hard to choose… But 5.1 Love Thy Neighbor is my favorite :)
    I’ve been following you on bloglovin for a LONG time already :)

  • Tookta

    My perfect pair of sunglasses of Westward Leaning is the n. 2.1.// louisiana purchase in black and gold

  • Jet

    My favourite are N°9.19 Color Revolution

  • Lis

    I love N°9.9. \ Color Revolution, gorgeous!!!

  • Stacey Pham

    N°9.13. \ Color Revolution :)

  • Gil K

    N°11.3. \ Futurism
    Thanks!!! Xo

  • Renske

    I absolutely adore the N0 10.4 \ Wintermute

  • PopCorn

    My favourite are N°5.2. \ Love Thy Neighbor

  • Claudia Wegter

    I Love N°9.15. \ Color Revolution tortoise shell.

    Ga zo door en houdt ons op de hoogte van meer leuke merken!

  • Rachel

    No 10.3 Wintermute for sure! Great giveaway!

  • Victoria Rebecca

    9.2 colour revolution. Awesomeness!

  • PaolaNYC

    No. 9.2 // Color revolution. Remind me of a breezy California sunset. Great frame/lenses color combination. I just love them!