The fashion guitar

The fashion guitar

Once I had a cap. It was dark green, from Calvin Klein. I wore it a lot when I was in high school, cause I loved how it worked with my face. Funny, because these days I find it hard to wear one; it gives me floppy ears, it shows my dark circles more than I wish, and they always seem to be too big… What changed over time? Is it my perception of the way a cap should look, or is it the quality of caps I am looking at, compared to one from a high-end brand? In any cause I must admit, I would never spend a lot of money on a cap these days. I have considered to get a leather cap, since I love them on almost everyone I’ve seen those on, but my order of the one from a high-street brand was a disaster. As soon as I opened the parcel, the smell that came out made me sick to my stomach. Surely made in a goat shelter in India. I could never wear that, not in a million years. A proper leather one however, would smell delicious, but simply costs me too much, because I am sure I will only wear it on occasions like Monday’s, or weekends when I don’t wear make-up. So I ended up with this one from, in sale, I believe 4 pounds I’ve spent on it. Best money/quality investment to start the week with! Have a lovely Monday everyone.

I am wearing an H&M Trend black cap (similar here), with an H&M blouse (similar here), J Brand jeans, Converse All Stars, H&M New Icons belt (similar here), and Armani clutch.

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