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Things aren’t black and white, are they? And with ‘things’ I mean literally everything. However, for today we stick to fashion related ‘things’ otherwise this write-up will be more of a paper for the Economist, and trust me, I am not the one who should write that…

So, when it comes to fashion I love black and white, to wear it and to look at it (not always to shoot it though), but I definitely learned to not see fashion black and white. With this I mean that I learned from experience that things that I might not like from the start, could slowly grow on me, and in the end it turns out I love it. Or that items I might don’t like any longer, are sometimes worth saving for later. Cause to start with a simple example, there are plenty of items that I have thrown away/sold which I very much regretted a season later. Also some items, for example my former travel-wear from years ago, suddenly starts to get trendy. Here I am talking about my good old Birkies. I used them when I travelled through India, to be exact three different types of Birkies travelled with me back then. I threw away one pair (they were too dirty), I gave away another pair (it was just not my style, really not), and one pair ended up in a bin bag, moving with me from apartment to apartment, but never ever taken out again. Well, you feel ‘m comin’?! YES, exactly, those comfy Birkies are now THE trend of town. A good thing that I decided to save them for whenever, now however I just need the courage to wear them again (thanks Sabrina and Cammy for making a first, and thanks Phoebe for making those sandals trendy again: our Celine furry friends I am talking about).

Another black and white discussions, in terms of fashion, and one I’ve touched upon previously, is about buying more pairs/items from one and the same thing. For example Converse, I have them in black and navy, cause in my eyes Converse All Stars are always a good idea. Now I also got another pair of Isabel Marant sneakers. And I know, it is quite extravagant to get two of those expensive high-tops, but since my first pair is completely worn out but yet still my favourite kind of sneaker, I couldn’t let these black & white limited edition ones go. So in short, I can’t predict the future, so I shouldn’t be feeling sorry for buying another pair of the shoes I adore most (if my budget allows of course). And then we’ve talked about nail polish, of which I bought a new one recently, in white. Together with my Chanel Black Satin those two are simply the best colours to wear. For me. Or am I being too black and white when saying that, I might love red in a few years… Oh boy you see, this is getting nowhere! What am I even trying to say here…

Anyway, last but not least, I am going to touch the biggest black and white inner-discussion I had recently: cow-prints. I couldn’t get the idea of wearing cow-prints, even with Givenchy introducing it in their collection, I just couldn’t get myself to get something cowy. Uhm yeah, until last weekend (which means it took me a season to get used to it LOL)… when I actually decided to buy a cow-jumper… This, once again, underlined the fact that I should wear fashion in black and white, but not form black and white opinions about it. Cause I never know what’s around the corner, and sometimes it might just surprise me, as a cow-print on a jumper, or the ugliest sandals in town, which turn out to be the fashion statement of the year!

In the photo: Isabel Marant sneakers, Chanel Black Satin, and H&M Trend cow jumper.


  • Camille

    like, like and like!

  • Louise Elisabeth

    Prachtig artikel, mijn mening over mode en wat draagbaar is en wat niet (meer) veranderd ook constant :)

  • Jessica G.

    Love the sneakers!


  • Leuke tekst ! Als je de sneakers inderdaad zooveel hebt gedragen, dan is een tweede paar geen slechte investering en eigenlijk vind ik deze de mooiste editie die er tot nu toe geweest is.
    Benieuwd naar je koe trui !


    Beautiful new IM sneakers! WANT IT!

  • The sneakers are perfect!!

  • love that cow jumper!

  • Wow, those limited edition Isabel Marant sneakers are gorgeous! Think I need them too ;)!

    And when it comes to fashion we should all be as open minded as possible.. as you said, you’ll never know what’s around the corner :)!

    XOXO Lillian Chaton

  • I see you have good inner discussions :) Sometimes I tell people we’re several people in my head! I’m like you when it comes to trends and not liking them at first: I just bought a new pair of black Birkenstock black sleek sandals…
    I also tend to buy two pieces of the same item when I have a real crush… All those conversations in my head!

  • Eva

    Leuk artikel en ook erg herkenbaar. Ten eerste vind ik het erg begrijpelijk dat je de high tops nogmaals heb gekocht. Je draagt ze inderdaad ontzettend vaak en als ze zo heerlijk zitten en je andere bijna op zijn, waarom niet? Zeker nu de komende maanden hoge hakken nog minder comfortabel zullen zijn. En we kopen toch ook vaak onze basics in verschillende kleuren, dit zijn jou basics! De Birkenstock trend vind ik wel grappig. Ik dacht vorig jaar nog. Zal ik ermee op de foto? Neeeee, dat is TE fout en nu banjert iedereen er op rond. Ik neem mezelf ook steeds voor sommige dingen niet weg te gooien, want “wat als”, maar ik doe het toch iedere keer, hopeloos! De koeientrend heb ik denk ik nog een seizoentje voor nodig, ben meer een zebra type ;) xx

  • Pilisstyle

    that cow print jumper is really nice

  • Dominica C

    Love the monochrome look ; in fact, you’re a true inspiration. Had my eyes on that cow jumper too !

    I’ve just had an inner discussion myself, about a bag. Do I like it, will I still like it when I’m 64 ? Being a sucker for expensive bags, they need to be at least ‘keepers’ ; I’d like to see myself wearing it over and over again, even when I hit 80. Fashion & clothing styles can change fast, have no problem with that, but my bags need to last a lifetime.

  • SixFeetFromTheEdge

    Haha ZO met je eens! Ik heb ook conversies in verschillende kleuren (favo: zwart, creme, wit, zou nog wel navy erbij willen!), en heb toevallig deze week ook een 2e paar IM hightop sneakers ontvangen. Dus yay voor dingen nog een keer kopen in een andere kleur ;) Over de Birkies: ergens vind ik het ook irritant aan mezelf dat ik sandalen zoals deze (want ze blijven onelegant) opeens best cool ga vinden en vooral omdat ik me ergens erger aan het ‘domweg dragen wat voorgeschreven wordt’. Maar: ook ik begin ze meer en meer te waarderen! Dus wie weet.. never say never, right? ;)


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  • This is so true…the Celine slippers are slowly changing my mind about Birkenstocks! Eeee! Something I never thought possible, despite the huge number of teenagers where I live who wears those Birks everyday…

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