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When I was pregnant with James, I didn’t really feel ‘pregnant’ until I started to see it. It’s the same this time, as I wasn’t like ‘whoohooo I am pregnant” until recently. However, you might not see much on my photos, but that is mostly because I don’t wear fitted clothes that often. Now when I take a look at myself in the mirror, showing my belly, I can definitely see that my body is changing, mostly around my bump and boobs…

Another way for me to ‘notice’ that I am pregnant and that my body is changing is the fact I can’t wear my favourite skinny jeans anymore. Boyfriend jeans’ are my first resolution, but there will a point that even those will be too tight (or that I simply want to wear a skinny jeans). That’s the point where the awkward maternity clothes are needed. Well let me rephrase that, maternity clothes aren’t all awkward, but in all honesty they are often very boring. But not to worry (for those who are pregnant, and those who will be in the future) cause besides maternity jeans there is no need really to shop in the maternity section (this is what I found out during my first pregnancy). You just have to shop smart; wear T by Alexander Wang (stretchy fabrics), look for trousers with elastic bands (they are available at high street brands to designer labels), and buy a size up when it comes to tops, shirts, jumpers etc! However, if you really want/have to go maternity shopping (there can always occur situation in which it’s needed), but you don’t want to step away from your personal style, you can go to Topshop, or online at ASOS. Especially Topshop has a cool maternity section in which they stock their normal collection, yet tailored for big bumps. One downside, for me at least, if you are not huge (yet) most of the stuff is simply too big.

That’s enough about bumps and maternity shopping, cause I am aware of the fact that not all of you care about pregnancy-dressing, or maternity fashion. For those of you that fall in this group, please forgive me for my pregnancy-blabla every now and then. I promise my blog won’t turn into a baby-sweet maternity discussion group. However, I simply can’t ignore my belly and you will be taken with me through the phases of pregnancy, but always as being Charlotte who still loves shopping with high-street brands and designers, is not a fan of maternity clothes in particular, and who is still going to wear heels (until my body says no).

I am wearing a T by Alexander Wang skirt, H&M Trend top, Zara plaid shirt around my waist, Nike Free Run trainers (or here), Proenza Schouler PS11 mini classic (red, blue, silver, nude, python, orange, or black) and a mirrored Ray Ban Wayfarer.



  • I can’t wait to see your photos in the next few months, it’ll be very interesting to how you style yourself while pregnant, which I’m sure you’ll do very well!


  • You look great! Many congratulations with the pregnancy! I remember from when you were pregnant with James that you were like the most stylish pregnant girl I’ve ever seen! Have a great weekend!

  • you know, you do look different little bit but definitely NOT worse at all :)) can’t wait to see your belly growing :)



  • pick me an outfit

    Gefeliciteerd! En je ziet er super uit :)



  • http://dotisalot.blogspot.com/

    We saw Proenza Schouler bag many times but you chosen probably best color of this model:*

  • I do care ;) thanks for sharing…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • Deze outfit is een beetje te sportief voor mij, maar je rok vind ik wel nog steeds mooi
    Heel benieuwd naar je komende outfits, je hebt in elk geval al bewezen dat zwanger & stijlvol samen gaan, dat zal nu ook wel lukken :)


  • Congratulations, you still look great! With your style you can be a great inspiration for all the other future moms. Looking forward following you through this amazing process.


  • I had no idea! Congrats Charlotte! :) You look lovely in the sunglasses too :)


  • Gefeliciteerd! Ik vind echt dat je er super uit ziet! :) x Laura

  • cocochic

    I had no idea! Congrats! You still do and will continue to look zeee best x

  • Gefeliciteerd! En ik vind jouw zonnebril echt leuk :)

  • Eva

    Echt een geweldige outfit en heel leuk artikel ook! Nogmaals gefeliciteerd! xx


  • Ik vond je de vorige keer prachtig zwanger, maar ontdekte je blog (shame on me) pas toen je al bijna op springen stond. Heel leuk om het dit keer allemaal vanaf het begin mee te maken & te zien hoe je dit clothing wise gaat “oplossen”. Fijn blijft trouwens die bril ook! Heb ‘m zelf toevallig ook & krijg er nog altijd veel complimentjes over…

    X Marjolein – nevertoopolished.com

  • Vond je de eerste keer prachtig zwanger, ik ontdekte je blog (shame on me) toen echter pas toen je al bijna op springen stond. Leuk om het nu allemaal vanaf het begin mee te maken en te zien met wat voor fashion solutions je dit keer komt!

    Blijft de bril trouwens niet fantastisch?! Heb ‘m zelf ook & krijg er nog altijd veel complimentjes over.

    X Marjolein – nevertoopolished.com

  • Carole

    I found you very beautiful when you were expecting James and always very trendy, I’m not worried at all about the future, as your pregnancy looks could be applied to non-pregnant chicks!

  • Myownfashionfreedom

    I’m looking forward to seeing your baby bump in fabulous outfits :-)



  • Ilovelucyv

    It’s great to read a fashion/ style blog that, without intending to, or wanting to be a mum blog, does discuss maternity fashion. Because it happens. I’m pregnant too and just getting a lovely little bump and it has been hard at times to dress like me still. I think you look great and it’s good inspiration for pregnant girls who enjoy their own style to not despair.

  • Anna Lou

    Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll style it very well as always. I was doing some research on maternity fashion recently; it’s interesting, as you say, that women are often only investing in maternity trousers, which they really need, and just sizing up in tops/dresses so that they can stick to more fashionable brands. You might like to read this article:


    Look forward to seeing your choices!

    Anna Lou X

  • Erykah La Rocca

    so simple ando so stunning!
    Love this look!


  • Lucy Joy

    Great outfit, loved looking through your blog :)


  • poldo napitupulu

    congratulations!! and you still look gorgeous


  • Jennifer

    I must have missed the announcment… congratulations!

    xo Jennifer


  • Anja

    Congratulation! i read your instagram message, too.
    Love your style and i am looking forword your outfits during the next months. When i was pregnant i bought two maternity jeans as basics. You’re right, you can wear normal clothes and will still look dressed. I enjoyed this time very much. you have to be creative with your clothes because your body change permanently. After two pregnancys now i enjoy my body and normal fashion opportunities. Have a good time!

  • Trendydolap

    I’m totally agree with you as a pregnant woman I’m right now. Style is important and maternity clothes are so boring. I really love your simplicity style so that’s a great news for me that we’re almost in the same week. So I’ll defiantly inspire from your style as I’m a blogger as well. I don’t want to turn my blog to maternity blog but I must confess that I really love to read :) Balance is the case here, I think. So I’d like to read more from you again :)

  • Ava Maria Arias

    Congratulations Charlotte only just seen your fab news x

  • Kate

    Congratulations on your wonderful news! I’d love to know how you balance blogging with family time….there always seems so much to do but you seem to manage it really well. I’m not expecting, but still love to watch your journey and maternity style for future inspiration xx

  • Pauline Lim

    You still look awesome Charlotte! :) Looking forward on your journey of this pregnancy!

    xx pauline


  • Sylvie

    Congrats Charlotte, wish you a very very nice pregnancy (I know I’m late ;-()

    Take care..