The fashion guitar


The fashion guitar

It is not only a habit to wear a beanie, these days it is a must! And I am so happy to see beanies are making their way around literally everyone in the fashion industry, because how can bear the cold without wearing one? Concluding: beanies are more than keeping us warm, they are fashionable, and we can’t have enough of them. Unfortunately I have no clue where the one I am wearing in these photos is from (I borrowed it from my sister for the G-star shoot), but I have plenty of nice options for you: Burgundy/creme, neon, or natural like mine.

Something else I can’t live without it leather. Double leather however was a new thing for me. I wasn’t a believer in the beauty of several layers of leather, cause I always thought it would end up tacky, in a way. But now I end up on the contrary! Wearing this leather G-star top in combination with my good old leather biker jacket turned out to be perfect. It turned out to be me!

I am wearing G-star Elwood jeans and  leather top, Pauw leather jacket (similar here), and Zara heels.