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As much as I love Alexander Wang’s talent and his A/W designs, and as hard as I fell for Altuzarra’s Fall 2013 collection, as big is my question mark regarding the use of yeti-arm-looking-gloves. Obviously I have nothing against gloves, and an oversized accessory can just be what we need sometimes, but these are quite over the top, aren’t they? Will anyone really wear these? Will we follow fashion and make this a trend just because Alexander and Joseph tells us, or do we do this because we love them? I really wonder how much we are going to see these next winter… What do you think?

Other than that, and needless to say, I really enjoyed both shows (watched ‘live’ online), and both collections have some amazing pieces that gave me lots of inspiration for this and next winter!

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  • Carola

    I think it isn’t wearable at all, but I like the creativity. Alexander always comes up with something new!

  • carol

    definitelly will be warm with capital W ! love it – like a teddybear, right?


  • Unexpected, but not something I’ll be wearing next season.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Jennifer

    So much leather greatness!

    xo Jennifer

  • Daisy Roadster and Coco

    Just the same question as for the Céline fluffy sandals, would you wear them ?
    I think I’d be more comfortable in teddy-looking gloves , warm and eye-catching !

  • Miss Kutsu

    That’s exactly what I thought when I saw this collection!

  • Those shoes on the right are also horrific.

  • Eva

    Af en toe zie ik dingen op de catwalk waarvan ik denk, dat gaat toch nooit iemand dragen en dan toch kom je het tegen het volgende seizoen. Ik vind ze persoonlijk ook wat over de top, maar we gaan het zien ;) xx


  • Marly Wijvekate

    deeply in love with the coat on the right!

    x marly

  • B.

    My goodness! These gloves are hideous! I already have difficulties managing doing things with my hands with the current sized gloves, let alone these!
    Other than that I quite like the looks on the left.

    Breathe Me

  • Wenny

    Maybe they expect it to become -40 next winter (climat change…). Then I need those gloves! Love the coats and the shoes from Alexander Wang. X

  • opvallende accesoires zijn een must op de catwalk, maar deze vind ik toch een beetje too much.
    ze maken de stijlvolle outfits eronder belachelijk in plaats van specialer
    new outfit post

  • Rowan

    Die linker vind ik ergens nog wel wat hebben, maar de rechter.. nee. Maar goed, ik sla vast wel weer om als ik ze opeens heel leuk gecombineerd zie bij andere mensen. Het zal een kwestie van gewenning zijn.



  • Both amazing collections indeed, though the shoes of A. Wang where a bit of a disappointment to me! The gloves are cool on the catwalk, but probably won’t make it any further than the Anna Dello Russo’s amongst us. ;)

    X Marjolein –

  • Nesrin Bozlak

    Wow, these gloves are huge! But they must be so warm.



  • they look like boxing gloves covered with fur :P xx

  • louisa

    I guess outdoors in a freezing cold blizzard I’d probably be loving those gloves, but would be taking them straight off once inside

  • Dorothee

    Personally It’s so over the top that I would love wearing these gloves !
    Probably soooo warm (smokers should abstain from :)

  • Ebony Worsley

    They’re a bit crazy! They remind be of the furry shoes from Celine last season

  • Well, to me its not really pleasing to the eye and honestly not very practical as well. Just because the runways show it doesn’t mean we have to adapt it, unless we as consumers love it. Not every fashion moment is a success, and thats what keeps fashion so interesting isn’t it!?