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The fashion guitar

The fashion guitar


I am not going to deny that this look is 100% inspired by Dries van Noten’s latest collection. The mix of checks is simply the coolest thing at this moment, so it wasn’t hard at all to put my checked items in the mix to come out with this triple-check-look. The shirt (similar ones here), jacket (similar here and here), and trousers (even cooler ones here) are from Zara, and the heels from H&M Trend.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Here in London it’s cold and rainy… I am patiently waiting for spring, but my patience is coming to an end soon, I tell you that! Where do you live? And how is the weather there right now? Are you suffering with me, or are you having a good time in the sun? Tell me sweet readers, I want to know more about you!



  • Eva

    Echt een geweldige blouse! Heb hem ook al in bestelling staan. Gaaf ook met de broek! xx


  • Ola

    Love this shirt from Zara! I am from Poland and here it’s cold too, but also snowy. I really can’t wait for spring!

  • Love your shirt! This whole outfit is amazing!

  • Annelie

    The entire comobo is quite amazing :D love it. I am from the netherlands, its cold here, but dry with sun. But summer cant come soon enough :D <3

  • Rowan

    Wauw staat goed bij elkaar dit! Ik houd van die suit trend!



  • Simone

    Love this look, casual & classy at the same time. In Holland it’s also cold, and snowing. But I’m visiting London next weekend, so I’m going to enjoy some of that rain soon ;)

  • Dena Ts

    Perfect look Charlotte!


  • Sarah

    this is quite a successful combo. I like how the whole outfit has a masculine vibe to the feminine details. I’m living in Istanbul, and the weather here is rainy and cool today. It was much more spring-like a few days ago!

  • Natali

    Fabulous pants and belt!

  • Iris Meulenberg

    Wow, I love the combination of th pants and the top!

  • Evangelie

    It’s so good babe….You look fantastic<3

  • Marta

    Very elegant style. I like it.

  • Carol

    have you ever heard that your shirt is amazing? because it really is ♥

  • Laura

    Love this look, masculine yet very femenine.
    I live in London…so… suffereing with you.


  • I’m suffering with you, maar wat een mooie combi is dit!

    X Marjolein –

  • Kit

    Oooo I’m loving your outfit.

  • The Provoker

    The plaid shirt rocks! So amazing. I’ve just posted up one my most PROVOKING outfits featuring Erdem’s
    runway printed neoprene coat and matching heels, do tell what you think
    on the craziness and l hope it entertains ;)

    xx The Provoker

  • Marian Hickey

    I’m in Ireland and its more or less the same here, rainy and cold. I wore check in my latest blog post too :-). Your shirt is amazing. Anything tartan or check is really catching my eye at the moment.

  • Rielle

    I love this look! Great combo!

    xx Riëlle

  • Jennifer

    Love your menswear inspired look!

    xo Jennifer

  • bre

    I live in northern Italy and at the moment it seems like it will snow all day long, so yea I am craving for spring aswell!

  • twofortheshowblog

    I love this look, mannish tailoring always does it for me!

  • Dorothee

    Lovely Look I really like these photos a bit different….

    Paris is one day snow/one day rain pretty crap… c’mon Spring !


  • Fra

    I’m in bed sick with flu and it is snowing right now in Italy…i miss the sun :-)

  • gateau

    you look stunning in this outfit!

  • You look amazing! Lately I fell in love with suits, and the way you wear yours is very inspiring.

  • Very cold, no sun …. the typical depressing Dutch weather. Gevoelstemperatuur -10! But hey, you’ll be in Milan soon, betting the weather there is going to be great!

  • Naina

    I’m from the New York area and the weather is completely up and down. At least there’s it’s one constant: here, we are tempted with sun but then weighed down again by rain and snow :'(

    At least you look chic despite the weather!

    Right this way, a CHANEL GIVEAWAY

  • How I love this look! Absoluut meer dan de som der delen, zo cool! Over here in Holland it’s quite depressing as well…. Hang in there, Spring must be here soon!

  • Amy Arisse
  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Dit is echt een van mijn favoriete outfits van je!

  • I live in Singapore and we have sunny weather 24/7! You might find it weird but many of us here would really like to experience a cold, cold winter for once!

  • I would’ve never guessed that your outfit came from Zara and H&M. I thought they’re from a high end designer brand. You’re right about the miserable weather here. I can’t wait for spring. So sick of this constant cold and wet weather in the UK.

  • Love this mix! ELL