Play the video, listen to the music, and read…

I’ve been wondering for a while now what behaviour my readers have. Of course I am not talking about your secret business during the weekend, or your morning rituals (although I am very much interested in that), but I love to learn about your ‘reading-behaviour’. Reason why I wonder is because first of all, I love reading stories on blogs, but what I love even more, and this also applies on when I’ve bought one of my favourite magazines (Vogue duh), is browsing through the photos. As they say “a good photo speaks a thousand words”, but is it true? Because on the other hand I know for a fact that you can distinguish yourself big time by your writing, and not only by showing your looks.

Personally, and let me say this first: I don’t think I am a good writer or anything, but sometimes when I haven’t got the time to write, I just post my look and tell what I wear. I feel bad about that, but this made me come to the question: do you mind, or do you mind when I’ve been writing long stories about e.g. my bags, why I pick a colored bag, or how I love this and that collection so much? So, long story short: Do you like to read about what I like, or do you prefer me to just show what I wear?

Ps. Because it’s Friday I thought I would bring on that TGIF feeling by this song…

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  • Claire

    I think a look or a photo is not really complete without a comment :) I love reading your blog and your stories, keep doing!

    xxoo from France

  • Katie

    In all honesty I prefer what you like and enjoy to write/not write. Sometimes if a blog is all words it can be a bit overwhelming and everyone has their off days where they don’t feel like writing a lot. It’s nice to see variety. This is such a refreshing post! I loved the video and everything too!
    Katie xox

  • I think the best is to post a look and do a one to two line commentary about it. Readers don’t need to know about every single detail of your outfit; sometimes its even better to leave something to the imagination! But not writing anything is a big no-no too, there’s a difference between a lookbook and a blog!

  • Jessy

    I think most of the readers will scan your blog. Not everyone feels like reading all the time, so am I.

    However texts in small portions will be more attractive to read than a huge block of text. Keep it short, but interesting. And don’t worry about your writing skills. I think it is very nice to read. Keep up the good work!


  • myrthe

    een combinatie van beide! om even een voorbeeld te noemen van wat ik de perfecte balans van foto’s zonder tekst, of juist leuke stukken tekst met 1 foto etc. heeft sabrina van afterdrk! ik hou wel van die afwisseling en door meer verhaaltjes/stukjes tekst te plaatsen voelt het persoonlijker dan wanneer je alleen outfitfoto’s post met een waar-het-vandaan-komt-lijstje!

  • B.

    With writing, I guess visuals are the first things that you see. Even when reading a magazine, you look at pictures first, the layout etc.. and if it looks appealing you continue reading.

    It’s about the combination.

    I really like the video and how you attracted me to continue reading.

    Breathe Me

  • Jennifer

    I read your posts :)

    xo Jennifer

  • I love hearing why a blogger has chosen a certain item, what it goes with, how else they might style it. That’s where I get most of my inspiration. Writing’s more important than the pictures for me!

  • Eva

    Wat een leuke vraag. Ik volg wel blogs waarbij het me voornamelijk om de outfits gaat, maar dat zijn ook meestal de blogs die vooral de outfits showen. Het leuke van een verhaal vertellen achter de outfit die je draagt of items die koopt is toch wel dat je ook een beetje krijgt te zien van wie je op de foto ziet. Letterlijk een “personal style diary” zeg maar. En je hoeft je niet schuldig te voelen als je eens een keer wat minder te vertellen hebt hoor, iedereen heeft toch wel eens geen tijd, zin of inspiratie? Vind iedere dag posten en een verhaal hebben heel wat hoor, kan ik me best voorstellen dat je bepaalde dagen even niets meer weet ;) Tijdschriften wil ik wel lezen, maar komt toch vaak meer neer op screenen van foto’s en lezen van de artikelen die ik leuk vind. Lees lang niet alles! Fijn weekend! xx

  • Carol

    i like both so much but prefer what do you wear ♥ little bit shallow i know but honest ♥

  • natalia

    I rather see the photos and short description where are the clothes from.

  • Alice

    I like a little description or some story about a new object but nothing too major if you’re not bringing up a controversial subject. I therefore skip long stories on blogs. With Vogue, I analyze every word and read all articles (it’s like my bible)

  • Rebecca

    I like stories because it just shows you’re a real person like your readers and not just a model

  • Salara

    I obviously like seeing the looks on blogs but I always feel a little more connected to a blogger when they write about life, fashion or just a generally funny little story. I think it adds to the character of the blog as a whole.

  • I tend to skim through articles first, and thus get a good look at the photos. But if the skimmed text is interesting or if I really love the photos, then I’ll go back to the top and read it through! Provided it’s not overly long! :)

  • Courtois Valentine

    For sure it’s better when we can read sth about you !! :)

    My blog from Paris here Girls :)


  • Naina

    I always prefer a blog with some substance to it. Photos are well and nice and of course aesthetic plays a HUGE factor in the overall impact, but I think bloggers who have wit and humor to their writing are so much more valuable. Because anyone can take photos, but it’s much more important to have a personality behind them. In my opinion, anyway.

  • Dorothee

    I Like that you wrote something like this it’s interesting for every body.
    I think the main thing is to be true to yourself and write when you have actually something to say about the look or inspiration that you have when you post, so far it’s not too long to be boring and short enough to keep you wonder, yes sometimes the photos are enough but having a few lines brings the personality to your site it’s even better I think you do a great job with your blog !
    x D

  • sara

    i love reading blogs toooooooooooo. It’s my ritual every morning. today it’s an exception….ahahahah

  • Valerie

    I do exactly the same thing when I read a magazine! I instagram the ads I like the most, I mark the corner of the pages where I’ve spotted something I like and of course I always have a coffee or a tea with me on the side. For some reason, I never thought probably all bloggers do that ha!


  • Valerie

    And to answer your question, what interest me is mostly photography. However, reading a bit of blurb helps to connect to the blogger better. And don’t worry about your writing, the simpler the better :) xx

  • Chael

    Read or browse? Both :-)

  • I like story’s from time to time, but I don’t like it when there’s ALWAYS a huge story to read since I don’t always have all the time in the world as well. That said, I think you found the perfect balance. ;)

    X Marjolein –

  • I actually love your looks on itself. But it would be great if you had the time to very once and a while

    accompany one of your posts with the story behind it and that way give us a glimpse of your live or rituals or habits. I mean we are all curious since we all share a huge interest together; the love for style and fashion! I myself find myself guilty when I post a look without a lot of words. So again, feel free, I’d love to read it!

    -xoxo- lorena

  • svadore

    I like a little description with what you wear because it helps me understand the inspiration behind your look!