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Mickey Mouse in 2013…

The last time I remember anyone wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater must be at least 15 years ago. Obviously you see them in tourist shops now and then, and sometimes in one of the H&M collections, or at the baby department (where I do come very often these days, and is in fact even more dangerous than going to Selfridges, but we are not going to talk about that now). However, when I scrolled through Tommy Ton’s streetstyle photos from Paris Couture week and came across this picture, my heart made a little jump for joy. Never have I felt so attracted to the idea of wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater. The ones I was referring to earlier, from my childhood, were pink or turquoise and not complimenting Mickey’s daily attire consisting of red and yellow. But this ‘Inkwell’ version – aka a well-known and much used filter on Instagram – aka black & white – does make Mickey look so fashionable (as well as the woman who’s wearing it). Who would have thought that! So here we go, the search for some decent Mickey Mouse gadgets: What about a pair of sunglasses that give you Mickey’s ears, or a cropped top to go with you wide leg trousers? Pretty good, not both budget friendly, suggestions right?

Photo via Tommy Ton