The fashion guitar

How in the world can I explain to you this combination. A look full of clothes I would have never thought I would like so much. Not ever would have imagined pairing them together. But I am getting out of my comfort zone for you, and it feels good!

The Breton shirt is an easy one, I can wear that every day. But with a glitter boyfriend jeans? NO WAY! Or maybe yes? And not to mention a bag with pink in it… I have one… never use it! Shall I? The coat is a color of which I would say STOP RIGHT NOW, as this color will take all color out of my face. Yet, when wearing it in this look, I simply love it. So much actually that I wish I could buy it (dream on Charlotte). Well, the sunglasses, what can I say, you know my obsessions by now. That was maybe the only expected step in this styling session. Anyway, one thing is for sure, lace heels are going to be the new it-heels. Mark my words.