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I hate my hair very often; right after I’ve been to the hairdresser, took a shower, brushed it, dryed it, or even just after doing high-lights. Sounds very dramatic, but fact of the matter is that my hair being perfect good is a sporadic thing. BUT I’ve recently found something that makes the pain go away a little, or at least the flatness of my hair after all the above actions: DUST IT from OSIS+ by Schwarzkopf. And this is not an advertorial, I just really want to help out those who deal with the same issues every day! So what does it do? It’s basically a white powder (sounds dangerous) which you sprinkle over your hair. It makes it less shiny though, but it gives your hair lots of texture, hence lots of volume, which means BIG HAIR. Anyway, I love it, and I just thought it would be nice to share my must-have with you!




  • Ja die heb ik ook in een andere variant, heerlijk spul! Xx

  • Mijn vriend gebruikt ook van die “witte poeder” om zijn haar beter te stylen. Hij heeft zwaar haar en dan zakt het zo snel in. Top spul! Het viel me al op dat je haar de laatste tijd zo goed zat! ;)

    Liefs, Sari

  • Sophie .

    Chill! Thanks for sharing:) X

  • nuriaarantxa

    Ik hoor inderdaad dat dit heel goed werkt! Misschien ga ik het toch maar eens proberen!

  • K heb dit,, alleen men haar voelt dan zo vies haha! maar t werkt super goed!

  • Eva Kraaijeveld

    IK heb eerder iets nodig om het plat te houden anders schiet het echt in de krul met warm vochtig weer, dus hoera herfst…Wel bedankt voor de tip, zou best eens iets voor mn zus kunnen zijn ;)

  • B.

    Oh hier heb ik nog niet van gehoord, kan ik misschien ook wel gebruiken
    new outfit post

  • Anouk van den berg

    zoiets heb ik ook gehad , ja daar werd het indd big van ! fijn spul . x

  • Malena

    Sounds like I have the same problems with my hair as you do – it quickly becomes too flat :( I have also tried this amazing powder, and it really works. However, H&M have made the exact same product, which is a little cheaper but sure does the same trick! Just a little money-saving tip ;)

  • Thank you for sharing, I guess I’ve got the same problem :)

  • Bita

    Thank u very much for that post! I’ve been searching and trying shampoos during a while looking for the perfect one which gives my hair “body”
    I’ll give it a go!

  • M.

    It’s AWESOME. :)

  • Mafalda

    I could tell you’d done something different to your hair, it has more volume.
    Funny thing is, I have lots of volume and my hair is naturally wavy, which I hate. I’d love to have flat and straight hair :-/

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the tip!

    xo Jennifer

  • I’m obsessed with this stuff. Amazing for short hair, too – gives lot of texture without having to use wax or gel.

  • marie hanna

    True.. Very nice for pixie cut “unruly hair” too!!