The fashion guitar

I really want to look at the bright side, but regarding summer in London I simply can’t anymore so I am adjusting my summer-wardrobe to the type of summer I am experiencing currently (wind, rain, medium cold)…

This means I CAN wear bare legs, but not too bare, so I need a leather midi-skirt. Of course a good pair of high-tops can’t miss in my wardrobe this ‘summer’, and even though my Marants are still my number one, I am very tempted to buy these too (saw them on Cammy and was sold!). The knit is a necessity too, otherwise I will freeze to death not wearing a coat, and I really don’t want to wear my winter coats anymore!! Sunnies are good for when the sun decides to squeeze through the thick clouds, you never know, do you? And last but not least, and here’s where I’m pretending I’ve been to a tropical island where I actually experienced some warmth and bought this necklace as a reminder of it…
I might need to go somewhere sunny, somewhere REALLY sunny, where I can swap this sweater for a simple tee, and the sneakers for some sandals. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Lovely Saturday to you all!!