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Finally I found the perfect biker boots! And the reason why I say ‘finally’ is because it really took me some time to find them… It all begun a year or two ago. I wanted those All Saints biker boots. Extremely expensive, but so pretty and edgy at the same time. Back then I was working at ASOS, and during one of their sample sales I found myself a pair of those All Saints. I was over the moon. However, the day I found them it must have been cold or something, cause when spring came, and icy feed weren’t there anymore, they weren’t so comfy after all. Reality was, I bought them a size too small! S*CKS
The story continues when last winter I bought the studded ones from Zara, twice… Yes twice! One time they were too big (after ordering online), and the other pair I bought in-stores, in the good size, had a weird fit. S*CKS part 2
So after three-time bad luck I decided to give up the search, to sell the too-small-All-Saints-ones (I tried them on every now and then, but no, they were really too small), and to wait for the good biker babies to come by. And now, in spring, Zara did the miraculous job introducing these black biker boots. Perfect in shape AND size, studded details on the right places, adjustable at the ankle… Hell yeah, I finally found the perfect biker babies!



  • Wauw, die zijn inderdaad prachtig! Ik ben ook op zoek naar een vervangend paar. Degene die ik had zijn inmiddels HELEMAAL kapot en op, haha.


  • Those ARE the perfect biker boots.

  • Wat een coole, stoere boots! Daar kun je vast een prachtige outfit mee maken! Ben benieuwd :)

    Jan Marcel Blog

  • Woo! I really like the subtle studding and buckle detail!
    Its such a coincidence that I received the Sam Edelman Zoe boots i’ve been wanting for about 2 years now today too!

    Monochrome Magpie

  • Annelies

    Nice! Hopelijk zijn dit eindelijk de juiste! X

  • These biker boots are perfect! For me, it’s been more than 2 years that i’m looking for MINE biker boots, and i have still not found the perfect ones…
    I have to check at Zara’s!

  • ze zijn leuk en misschien na al de moeite nog meer waard om ze juist nu te dragen :D

    Travel in Style

  • They look so good I hope they will not have to much girls with them!!
    It is the only problem with Zara, when they make something cool, everybody bought it!! And in Monaco ZARA is the only “affordable” shop so all girls go dress up there!!

    Love xx

  • I saw those online!

    They’re even more prettier IRL!


  • They are fabulous!! xo, Christina

  • They are fabulous! xo, Christina

  • i love biker boots and I have avery good pair that I have found after a long search (just like u!) in a little shop in Lyon France. I still love them for being so rock and comfy but they are starting to look a bit old … will have to think about about a follow up soon!

  • Eva

    Ze zijn heel gaaf! Gefeliciteerd met het beëindigen van je zoektocht :P

  • They look amazing!
    Thanks for the tip, gonna check them out @ zara!
    xo Madeleine

  • Supermooi vind ik ze! wees maar blij dat je die studded van zara niet hebt gedaan, want ik heb ze dus.. en ze gaan constant kapot. Het zijn superleuke schoenen, maar een dramatische kwaliteit!


  • LOVE the boots!

  • They’re awesome! Def on my list too! Happy for you that you finally found them!


  • Wow, deze zijn zeker perfect! <3


  • Ze zijn zeker perfect! Heerlijke laarsjes van het hele jaar door vind ik!

  • B.

    Leuk dat je ze eindelijk gevonden hebt ! Mooi !
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • aah, ik heb wel een beetje medelijden. maar eind goed, al goed ;)

  • Defenitely perfect!

  • These are very cool! Congrats with finding them. x

  • Wauw ze zijn echt supermooi!

    xoxo Laura

  • I love them! Really are a great pair of biker boots…

  • All the beautiful things have great stories behind them…

  • Annemarie

    wauw, love them, hope you will show us all how you are going to wear them now winter is over! I have something like it so I could use some ideas! thx

  • The PvdH Journal

    I feel your pain regarding biker boots because I actually still haven’t found my perfect pair! Kind of unbelievable how hard it is no? But then again you got an awesome pair!

    Btw you are looking stunning Charlotte and I trust baby James is enjoying the sun!

    Thanks so much for your good wishes on my move and I look fwd to seeing London through your blog! Xx

  • Ze zijn echt geweldig, perfect!

  • They are really nice and you so deserved finding them

  • Those really are perfect!!

  • Those really are perfect!

  • Je connais cette quête des parfaites boots ‘biker’ je n’ai toujours pas trouvée mon bonheur mais peut être que grâce à toi je vais y arriver ^^ je vais chez zara de ce pas ;)

  • Ana

    Hi. Di u really buy this boots in zara? Yestrdai’ved asked one friend that work in zara and she never saw that boots. Di u know where i can find it? Please. Today 9/2/2013.