The fashion guitar

When opening the outer packaging, which is in itself beautiful with its pink and gold frames, you see an elegant square-shaped bottle, with a bow in two pink shades, and a copper ‘pearl’ on top. It makes you think of one of those chic jewel boxes, the one you always wanted, but never had. This graceful look, by the level of sophistication of the details on the bottle, makes one dreadfully curious towards the fragrance itself. Let the love story begin…

The fragrance is soft, floral, and a little sweet, yet it has a strong body, which sets itself apart from girly scents. Hints of jasmine and rose give this perfume a sincere feminine touch. The creaminess of the fragrance, giving it a real Italian vibe, comes a little after you’ve applied the perfume on your skin. This makes it a warm, and irresistible perfume for young, sophisticated, and joyful women!

Whoever thought Ferragamo wasn’t for young women, has to adjust their opinion. Salvatore Ferragamo’s Signorina, a fresh and sophisticated scent, is for signorinas who are full of life and joy. It brings up your inner sensuality, something Italian women are known for, yet gives you their charismatic touch. Dreaming away by the lovely smell, it made me think of a love story between a young woman and a man… Romantic, and both with an impeccable style, something Salvatore Ferragamo stands for. This signature perfume made me feel sensual, and touched by the modern Italian women; warm, full of passion and with a hint of audacity.