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The fashion guitar
The fashion guitar

This is the first time since I am back from the hospital tha I am not wearing my sweatpants, a simple t-shirt, and Havaianas! Totally not me, but since little James has been born, all my attention goes to him, obviously, and my recovery, and not so much to my looks… Although I refuse to become one of those mothers who don’t pay attention to their own looks when they got children, I give it a slow start. Casual, as you know I am, but with a pop of something special, like today with my Isabel Marant sneakers! Talk to you soon!!

Super skinny jeans: Zara
T-shirt: H&M Divided
Tuxedo blazer: Zara
Sneakers: Isabel Marant Willow



  • Congrats for the baby :) I love your outfit, simple bit chic :)


  • You look great and you already look so skinny!! Good luck with little James!

  • Glad you’re back! And your Isabel Marants are amaaaazing.. xx!

  • Sari

    Leuke foto! Blij dat je weer terug bent :)
    Maar doe lekker rustig aan en geniet van de kleine James en van elkaar. Wij lopen niet weg ;)


  • Eva

    Comfy and stylish look! Love your Marant’s! Hope both you and your cute baby boy are all right xoxo

  • Valeria

    What is you secret??? I cannot believe you gave birth just a few days ago. You look amazing and are super skinny already :) how did you do that? I will come back to you for some advice once I am pregnant ;)
    Beautiful mom!

    • Breast feeding, but I guess I didn’t gain a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I don’t (never) diet, and didn’t work out (not allowed at all yet). So just being happy and healthy works best ;) XO

  • Sari

    En wat ben je alweer slank en zie je er fit uit!
    You go mommy :)

  • Even though the main focus of your blog is your outfits I say take it easy girl! You’ve just had a baby, sweats&shirts would be ideal right now I imagine. I have to say you look AMAZING for just having given birth, seriously!! Enjoy little James and have a healthy happy recovery;)

  • Wow Eddie wow! xx

  • Annemiek

    Wauw, you look amazing! Ik hou van je Isabel Marant sneakers.
    Geniet van je baby boy!

  • Those Willow sneakers are perfection.
    Congrats on little James!

  • Ana

    Did you really just had a baby?!wow! You look really great.
    Congratulations on your new baby: sweet James. He looks adorable.
    Welcome yo motherhood.


  • The sneakers look fab. I have a few pairs of high tops but can’t get myself to wear them. Thanks for the inspiration.


  • Heerlijk zeker om eindelijk weer een spijkerbroek aan te kunnen!

  • Those shoes!! <3 Great outfit!

  • Wow je ziet er al weer geweldig uit!
    En ik kan me niet voorstellen dat jij ooit een slonzige moeder wordt!

  • wat een leuke foto’s! en die hele buik is meteen weer zo plat als een dubbeltje! vind ik dus nog steeds zo fascinerend hè!

  • Carlotte

    How on earth can you be this thin after just being a pregnant?!
    You look great :)

  • Sally Lee

    Congratulations on the birth of James! You look totally amazing and he is beautiful! I love your blog and you have given my very tired “recession” wardrobe a new lease of life with the fantastic ideas that you have. Thank you!

  • YES, je bent weer terug!
    Echt nogmaals gefeliciteerd met kleine James!
    Leuke outfit en leuke foto’s!
    je buikje is echt al snel weg!:O
    of is dat altijd?:$

  • I am in awe, you are back in your non-maternity clothes already! I only hope that happens to me… congrats again!

  • I’m a fan of casual looks, so I think this one looks perfect!

    ♥ Annelien

  • Holymoly meid, wat zie je er fantastisch uit! Je bent nota bene een paar dagen geleden bevallen en je ziet er zo uit! Prachtig! Kan niet wachten tot we weer van al je mooie outfits kunnen genieten! :)


  • You look so beautiful, the casual look is just perfect especially for a new mum! Can’t wait to see how your style continues to evolve.

  • Nikki

    Ik ben verliefd op je schoenen en je bent al weer zo slank, echt knap!

  • Love this!!! You look fabulous!! xo, Christina

  • Nora

    Leuke outfit! en wat zie je er goed uit! voordat je net mama bent geworden knap hoor!

  • chelf

    you look so happy and glowy!

  • You look stunning, casual though chic! Congrats on you baby!!!

  • Wow! You look really great! Skinny already!
    I can see the little “belly” of all recently mums, but I want to congrats you for your metabolism for no gain to much weight on prengancy!!

    I hope to see your little boy grow up very soon! :)

  • B.

    Goed voornemen, maar deze casual look is ook wel leuk, nu het vooral nog comfortabel moet zijn :)
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • I LOVE these trainers. SUPER JEALOUS xx

  • I always said I wasn’t going to be one of those mothers ‘that let themselves go’, but I had no idea what hard work having a baby was or how messy babies, and then toddlers get you. So don’t worry too much if you have a few days where you don’t even get chance to change out of your pyjamas. Congratulations on your baby boy, and you look great!

  • just perfect!!!! I hope you’re fine!! ;)



  • Annelies

    Wooh…! Wat zie je er super goed uit, mamma! XO mam

  • congratulations on your new baby, you look great!

  • Eva

    Je ziet er geweldig uit en al zo slank alweer! Geniet lekker van jullie kleine wondertje. Ze zijn zo groot ;)

  • So good to see you back on the blog!!!!! You look fantastic! I know you won’t let yourself go, it’s obviously not in your making and you are already looking great anyway!

    Looking forward to see your evolution over the coming years with James by your side!


  • Were you pregnant? :-) you look amazing my dear!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Wow meteen al weer zo’n goed figuur! Gefeliciteerd met je zoontje.
    Leuke blog, je hebt een nieuwe follower :)


  • Kim

    Je ziet er geweldig uit !! En nogmaals gefeliciteerd !!

  • I totally agree, I always said I was never going to be the sloppy pregnant woman in sweats and I wore dresses and ballet flats the whole time. I became more casual once my daughter was born but never sloppy. We become Moms, not fashion rejects!


  • Lisa

    Pretty sister! You look stunning!!!! Morgen kan ik jullie alle drie eindelijk een knuffel geven, can’t wait!!! Xx

  • you look absolutely stunning! awesome sneakers :)


    Fashion Fractions

  • you look amazing!
    i have one week left until my due date and i can totally relate to what you’re saying.

  • Wat ben je alweer slank! Geniet van elkaar! X

  • You look so cute, and I need to get me a pair of those trainers. First Natalie at Canned Fashion, now you. Jealous xxx

  • chick je ziet er geweldig uit na een bevalling! Geniet van je baby en doe rustig aan ;)

    Travel in Style

  • Je ziet er fantastisch uit chick, geniet van je kleine mannetje!! X

  • great post! Love it

  • Love the simple look and how you pull off great indoor pictures. It just NEVER works in my house :( (or with my photography skills).

  • You had the baby? Congratulations! You look amazing!

    xo L.

  • you look stunning and in perfect shape after the birth of your child!!i love your sneakers!i wish you all the best for your little son!!!

  • WoW! Love yor style, and sneakers are so amazing! Love them!
    Congrats on your baby! Hi is so adorable!

  • You look great!! Congratulations on cutie pie James..xx

  • Wow You look totally great – Congrats again for the little James !
    Nice shoes :)

  • Well I think you look amazing, congrats with your little baby. Love the sneakers! xo

  • Haha iedereen zegt dat je er zo geweldig uit ziet – alsof we iets anders hadden verwacht!!? ;) Heerlijk als je er zo mooi uit kunt zien in zo’n casual jeans look! XX

  • Wat zie je er fris uit!! Gaat alles goed met James :)?

  • Het was heel fijn om jullie te zien. James is een schatje en het was heel bijzonder om na zo veel jaar weer eens zo’n kleintje in je armen te houden.En dan nog wel m’n eerste achterkleinkind. Ik heb er erg van genoten en dat zullen de meisjes ook wel doen dit weekend Ik hoop jullie spoedig in Holland te zien. Geniet van hem maar pas ook goed op jezelf. Fijn weekend voor jullie allen. Omama!

  • I just discovered your blog and I already love it ;)
    Good job, girl!

    Love. A

    P.s.: for all others – there is a Victoria’s Secret Giveaway on my blog:

  • you loooook soo beautiful ! i love your photos !

  • Love the sneakers! Lucky girl :)


  • you already look so skinny! wow! :)

  • Heei leuke blog zeg! Kwam bij je blog terecht via girsscene… Trouwens nog gefeliciteerd met je engeltje wens je veel gelukkige jaren samen =)

  • Nogmaals gefeliciteerd met die mooie kleine jongen van je :) Echt een droomkindje! Lekker genieten ervan! … En je ziet er ook echt weer fantastisch uit. Je was al zo verschrikkelijk mooi zwanger ;) En je ziet er nu ook weer super uit!

    Fijn weekend!!

  • 63 comments! That makes me dream! Your pic is online (Glaston… you missed)!
    I really like your legs in skinny jeans. Kisses!

  • Your style: Simple yet Chic. and I loooooovvvvve it! x

  • casual suits you perfect, and I even don’t have to tell you how big is my crush over those super looking sneakers!

    ps. Congrats, your baby is really beautiful!!!


  • you look amaze mama!! hope you and your little man are feeling fab! XO

  • You look great! No doubt a very stylish mom.

  • Wow you look amazing for just having a baby – gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer