For some reason I can’t make decisions today EVER. Especially these days, where time seems to fly ridiculous hard and I have to make decisions I thought I didn’t have to make for a while: color of the Bugaboo, which trendy diaper bag (lucky me, Puur PR helped me with that, later more), birth cards, baby sweaters (imagine, I can’t even pick one for myself, so even the harder it is when it’s tiny and cute, and in every color LOL). Anyway, it’s not a bad complaint, I love it, but fact is, in a little more than two months, I will have a baby boy in my arms so I we have to get ready and prepared (as far as possible).

Enough baby jabber, and a big thanks to Anecdote, who sent me this lovely striped sweater. I went to their collection presentation in Amsterdam (see HERE) and fell in love with it, and they remembered… cause I received a package saying ‘hereby a little present Charlotte, because we know you love it’. So sweet! Want to have an Anecdote sweater too? Keep an eye on my blog, cause in a few days I will celebrate my first blog anniversary and this comes with some amazing giveaways… XO
Burgundy hat: H&M get similar HERE
Boyfriend coat: H&M
Sweater: Anecdote
Skinny jeans: H&M Maternity
Pistol boots: Sasha
Long tee: Noppies



  • LOVE the hat! XO Rebecca


  • Die trui is echt heel erg leuk! Die hoes trouwens ook!

    • hoeD of course…

  • Françoise

    Whaaaa, you look so seductive on the first picture !
    Seems you are recovering from this tiring cold. Have a nice day!

  • Coole hoed! En jeemig, je buik lijkt er wel gewoon opgeplakt.. Op deze manier wil ik later ook wel zwanger zijn ;)


  • The pics en black&white are so beautiful!! I have a similar hat from last year, from Topshop. I love that color in blond hair, so pretty!
    xo, Clochet.


  • hoed staat je goed meid!

    Travel in Style

  • Very nice Hat Love this color – http://www.desperatelyseekingpegase.com

  • Dat hoedje staat je echt fantastisch, ik ben jaloers!!


  • Super en hoedjes staan je leuk meid! Vaker doen :D

  • Die hoed staat je superleuk!
    X, Lucy

  • WOW, you look great with hat!!! I like it!
    And relax, everything comes at the right time… ;)

  • B.

    Leuk dat je cadeautjes krijgt opgestuurd !
    Love the hat and coat !

    new pots : ” something is missing”

  • I love the baby jabber so don’t stop talking color of the car and tiny sweaters :)

    • Cool! I knew it, those Chinese are always quicker! If I was only still living in Beijing… I need to contact my resources there ;) XO

  • Lijkt me zo spannend, maar ook super leuk tegelijkertijd om al deze dingen voor je kind te regelen! Je ziet er weer mooi uit meid en die gestreepte trui wil ik wel winnen. Dus ik houd je blog (zoals gewoonlijk) goed in de gaten haha :D


  • Annemiek

    Ik vind het zo mooi om te zien hoe goed je je kan kleden terwijl je zwanger bent. Ik denk echt dat je een enorme inspiratiebron bent voor een hoop mama’s in spe, en wellicht ook voor vrouwen die over een tijdje mama (willen) worden.
    Wat mij wel leuk lijkt is een blogpost over allerlei kleding die je al voor de kleine hebt gekocht? Zou heel leuk zijn!

  • Barbra

    (L) it Edje! x

  • beautiful pictures honey ,very professional model!!

  • Love the hat! Looks good on you!

    love, selina


  • Aya

    I love that you called this look The Mad Hatter! Such a great casual look, the hat and boots are killer!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  • chic hat!!! love it!!

    xoxo, Paula


  • Wauw Charlotte, die hoed staat je super! Ik heb deze zomer een hoedje van Allsaints in Londen gekocht, maar ik heb het nog niet durven aandoen… In Gent zie je niet zo veel mensen met een hoofddeksel (behalve een muts dan :p).

  • The hat is superb!!! <3


  • Katty

    The 1st and the last pics are so AWESOME ! Great outfit :D

  • Ooohhh wauw! Fabolous.
    Dit is zoooon gave outfit!
    Love it!

  • Love your outfit! The T-shirt is such a good combination with the rest of the outfit!
    x Annelien


  • You are beautiful! I love your hair.. so pretty.

    xo everything-pretty.com

  • Mooi! staat je super!

  • the first and the last picture.. stunning! <3

    la tiquismiquis

  • linda

    Nice! love the nailpolish, would like to know the colour x

  • I love your hat and your boyfriend jacket!! gorgeous.. also your hair is so stunning-ly flowy and shiny! HYPE!

    xx Devi

  • i almost got a similar hat too. love the way you paired it.

  • I can’t get past your first image. Okay, well I did get past it because I checked out all of your other posts but I kept going back to the first image. You are such a beauty! I was also shocked to see that you’re pregnant, which again, made me go back to the first image(s). You’re basically all belly! How fortunate are you. I feel as though most pregnant women just seem so rundown by their pregnancies but you look impeccable. <3

    The Queen of Hearts

  • You look so stylish as usual. I wanna be a stylish mum like you :)

  • You are pretty amazing with your outfit!.. We love your style of fashion!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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    ♥BLOG: http://www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  • Love that striped sweater! I’ve been obsessed with stripes for the Fall season – you rock it well :)


  • chelf

    love the jacket

  • L-O-V-E this outfit! Hoedje staat je erg goed :)

    With love,

  • You look SO good and I love the colour of your hat!! And the hat as well of course!

  • You look stunning! I actually think it’s nice that you put pics of your outfits on you blog while you’re preggers, it makes it special and very beautiful! It’s nice to observe too. I wish you all the best for the upcoming future and your baby boy! Lots of love

  • Je ziet er weer heel leuk uit, Love the hat! Ik moet ook nog steeds zo’n hoedje kopen;). Staat je heel goed!

    xx Laura

  • Lisa

    YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!! En die laatste foto, alsof je uit een tijdschrift weggelopen bent! Benieuwd naar je volgende post! XXX

  • gahhh! everything about that hat is amaze!! gorgeous girrl! XX

  • Well this is super adorable. Love that hat, it looks great on you and the sweater is just perfect!


  • Really love this look. Esp that hat, such a fab find xx

  • Die eerste foto is zo mooi!! X Iris

  • wen

    Hello DIVA!!!

  • Super cute!!!


  • like that hat a lot! i think that those boots goes with everything, you cant make wrong outfit if you wear them :)