After two sunny days (here in Holland) it’s back to a white/greyish sky, continuously rain (not heavy, but that one that makes you soaking wet anyway). So to cheer you up I give you some shiny glittery pictures!

The skirt I am wearing (bought in London during Fashion Week, see HERE) is the sequin tube from Zara. Not the expensive one, no, just the €30 one from the TRF department. I didn’t have to take a size bigger cause of my belly, I just wear the skirt higher up (which creates automatically more space). This is what I do with all tube skirts these days (see HERE). The t-shirt (also bought during London Fashion Week) is a huge hit in the blog-sphere. I really didn’t expect that this basic would be so big, although I have to admit it is one of my favorite items these days! Have a good start of the week loves, and thanks for all the nice comments on my first [EAT] post! I might make it a weekly one… XO

Army jacket: H&M
Contrast t-shirt: H&M
Sequin skirt: Zara
Pistol boots: Sacha
Bag: Prada
Wayfarer: Ray-Ban



  • Ahh hier hou ik van, vooral je sequinskirt in combinatie met dat army-jasje, zou ik zelf ook zo dragen, haha. Love it love it love it! :)


  • you are so cute, looks like a little disco ball :)

  • Françoise

    Hi there ! Good idea to mix a glitter skirt and a military jacket ! Heel mooi ! Bonne semaine ! Françoise

  • Love sequin for day time!! Fit you so well!

  • mia

    such a cute outfit!
    sequin is back, yay!!!



  • Eva

    Love this look, military jacket and sequins is a perfect combination. Looking so cute on the 5th picture xoxo

  • Yayyy, you’ve got the skirt! Ik wil ‘m namelijk ook, hihi. Staat je ge-wel-dig!

    With love,

  • Loooove the skirt, it looks great on you!
    But will you still be able to wear it after the baby comes?
    Would be a bummer if you can’t wear it anymore when your flat belly is back!
    Love it though, especially with the parka, unusual but interesting!
    X, Lucy
    Lovely By Lucy

    • Well I think so, cause normally I would wear it a little lower on the hips. BUT in case I won’t be able to wear it (we will see in January) I will sell it here: XO

  • Your belly looks so good on that skirt :-) I like the sequin military combo!
    xo, Clochet.

  • Perfect skirt! Have a lovely week! XO Rebecca

  • I still wear some of my maternity clothes, because I think they’re so pretty. Is that weird? ;-) You look great!

  • That skirt is beautiful!! Especially on you! xx

  • oh, that looks lovely! <3

    la tiquismiquis

  • Prachtig zeg, dat rokje! Luv it :)

  • Love the skirt!!!

  • je hebt er eentje gevonden! prettaaaay! :)

  • jij laat zien dat als je zwanger bent toch nog erg mooie kleren aan kan!x

  • we love the skirt very cute!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  • Kim

    Wat mooi weer !! En wat gaat dat snel met je buikje xD !!!
    Je ziet er prachtig uit !

  • Hey, you make pregnancy look SO stylish and chic!! I love your looks and the diversity of it all! Amazing! I got a new blog now I’m on, would love to stay in touch :) Xx

  • Lovely skirt and the boots are devine. I’ve got them too and I love them.
    -what do you think of my latest look? I’d love to hear your opinion!

  • i love how you pulled everything together. such a hot mama! and i love all the price points in this outfit. so stylish and accessible, which is a hard feat in today’s economy ! a+ !
    ps, !

  • ik zie die shirts nu overal inderdaad! staat heel leuk, dat casual shirt en dan die sequin rok!

  • What a great style you have.. congrats for the baby!!

  • ugh! drizzly rain! hate it! we call it ‘scotch mist’
    the perfect outfit – sequins and a military jacket, heck yes!

  • This is beautiful, you have great fashion sense :)

    Followin each other right? :)

  • I absolutely love the sequin/kaki jacket combo :)
    you look fab



  • Honestly, you look fantastic!

  • B.

    Die rok staat je echt super ! Ik had hem zelf eerder met een effen tshirt gecombineerd, maar het shirt staat wel goed bij de stoere laarsjes.
    new outfit post

  • Hi dear!!! You look amazing!!! All pregnant woman should dress like you… You’re really fab!!

  • wow we love, we love skirt!
    hi we are two fashion photographers and stylist who together form different fashion blog hope you like
    a kiss :)

  • Wauw, heeel cool outfitje, ik zou het zo aantrekken haha!
    En wat ben je prachtig zwanger meid, je buikje groeit hard!!


  • You look adorable and very stylish! Love the contrast sequined skirt/military jacket…

  • You are absolutly rocking this look. I LOVE IT! You singly handily made me order that skirt. I actually like this one better than the expensive one. Ohh and you look absolutely beautiful pregnant. Just told myself I wanna look like this when my time comes. Yeah

  • Wauw, I love it! Tried on the sequined skirt in electric blue but there were some sequins missing so I didn’t take it home with me.. Think it looks even more beautiful on you, being pregnant, since it really emphasizes your belly, making it kind of gloom :)

  • i really liked this outfit sooo much, i needed to share on my fb page! :) so cute look! love the photo where you sitting and holding your phone :)

  • Beautiful beautiful look, u’re such a doll, with impeccable style!!! Gorgeous skirt!!!
    Jelena (

  • Again, the super pretty pregnant woman ! I love your style, and your skirt :) xx

  • You look BEAUTIFUL!!