This morning I confirmed my train ticket to Paris!! I will go on my birthday (29th) and I will attend a collection presentation, and maybe even a few shows! But because I will only be there for two days, I hope the invites will be for those two days (pretty please)!! To celebrate this trip I decided to wear my new MIH Paris Jeans, one of the two I got from MIH before I left London earlier this week. Obviously it’s a ‘regular’ jeans in terms of waist fit, so officially I can’t wear it. For the shoot I left it open (yes haha), but the white loose top covered that! Simple and easy! Tomorrow I will show you the other MIH Jeans! XO

Boyfriend blazer: H&M
Silk blouse: Zara
Cropped jeans: MIH Jeans Paris
Heels: Zara
Sunnies: Pepe Jeans
Nail Polish: OPI Metallic