Dear followers! First of all I feel it’s time to give YOU a little thanks for following me, giving always nice comments, and being super supportive. Without you all I could never have been where I am now… It means the world to me! Talking about the world, I am soon moving from London back to The Netherlands, and after that ‘destination unknown’. This gives me very mixed feelings, cause London brought so many good things (I didn’t even tell you half of it), but going back to see family and friends is also amazing. Anyway, don’t be in shock when the background of my blog posts has changed to the Dutch landscape. Not bad actually, since Holland is famous for it! Love XO

Ps. I got this Diesel Jogg-Jeans sent by Diesel last week. It’s their latest jeans, a denim revolution they call it! It’s from 1st July exclusive available at Selfridges London, but from August onwards world-wide. Check my full review on Denimology, here!

Leather jacket: Pauw
Jumper: H&M
T-shirt: H&M
Baggy jeans: Diesel Jogg-Jeans
Sneakers: Vans



  • YAY! Coming back to Holland, I like sweetie! Let’s have some fun! What a relaxed look btw.. Enjoy the last bit of London! XO Rebecca



      We will for sure!! XO Charlotte

  • great look…. love the jean ;D


  • wow very different style ! I like the pants pretty cool !



      Very different indeed, but the jeans is so comfi!! You should try it ;) XO Charlotte

  • Oh i just realized that you are leaving London ! Good Luck in Netherlands I’m going to be relocated too and Back to France in a few weeks !
    It’s so exciting to be able to start and move forward with every thing again :)

  • Gootje

    En wat fijn dat de achtergrond binnenkort Hollands is =)


      Fijn he! Ik kan niet wachten! XO Charlotte

  • Wow hij staat je echt superleuk! Het ziet eruit alsof hij ook lekker zit! :) Enneh.. welcome home alvast weer in Nederland :)



      Thanks Debbie!! Hij zit onwijs lekker, de review kun je lezen op Denimology. Echt een must-have ;) Enneh… heel fijn om weer even op Nederlandse bodem te staan straks! XO Charlotte

  • Very relaxed look! Love it!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Staat je heel leuk die broek! Lijkt me echt eens een keer lekker ipv altijd strakke jeans:)
    Enne, alvast; welkom terug! :D

  • Katty

    Love it !!! I love this style !

  • Love that look! Pretty cool!

  • very good blog bbz !

  • Hi, you we’re following my previous blog: LaCatwalkCriminal.

    I’ve moved to http://www.meguire.blogspot.com
    I hope you’d like to follow me again! Thanks!

    With love ♥

  • Awesome jeans!

  • mooie bf jeans! When are you coming back?

    Travel in Style

  • Laurenx

    Is she from Holland?