Here the second jeans I reviewed for Denimology: the Resin Catalyst in sulfur, via The Raw Denim Bar. What I absolutely love about this jean is the color: Sulfur. I have never had a jean in this color, or something close to this, and I might not have considered this color if I didn’t do this review. Cause when you think about jeans, or at least I do, I mostly go for the safe indigo, washed blue, black, or grey. Anyway, it’s a great color to combine when you have a basic colored wardrobe like me. It goes very well with white, grey, black, and dark blue. What do you think?

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Jacket: H&M
T-shirt: H&M
Sulfur skinny jeans: Resin via The Raw Denim Bar
Asymmetrical pumps: Zara
Nail polish: O.P.I Need Sunglasses?



  • I love the color! It goes perfectly with your hair! ;)


      Thanks! I didn’t think about how well it goes with my hair, but it actually does! XO Charlotte

  • Beautiful….. very nice outfits… ;D
    love the pants ;D


  • This color is great!! And these jeans look great on you!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • those are fun! never seen a wash quite like that before. the mustard with the black finish is such a nice touch.


      Exactly, I didn’t see it before either, and now I am totally in love. So unique! XO Charlotte

  • Ahh, I fancy those fanciful jeans trousers and the colour is so special too. xx

  • damn girl, what a smashing jeans that it, I love curry color and it looks extremely fashionable on you. love the combination with that divine black jacket. I always am a big fan of circus jacket, love the layering with the tee and the uber stylish shoes. fabulously chique girl


      Thanks for you lovely comment girl. I always look forward to yours, cause they are full of meaningful words. XO Charlotte

  • oooh wat een bijzondere kleur, heel gaaf!!

  • Wow I love these jeans, they are so unique! I like the color and they look like they have an interesting texture

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  • I’ve never seen jeans in that color either, but I LOVE it. They are fabulous!

  • Oh wow those jeans look so awesome!! :D

  • Nice outfit! those jeans look great! =)

  • amazing charlotte! I love the whole outfit!! these jeans are to die for…




      Thanks girl! XO Charlotte

  • not sure if I could pull those pants off but you are rocking them

  • I just love those shoes


    • eleni

      I love the shoes too – unfortunately cannot find my size – on ebay there is a listing now for size 37 any lucky girl???

  • you look gorgeous girl

    Travel In Style


      Thanks sweetie!! But nobody rocks your style!! XO Charlotte

  • you look so good! Love the jeans you are totally rockin’ them :)

  • lovely outfit x x