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Hey everyone, how is your week so far? I believe it’s much colder everywhere than it was the past two weeks. Too bad, cause this new vibrant orange dress screams warmth and I can obviously not wear it when it’s under a 20 degrees… I shared this keyhole sunglasses with you a week ago as a MUST. Did you get it yet? It’s much nicer in real life than I expected. I love the orange and grey combination of this look. What do you think? XO

I was wearing:
Keyhole sunglasses: ASOS
Orange dress: ASOS
Brogues: ASOS
Bag: Prada
Hair clips: H&M




  • Lisa G

    Yes eerste comment!;)
    Maar wat een fijn brilletje! ADORE it!!!!!


      GET IT! It’s so cheap, and there is a direct link to it under the blog. It is a must-have! Love you sweetie! XO

  • Raspberry & Rouge

    Lovely! Looking smashing dear!! XO Raspberry & Rouge


      THANKS sweetie!! I guess we share the same taste… don’t we ;) Hope to see you soon! XO

  • Go

    yess love the glasses – ze doen me een beetje aan een brilletje van mama denken :)
    en voor de rest: love the dress, the shoes, and you!


      Ohhh thank you so much sweetie!! Love you too! XO

  • billierose

    ik vind het je geweldig staan meis!! You’re looking gooood!!



      Thank you Billie! XO

  • marie

    Wow, amazing dress:-)xx

  • bloomingvogue

    Gorgeous colour!
    Too bad, it’s quiet cold in Germany too =/ I want to wear dresses too!!

  • Laura

    Gorgeous dress! And just one question: You do speak Dutch? Because I saw some Dutch comments here, just wondering!



      Hey Laura! Yes I speak Dutch, cause I am Dutch :) However, I want to keep it as international as possible, hence I write only English. XO

      • Laura

        Oooh, hahaha, didn’t know that! :)

  • Julie Khuu

    Can’t go wrong all Asos’d out! Love this shocking orange and how you toned it down with casual kicks…Beautiful silhouette on a beautiful girl…You look casually fabulous!

    Happy Wednesday hun!


    Haute Khuuture Blog


      What a sweet comment… thank you very much Julie! XO

  • salome

    Gorgeous…. ;))

  • Joseph Kent

    Love that orange. But if I may ask, how do you afford all these clothes and accessories you feature?!


      Thank you Joseph! I do a lot of Sale shopping. You will be surprised how many great items you can get in sale, and are still super hot for this spring/summer! XO

  • Molly

    Ayee, what a delicious color!

  • Angela Donava

    Bonjour!!! J adore ta robe!!! Bien vitemine!!!
    Angela Donava

  • Nadja aka The Fashion Writress

    ADORABLE! What a kick ass colour, I totally feel it and that is NOT because I am Dutch haha :p They match your shoes so well and I adore ur new glasses too!!

    Yesss let me know when you are back, we can hang out for sure :)


  • Julie
  • Driving A DeLorean

    You lucky girl! Not many people get to look this good in orange!!

  • Suzanne

    very nice dresss!

  • shervin

    love your look and this style is amazinnng!

  • augusto

    it s spring time!and…..i love it!!!!ps:beatiful legs—ciao

  • Promise

    The silver shoes are a great compliment to the dress, so vibrant…x

  • Carlijn

    beautiful! xx

  • Absolutelymrsk

    such a simple dress an what an effect. that is what i love about fashion it doesn’t have to be that complicated. it is like you are glowing!!. the sunglasses are so perfect and quirky, i love them, the petrol colors looks amazing with your skin tone. i love the shoes because of the metallic color ( and i have a weak spot for golf shoes;;;))). but i think the Prada shoes would also look pretty amazing with this outfit (you know the wing tips where everybody is talking about).

  • Laura

    Awww you did get those asos sunglasses in the end!! I rodered some sunglasses at Asos the other day but a different model, you’ll see soon!


  • Shasie

    I love this dress! It’s a fab color on you! Great accessories!

    Live Life in Style

  • Jony

    Wow you look absolutely amazing, love the orange dress on you!
    Combined with the beautiful sunglasses and brogue shoes, stunning dear!

  • zweiteiler

    thanks for your comment! The jacket is from H&M (for only 49,95 €)! I just found it in one shop of three in our city…

    Your orange dress is awesome!

    p.s. I´ve got a translator on my page ;)

  • Daniela Gandra

    Oh thank you so much! I really appreciate it.
    Your blog is such an inspiration! Love that dress, stunning!

    Xo, Daniela Gandra

  • Catita

    I haven’t seen many girls pull off a total orange look and I live in Amsterdam ( I am Canadian). So bravo to you, the Dutchie living abroad and doing justice to your national ORANJE color! Plus those sunglasses are great, I might get them…

  • Catita

    By the ” I live in Amsterdam” I was referring to I’ve spent 4 Queensdays here and I haven’t been impressed by the all orange looks I’ve seen!

  • lucille

    lovely outfit! inspired :) used to think that orange is a colour that doesn t suit anyone.

  • itpony

    thank you for your comment. I adore the dress, its sooo Dutch, ahha

    much love

  • SC

    Pretty you! Orange popping out, loving it.

  • Shanah

    Oh, superleuke outfit :) Dat brilletje is keischattig ^^


  • Heel in Mint

    LOVE it!!! Amazing. You made that bright color work.

    Heel in Mint

  • Sanam

    I love how bright and vibrant the colour of your dress is, it really stands out :D

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  • gala

    pretty hair-do x

  • Elsje

    Love the glasses…!!! Dress also looks gorgeous! As ever…

  • Dorothee

    great dress !!! x


  • yoana

    Super cute orange dress.You look awesome.:)

  • Kimberly

    great outfit love the color on you and love the sunglasses so cute!

  • Closet Fashionista

    Love that dress! It’s such a great color! :D

  • aissata

    I love your dress. nice color

  • Ruta

    I love that orange dress! It looks amazing on you! I really like that you paired it with those shoes, it really vamps it up and gives the whole outfit a twist!

  • danielle

    oh wow- they look even cooler on you than they did in the original pictures. lenses are darker and they look more expensive on your face :) like them! and love the orange dress. hopefully the temperature stays warm so you can get more wear out of it!

  • What Sadie Did

    Hi! Thanks for your comment :)

    LOVE this orange dress, I see there’s yet another ASOS lover out there!!
    You’re from the UK I guess from seeing London in the background? Love keeping up with British bloggers, reminds me of home!!

    Sadie xx

  • Claire

    that orange dress is fabulous and i love it paired with those shoes. and yes, those sunglasses are a must!

  • Mia

    Fabulous outfit!! Totally looove that orange dress!!:D


  • arizka

    This color looks so good on you! I love how you let the color do the talking for you! haha and paired it with the muted grey brogues.

    P.S. It’s been in the 90F on this side of the world! Wish for some breezy weather soon!

  • Ashley

    Die glazen zijn echt perfect! goeie aankoop, aan al die reacties te zijn hehe.

  • Phuong

    you look gorgeous in orange! And i love the glasses

    Travel In Style

  • Flaviana

    nice look!

    Check out my new outfit post!

  • twenty something

    The glasses are too cute on you!


  • Curls

    You look stunning! Orange suits you very well! x

  • streetdressed

    woowww! so beautiful in this dress!!! thanks for your package!!! I received it yesterday!!!

    thanks sweetie!!!



  • Iris

    Thanks for your comment! Your dress looks so cool, I love the orange color so much!

  • sofie

    love your dress!

  • Dodo

    That orange dress looks so good on you!!

  • Veronika
  • potpie du monde

    You look so darling! Love the sunglasses & the gorgeous colorful dress! BTW I got my sunglasses at a small boutique store in LA- unfortunately it does not have a brand or name :( sorry hun.

  • Vera

    Gorgeous pictures! Love the colour of your dress xxx

  • nydontleaveme

    That dress is such a beautiful color! I love that you let the dress be the star and kept everything else simple! xo

  • Dream Whispering

    love this photos!


    Orange dress is georgeous!


  • the nyanzi report

    I love this look! Great photography too.

  • mancina

    great dress!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    This dress is so awesome! Love the whole outfit!

  • Marielle

    I really do love this outfit! The bright orange color looks great on you!

  • Emma

    WOW WOW WOW that dress is great :D

  • Sheila

    I LOVE this look! :D


  • Scarlett

    I love how you have mixed the vibrant orange with the neutral greys. Really beautiful :)

  • fashion suicides

    Waw, wat een leuke outfit! Ik vind de combinatie echt tof. Leuk dat je mij volgt, ik ga je zeker ook volgen!

  • Rebecca

    so, so cute. and it’s so perfect with those adorable sunglasses!

  • Phara

    Amazing shoes, they’re perfect!

  • Emma

    i love ASOS *-* and your shoes are brilliant


  • Raffaella

    really nice dress and brogues!!! =D if u want take a look at my blog i’d really appreciate it! xoxo

  • Marion

    My blog is new so I don’t have many visitors so thank you !
    I love this pictures you is very beautiful, if love your sunglasses :)


      Thanks sweetie! XO

  • rhymeswithcrow

    really cute, really want an orange dress now!

  • Nicola Jane

    Oohh interesting sunglass…I like it! Love the bright dress too!

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  • ayu febriana

    clothing with bright colors that match once used agents cara alami untuk mengobati keputihan