Thanks again to the fantastic Susie (who is such a nice and sweet person) for picking me, and to Furla who made this event AND THE BAG possible! I am in heaven with my new orange Candy!

After being to the Furla Candy Bag event last Tuesday, I totally agree with what Susie from Style Bubblesaid: “I think I’ve inhaled enough Furla Candy plastic fumes to last a lifetime”. It was like a psychedelic fairy tail-land (in a good way) being surrounded by tons of neon Candy bags, and tons of fancy dressed girls (and a few boys). Good music, Bellini’s, and some snacks were served while being photographed with every possible Candy color.

But what the event made even more memorable was the prize I won. YES I WON!!

Two weeks ago Susie announced a contest in line with the Furla Candy Bag event, in which you had to show “what’s in your bag”. She started with showing what was in her Candy Bag, which inspired me big time, plus of course the fact that I really wanted to have a Candy Bag (but I couldn’t really buy one myself). So it didn’t took me long to demonstrate the inside of my bag and send it over to her. If you want to see it, click here.


  • SO cool, congrats hunny! XO


  • Very nice pics…. ;D

    Street Style Stephanie La Cava: http://magmoiselle.fr

  • Congrats sweetie! That orange baby is the cutest! I want one too ^_^

  • Congrats! That’s so cool! I think I would have picked the orange too… or maybe maybe the green! :)


  • Congratulations!!! You look very happy!
    Have a great day

  • I love the candy bags! They just add such fun to outfits! You look great and looks like it was a fun event!


  • This is so awesome congratulations! That orange bag is gorgeous.

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  • aaah gaaf dat je hebt gewonnen!! gefeliciteerd!:D

  • Love these bags! :)

  • i love stylebubble,
    i loved these bags,
    u look so cute

  • congrats dear!! you looked amazing and i cant wait outfits with your winning bag =)

  • aga

    Nice skirt! I love this FURLA bags, they are cool!

  • this bag is so on my *I want* list….Really want one…

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Ohh Am a bit jealous right now ! :)
    Well done The orange one is so cute too I love the furlas ! xx

  • congrats! you look gorgeous in your orange skirt

    Travel In Style

  • love those bags they’re so adorable, great photos can’t believe you got to meet Susie!

    giveaway on my blog!


  • Luan (green tea and cupcakes)

    You lucky girl, congrats. I also love your skirt so pretty.

  • thanks for visiting! i love your style! following you on bloglovin’ and twitter. xx

  • wow I love your outfit, ou should have choose the yellow bag to it!
    kind regards from Germany


  • Congrats on your new bag!!! Orange candy is my favorite one of the candy collection so big big YAY! And you look lovely, the event seems like lots of fun!
    Have a great weekend gorgeous

  • i love your facial expression in the last one. it’s like “yeah, that’s right, i won this thing.” haha! so cute. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • oh these bags are hotties:) same as u..hehe just found ur blog via bloglovin.. u have a great style..
    like ur skirt alot:)

  • how great! Some nice photos!
    Congrats girl.. I really like those bags!
    I want one for myself ahahah.
    I finally found out where i’m about to stay in London..
    somewhere in Oxford.

  • You are so lucky, I love that one!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  • Lovely orange candy bag (lucky you girl)!
    And lovely blog too!

    besos desde Madrid xxx


  • i love this bags!!!

  • Oh wow those bags are SO MUCH FUN! And you won one! Lucky girl!!

  • honey!!!!!!!!!!! love your blog!!
    beautiful style..=D

    follow u

  • F.

    Oh! You’re so lucky! I want one too!

    xoxo F.

  • congrats!

  • i love your in-the-bag. and your skirt is incredible!

  • Love the outfit! One of my favorites, and the coral lips are the icing on the cake. You look beautiful!


      Thank you for the compliment :)

  • Eveline

    I really adore your jacket! Where’s it from?


      It’s from Warehouse, under the post is a direct link to it! XO

  • maria welte

    hey… i’m in love with the skirt
    where did you get it?



      At Zara! XO