Faux furry gloves: ASOS / Nail polish: O.P.I Collins Ave / Leather coat: Armani Exchange


  • Cute gloves!

  • winter, with a bright sun!!! that’s what I want !!
    pd: yes, the boots are from ASOS!

  • lovely blog ;)

  • Oo that’s a great nail polish color! It’s what I’ve been wearing lately as well- I feel it cheers me up a bit during the winter months. :P

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  • wow awesome pictures! And I hate the weather right now, you just don’t know what to wear!! I want SPRING/SUMMER!!

  • Thank you for the comment! Love your gloves!

  • Cool gloves! Gloves = winter. Hot red nails = spring. ;)


  • Cool gloves! Gloves = winter. Hot red nails = spring. ;)

  • Hi!

    Absolutely lovely glowes! I really enjoy your blog, so nice design and pretty pictures!
    Keep up the good work:)

    Greetings from Norway

  • Love your blog. Now following.

    Check out my blog if you want to. That would mean a lot. I’ve just started it.
    Karoline Kalvo

  • I love the nail polish and jacket, oh my god ♥

  • yup, the shoes are acne. hehe
    love you jacket and nailpolish!

  • Your style and blog are awesome!
    Love it!

  • I did not receive everything yet (We actually ordered twice) but I am in love with the items I already received. Really like your blog!X

  • I’m a huge fan of the bright nails with a subtle outfit. It’s the perfect not to spring … which hopefully comes soon!

    (I’m hosting a Shopbop giveaway if you’re interested.)

  • Love the nail color!

  • Those gloves are sooo cute!
    And I really want some Starbucks right now..

  • Great detail pics! The gloves are very pretty!

  • Cute gloves, I really like them :)


  • nice blog and posts!!!
    looking forward to seeing u on my blog as well!!
    kisses from greece!

  • Love your nail color ! Very Spring :)

  • Helll yeaaaaa fingerless / cutoff gloves — definite must have for this upcoming winter in Aussieland!

    :: Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE ::

  • thanks for your comment, i really appreciate that because you have such a great style, love all your outfits :)

  • Thank you so much! ;)

  • hi dear!
    thanks for commenting on my Blog!
    you got such a great blog 2!
    love your style nd your very pretty!

    love xo model from holland

    everyday new post (L)

  • Love the fingerless gloves!!!


  • From now one I’m your new follower!^^ Your blog looks great! I love these gloves so mutch!

  • So lovely. x hivennn

  • oh my these gloves are adorable for this time of the year :)

    X, Annie

    from: anniewear.de

  • Those silver jeans are fab girl! And don’t get me started on the gloves! Wow. I have added you to my list of faves! xo

  • Love your blog, love your style!!

    You’re so beautifull :-)



  • LOVE the gloves and nails!!!!!! x

  • sml

    those gloves are absolutely unbelievable. they’re perfect with that coat, especially!

  • I feel your dilema, recommend to me some OPI colours for this horrible in between phase!

  • Thanks for your lovely comment.
    You are so right, the packages are super cute.
    Love the gloves & nailpolish.

  • Ces photos sont très interessantes!

  • amazing gloves!

  • omg SO cool- you totally pull those off!! Love them with the red polish.



  • Like it!